25.17% True King of the Pirates / Chapter 33: You Can't Have Them

Chapter 33: You Can't Have Them

"Kid's sure are scary these days!"

As they heard the sound of the voice everyone looked up in the sky to the point of origin. When they did the reactions of the two sides varied.

The marines relaxed as they saw who it was, but Shaya and the Boa sisters all trembled in fear. Shaya clenched her hands around her bow so tightly all the blood drained.

[How can he be here so fast. He should be in the New World!]

Smoker subconsciously sighed in relief when he saw who it was.

"Vice-Admiral Kizaru!"

The man who appeared was a middle aged Caucasian man in his early 40's. He was dressed in a pale blue suit, a black shirt and an aqua blue tie. He had on a dark grey hat black gloves and a marine jacket hung over his shoulders with the words "Vice-Admiral" printed on the back!

He was stood lazily in the sky as if he what was happening below was all just a game to him. When he heard someone call his name he looked towards the source.

"Ooh if it isn't little smoker. You look like you've seen better days, what happened to you? More importantly what happened to the celestial dragon?"

Smoker frowned as he explained that they all arrived late only to see Orion kill Vergo before collapsing.

Kizaru nodded as he turned to face a large crate.

"You can come out I know you're there… I won't hurt you I just want answers."

Suddenly a bare chested man with his hands and feet chained up walked out from behind the crates. It was the slave that Jalmack was using as a mule. Kizaru looked at him and asked.

"As Saint Jalmack's slave, you must have witnessed what happened to him?"

When he heard the question he looked towards the young boy on the floor who had actually managed to kill a Celestial Dragon, a feat most could only dream about. Not because they were too weak to accomplish it, but because they were too scared to even try.

He then clenched his teeth and glared at Kizaru, he didn't say a word and just fiercely glared at the vice-admiral who he knew could kill him with absolute ease!

Seeing how he refused to talk Kizaru said.

"Since you're lips seem a bit tight let's see if we can loosen them a bit shall we?!"

As he said that he pointed at the man and a yellow beam fired towards the man ripping one of his legs off.


"STOP! I killed him, I killed that lizard!"

Hearing that Kizaru stopped and looked towards the where the voice originated and saw a child no older than 10 who looked like he was on his last legs.

He was holding a sword bigger than him as his arms shook under the weight. His body was riddled with cuts and bruises and his clothes were in bits, but he looked at Kizaru with eyes that held no fear only resolve.

"Lizard? You know you've already committed a sin you'll have to pay for with your life, yet you're still not scared to further piss off the world government? What a scary boy you are! Why did you kill him, to impress the kuja girl?"

"He almost killed my brother so I killed him like the lizard he is!"

Hearing that Kizaru looked at the other young male who was unconscious on the ground before looking back Orion.

"So you killed him for almost killing your brother? What would you do if I killed your brother then?!"

As he said that he raised his finger pointing it at the unconscious Roman.

When he saw that Orion panicked.


Before Kizaru could fire Hancock was stood in front of Roman's body shielding him.

Seeing that Kizaru looked at the little princess as he said.

"I never thought the arrogant princess of Amazon Lily would use her body as a shield for another… A man no less."

Even Hancock was surprised by her actions.

[What am I doing… I'm a princess others are supposed to protect me not the other way around… But as a princess I can't live in the debt of a man… I'm only repaying him for protecting me earlier!]

While Kizaru and Hancock were shocked by Hancock's action Kizaru felt a threat flying towards him. He turned to see a sharp baby blue crescent shaped energy wave flying towards him.

[Haki and Sword Qi?!]

He fired a laser from his finger and it tore through the energy wave and fired towards Orion who had attacked him while he was seemingly distracted.

The yellow beam phased right through Ori's body which surprised Kizaru.


The yellow beam caused an explosion directly behind Orion sending him flying through the air crashing into a nearby building.

"Scary… Truly terrifying!"

Even though he was calling Orion scary, there wasn't a single part of him that looked scared. He still looked as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"Such a terrifying kid definitely can't be allowed to live."

As he said that he prepared to turn into a beam of light when a scarlet arrow shot towards him.

Kizaru responded by firing a laser at the arrow crushing it. The laser carried on traveling piercing the archer's shoulder.


Shayla screamed in pain as her shoulder was pierced by the laser.

"Wind human, Blood human and I'm guessing that other kid's no weaker… What a scary group, none of you can leave here, or I would never be able to have a peaceful night's sleep!"

As he said that he transformed into a ray of light and fired into Orion. As he was nearing, a giant green light as thin as a cicada's wing tore through the air threatening to cleave the ray of light in two if it carried on down its current path.

Kizaru had to forcefully come to a stop and looked to where the attack came from. When he did he saw someone casually walking towards them, looking at him with complete indifference.

When he saw who it was, for the first time since he arrived, Kizaru had a serious expression as he looked at the man who stopped him.

It was a tall lean Caucasian man who looked in his mid-20's standing at a height of 6" 6. He was clean shaven, had slicked back black hair, sideburns that point up wards and strangely coloured yellow eyes that when being looked at, made others feel like they were merely prey.

He was dressed in a purple shirt with flower patterns printed on the front, black trousers tucked in to a pair of black boots that reached his shins and a golden cross shaped pendent that hung round his neck. He was holding an ordinary looking long great sword with a cross guard, with the only noteworthy feature being its black blade.

Kizaru looked cautiously at the incoming man, not daring to be lax in the slightest.

"Dracule Sword-Genius Mihawk! What are you doing here?!"

Mihawk didn't answer Kizaru's question. He looked at him indifferently and stated lightly.

"Their lives… You can't have them!"

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    Another author obtaining the skill [Cliffhanger] God-Grade

  • ImperialWar


    loooooool mihawk is the disciple of the mc father damn what a revelation , now i know why the father had mihawk sword.

  • CLAS


    Called it knew it was Mihawk. Kizaru will give them a hard time even with him I'm sure.

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