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amazing its first someone come with this race plot i mean just that being fateless and continue to live is a big feat but i think its reasonable with the fact its compensated by numbers and being from unother world wich goes with the story thats with more amplication s a will wroth chapter i just hope the story doesnt goes too fast but to have good pace carry on its greath
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it just 30 chapters but a great beginning with big potentiels and a new view in cultivation but not strange considiring the MC backgroung its a greath story plot i hope that author doesn't drop it
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I just found this novel, read it and... cant stop until this last chapter. For me, i really enjoy reading it and there's still rooms for improvement. So i'll shamelessly put my personal view. - need longer lemon scene and make it more passionate. - the battle scene on chapter 15 looks like the goblin force are the one who have malicious intention rather than the human group like stated, all because of one person that said "boys protect your mom and sis......." - lastly, try to imagine you are the main character when u re-read.
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Overall a good read, need improvement in regards of speed of updating but the character setting, world setting and character history is amazing , sincerely hope that you do not drop this book
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Como tem poucos capítulos, eu não tenho muito oque dizer, além do fato de ter achado divertido e eu não sei se é por ele ser um Goblin, que acaba me fazendo pensar que ocorrerá estupro. Mas tudo bem(por mais que eu não goste).
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Good story. The latest chapter update was a bit off with the last question he asked and what the system answered before. I reccomend reviewing it and you would be okay. It is well written all the same and the developement is actually quite intriguing.
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The premise is good. Nearly every author that writes this genre makes the MC OP, super handsome or at least with some huge advantage. To make this MC a goblin at level 0 is really nice.
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