38.88% Second Life / Chapter 7: Movement Technique

Chapter 7: Movement Technique

after spending a few days watching "teachings" of young couple wang jing felt satisfied.He scrolled through and found an interesting course which is a personal one.It's cost was quiet high 10 middle tier spirit stones.The person offering this course is a famous master of 7'th layer of spirit river relaim.His name is Xu Yangyi.

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Wang jing looked at some reviews and found out that he is a genuine master.unlike normal courses this course needs the student to send a request.After the other party agrees to request course can be started.Things such as timings and schedule can be decided among themselves.Wang jing sent request and waited for reply.About an hour later Xu Yangyi sent a conformation message and both of them agreed to hold classes 6 days a week and daily 4 pm to 6 pm.

With the help of virtual world created by star chip martial techniques can be teached.Even though it is not as good as teaching in person it is better than nothing.

Xu Yangyi created a virtual room and waited for his student.Few seconds later a black bag seemed to have appeared in his room.As he was perplexed as what was going on the "black bag" moved towards him and respectfully bowed to him and said "master".Upon closer observation he found out that the black bag is a human with a black attire from top to bottom with only his eyes exposed. Even though his attire was bizzare he never mind it.His job was to teach and as long as teached he would get money.

Ignoring the weird outfit Xu Yangyi started teaching.Wang jing did not want anyone to find out about him.Even though he could hack star chip it would take enormous amount of effort to change body shape ,so all that he could to was change attire of his virtual body.Wang jing could feel improvements in his understanding of techniques and various doubts which he had previously have been cleared.

No matter how high comprehension was one can never accomplish anything significant alone.Even though wang jun had high understanding of battle techniques ,since he did not spar with anyone his actual combat powers were not that high.Now that Xu Yangyi was sparring with him by lowering his cultivation and pointing out his mistakes his combat power increased dramatically.Also Xu Yangyi gave him some unique training methods which he started practicing which increased his physique.

For next month wang jing was like a madman who practised combat skills and would cultivate and then attend Xu Yangyi classes.During this month wang jing also made a breakthrough to body refining third level.

Body refining third level is last level for refining muscles.After third level fourth level would be focused on refining bones of a cultivator.Now that he mastered basics wang jing focused integrating some of laws he comprehended to integrate his battle techniques with them.

Normally to master a martial arts which uses elements cultivator would need to have his qi of that element type.Martial arts which uses elements are significantly better than ones with no qi in either offence or defence.For example if a person has a thunder attributed qi he can use a martial arts related to thunder to produce a greater amount of damage than his opponent.If a defensive barrier has a water qi then it can disperse the force of incoming attack.This is a significant increase in defense when compared to normal barrier.

Wang jun was planning to have his attack mix with thunder and fire laws ,his defence mixed with laws of liquid and his moment techniques mixed with wind law.ofcourse if he mixed his moment technique with spatial laws then his speed would have a significant increase but spatial law is very difficult to comprehend even for wang jing

In any fight the fastest opponent always wins unless the difference in strength is great.So,wang jing planned on integrating his moment technique with laws of wind first.

when speed is normal wing resistance is negligible but at higher speed wind resistance becomes increasingly large and becomes a limiting factor.So wang jing first wanted to reduce wind resistance.

He started experimenting with all kinds of theories he had in his mind and started manipulating wind so that it would always be pushing him to increase his speed instead of obstructing him.

Switching direction is also an important part of moment technique,after all no matter how fast you are if all you could do was move in a single direction then it would be pointless.

For next few months wang jing focused on moment technique and got faster and faster day by day and his moments seemed to be even more unpredictable.He would be charging straight at high speed at one point of time and he would suddenly change his direction which seemed to be impossible.Even though this speed seemed fast for a level 3 body refiner wang jing was not satisfied at all.Wang jing could move even fast and could turn at even greater angles but unfortunately his body could not keep up with it.Few days ago he had minor thread like crack on his right leg bone which made him stop his training for 4 days.From that incident wang jing thought that he should spend more time on cultivation to break through level 4.So he stopped practicing moment technique and focus only on cultivation. At age of 1 year and 5 months wang jing broke through to level 4 body refining stage.

Just when he was having happy moments of his life and was thinking about silently advancing his cultivation, an unexpected visitor arrived at his house

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    And the story isn't bad but chapter too short

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    It's not moment technique but movement

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