33.33% Second Life / Chapter 6: Battle Techniques

Chapter 6: Battle Techniques

Wang jing has a regular schedule which is to wake up ,eat ,cultivate,sleep.It's been two months since he started cultivating.Wang jing noticed that he has a heaven defying talent.It's been mentioned in the manual that everyone would have some obstructions when cultivating and they need to expend some of their qi to remove obstructions in their meridians.less obstructions there were,the easier it is to cultivate.

cultivation in body tempering state involves absorbing qi to nourish various parts of their body and to set up a foundation to hold dantian.After two months wang jian broke through stage 1 and arrived at stage 2.He could have advanced faster but to avoid suspicion he cultivated slowly and only when su ming was at sufficient distance from him.Generally martial arts could sense qi and if Wang jian cultivated at his full capacity Su ming would be able to sense the moment of qi.So wang jian absorbed slowly in order to avoid any suspicion.

In next few months he started talking few simple words as he found out that speaking few worlds at the age of 10 months is acceptable.Even though most of the time Wang jing stays in sleeping position he does not get bored since he has star chip.whenever he feels tired of cultivating he would use youxube facexxok twixxer and would read something online.So he did not get bored at all.

Today is wang jing's first birthday. He broke through second level of body refining level one month ago and is now in middle stage of body refining level 2.On intexnet he learned that people would celebrate first birthday in a grand manner and he was expecting something to happen even though he knew his parents abandoned him.He was expecting mayble his relatives might show up.After the only human being with him all the year was su ming and even if he had star chip it is extremely boring to be in same position for almost one year.

Nothing happened that day and was disappointed but the good is that he can walk.one month ago he started walking and even if he knew that he could run,he had act like a baby walking for the first time.Acting like a baby walking was even tougher than he had imagined.At least it was better than revealing his talent and getting killed he thought.

Wang jing decided to show some of his talent in next few weeks as he could no longer bear the mental torture and so he started "operation unleash"

Everyday he would ask some questions to su ming these questions would get more and more complicated until finally he would reveal that he could feel qi and start cultivating officially.

He heard that in wang clan there is an extremely talented lady who could feel qi and stared cultivating at age of four months.It is revealed that she is most talented in history of wang clan and is grand daughter of current clan leader and clan leader has high hopes of his grand daughter surpassing him and taking clan to whole new level.

compared to her there would be at least few hundred of disciples who would start cultivating after age of one.They if nothing happened would become leading figures of clan and the aim of wang jing is to be one of those few hundred.It would not be bad to be in few hundred among millions of people.Wang jing originally is an impatient man and it is even a miracle for him to be stay hidden for such a long amount of time so he decided to bite the bullet and officially start cultivating at age of one year two months.

Su ming in recent days was in high spirit seeing talent of young master.And when wang jing said with an innocent face that he could feel qi he felt that his chance ha finally come.Su ming guessed that wang jing age was one year and two months and if he cultivated now it would mean that wang jing is guaranteed to have position of at least an elder.

Su ming said with a solemn face "young master for you to feel qi at such a young age means that you have good talent and since you have been abandoned by your parents it is very dangerous to show your talent i will give you some cultivation technique and do your best not to show your talent to others"

wang jing did not expect su ming to be so good at understanding his situation and quickly agreed that he would never let anyone know his talent.

after that wang jing would ask everything related to cultivation and since su ming was only a body refining 9'th tier he would could not answer every question and would feel embarassed

next day wang jing decided to learn some fist and moment techniques.since he showed talent in cultivation maybe he could show that he had a little bit of talent in battle techniques.

He downloaded basic techniques since they are foundation of high level techniques.Su ming would then daily cultivate and practice basic fist and moment techniques.

These techniques involved utilizing every bit of energy from every cell to bring out maximum effectiveness.Su ming seeing his young master practice martial arts became happier.

Wang jing would go to a place nearby his hut to practice everyday.After few months he mastered these techniques and could bring out strength form every cell.The next important task is control over strength and improve speed.Speed is important since even if one has great strength if his opponent is faster than him he would be striked first.

One could only develop so much with self practice.To improve any further one would need guidance of a mentor.Wang jing acknowledged this and went to star chip for some good courses.At this point money was not an issue for him so he would search for best course available in intxrnet.

wang jing found a website named courseera and in category he selected Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


martial techniques



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since wang clan was generously giving him money he did not even give a glance to course fee and quickly subscribed to the course.he clicked the first video.What appeared in front of him was an extremely beautiful girl and a handsome man.Both of them looked as if they were a match made by heaven.They did stretching as to show their perfect body and they did not even bother explaining anything and directly started sparring.Even though it is said to be sparring it did not look like one as their bodies touched in awkward places lot of times and the comment section was a mess as lot of perverted comments were there.

wang jing who was diligently practicing ever since he was born stopped cultivating for next few days.Instead what he did was complete the whole course and even gave a five star review and left a positive comment.

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