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Chapter 50: Chapter 50

While Hunter was being carried back to his home the rest of windsor was active in the background. The majority of the snakes and lamia from Detroit were crossing into the ratmen's territory. The ratmen being a tier 1 race are at a major disadvantage against the tier 2 lamia race even disregarding the natural predator advantage snakes have against rats.

The elves are starting to expand their territory as well and have started to kill off the gnolls. This fight is more of a blood bath then the massacre of the ratmen. The gnolls are actually more suitable for fighting compared to the elves despite the tier disadvantage. If the elves weren't so naturally suited to use their magic the gnolls would actually have the advantage. Of course the gnolls number two to one and that seems to be what has helped them the most.

The draconians actually are in the best situation because all the goblins were already dead. This let them rapidly expand the area under their control.

The surviving humans started to gather in large groups at places with supplies. Super stores, malls, even a junkyard was becoming a settlement location. Of the hundred thousand or so population in Windsor has rapidly dropped to around thirty thousand. 

Erik, on the other hand, was in the process of packing up the group of survivors he took charge of, he has given up on downtown and chose the largest mall in Windsor as their base of operations. What if some other group is already there you might ask. He doesn't really care.

The insects throughout the city are also in a state of change, leaders of the various species have started to take over. The more intelligent are grouping together while the not so intelligent ones have just become hungrier. This caused the insects to not only go to war amongst themselves but the plants started to become more active as well. Bushes, trees, shrubs, dandelions, etc. The ever growing number of larger hungry insects have caused the more advanced vegetation to crave power for their kind's security. 

All this was happening just in the Windsor area, around the world humans rose then fell. Apex predators stood above to reclaim their place at the top of the food chain while others were once again either enslaved or exterminated. The vegetation started to become able to right the wrongs forced upon them and in places teeming with life quickly became war zones. Underwater was even more chaotic and bloodthirsty with some areas being dyed red from the carnage. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Overall once the spark from the first tyrant emerging amongst the overlords lit a fire under the rest, their pride refused to allow them to willingly be left behind. Now the world was once again a bloodbath that left only the amused observers untouched. 

Two days passed and what was once a time frame where nothing amazing could happen left the world completely changed. Within this brand new world Hunter finally reawakened. When Brandon knocked him out his body was finally able to rest and adapt to the massive changes within and out. 

With fuzzy vision that was rapidly blinked away, the first thing that came into view was a teary eyes girl with crystal clear blue eyes that shone with concern. Noticing Hunter finally opening his eyes the little girl shouted out.


Relief filled her voice as tears started to slide down her cheeks as she started to tap her clenched fists against Hunter's chest, gentle enough to not hurt him but enough to show her anger towards his actions. 

The twins and Cassandra came running soon followed by the others. Brandon was the last to enter, everyone watched as he walked next to the bed and place his hand on Hunter's head.

"Be glad he wasn't here."

"I know big brother."

With that simple exchange done Brandom gave him a once over glance, nodded then walked back to finish what he was doing before. The rest a little puzzled but after confirming Hunter was fine they slowly walked out of the room, leaving him to his group of women. Of course in the corner was a little boy with dark green skin and spiked black hair with tints of green throughout, with a smirk on his face he looks like he's about to enjoy a good show.

The first to speak were the twins, they started off slow and with concern then came the scolding, soon after came the angry shouting. Half an hour later they looked much better. Cassandra soon followed but she was more concerned than anything with hints of awe and respect. 

"Cassandra are you ok?"

"Huh? Oh my bad it's just that your bloodline has almost an oppressive sent and I keep having the urge to kneel and worship you."

Frost nodding in almost an "as expected of Hunter" way while the twins were confused. Seeing their confusion Hunter quickly explained what happened to him. Which reminded him of something. Quickly opening the Evo store he grabbed four bloodline vials, quickly using his nail to open a small cut he let out a few drops into each vial. Afterwards he gave them out to the four girls. 

The twins although still angry trusted him completely and when he told them to infuse his bloodline did so right away. They laid down on the bed and under his watch they went through the painful process. Frost was the next to take it and sat on Hunter's lap with her head on his shoulder. He held her trembling body as her own bloodline was quickly eaten by the superior one causing her even greater pain then what would be normal. Cassandra on the other hand just sat there staring at the vial, unable to bring herself to use this sacred object. Seeing this Hunter simply shook his head.

"Cassandra you are mine. From the minute you became mine you no longer had the choice to not let me provide for you. Now use that vial before I force it down your throat and spank you."

With a blushing face she shyly nodded and started her own transformation.

[Working on a chapter with a bunch of character stat info. I'll do this every now and then especially for the side characters we dont see a ton. of course I'll have Hunter's updated stats so I dont have to throw all that info in there. Any of you have a favorite character you want to know about send a comment. Hope to have that to you soon with another chapter, tell then cheers]

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    Dragon blood... how crazy will the harem strengthened orgies be? Destroying a building, just for love....

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    Still want to see dragon ants 🐜 🐜 🐜

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