44.44% Second Life / Chapter 8: Wang Ziqiao

Chapter 8: Wang Ziqiao

Wang Ziqiao is second son of third wife of Wang cuo. Wang Ziqiao's brother Wang bao is a genius in cultivation but Wang Ziqiao did not have same talent as his brother.So Wang Ziqiao became his brother's lackey and would do all kinds of chores for his brother.With the help of his brother's influence Wang Ziqiao gathered a small gang of 10 members with average age of 3 .All of their members do not have any good talent and would mess around in clan. Wang Ziqiao is famous for bullying the weak.Even though his talent is not great within a number of millions in his generation he could rank somewhere around ten thousand and he would always make trouble for those who did not have good background and strength.

Today Wang Ziqiao was feeling bored and was looking out of window. Wang Ziqiao face was at best above average and had an aura of a cunning guy.Within a glance one could tell that he is someone who would bootlick the strong and make trouble for the weak. Wang Ziqiao head an excited sound calling "Boss Boss we have got a new toy to play with".

Wang Ziqiao turned around and looked at the excited face of lackey3. Wang Ziqiao siad "Oh i was already getting bored of those previous guys.They do not have any mental strength at all.All they would do is cry after getting beaten up.They should at least put up some resistance" in a displeased tone.

lacket3 said "Boss our new prey is different.Technically he is your brother.Right after he was born he was exiled into remote area of clan where even servants would not roam around.From this we can imagine that elder has great dislike for him.I am sure that nobody will say anything even if we kill him".

Wang Ziqiao eyes shone"Really i have never heard i had a brother like him.hehehe it seems that my little brother has been alone for time and i need to meet him and perform my duty of elder brother.Call all the lackeys we are leaving right now.I cannot stop myself from thinking how lonely my junior brother was"

Wang Ziqiao and his lackeys went to remote area where wang jing was living after travelling for some more time one of his lackeys pointed out "Boos look at this direction.It seems there is a hut on top of mountain"

Wang Ziqiao looked at that direction and said "indeed my brother is living in such poor area let us ge and give him a surprise visit"

Wang Ziqiao and his lackeys arrived at front of hut.one of his lackeys shouted "Wang jing your elder brother has come quickly receive him" in a threatening tone

Wang jing was consolidating his relaim of level 4 of body tempering when he heard a shout.Sigh i guess trouble will eventually come even if i remain low key.Su ming had gone to caln's shopping area to get daily necessities and he was the only one at home.

Wang jing decided to not expose his powers and act like a weakling.He opened the door and was greeted with a group of children who were 3 to 4 year old. Wang jing maintained an expression of fear and said in a fearful tone "h-hello may i ask who you are"

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Wang Ziqiao said with a warm smile "Wang jing there is nothing to be afraid of i am your brother.I was unable to tolerate and came as quickly as possible to pay a visit.Sigh you are such an innocent child and facing so many difficulties at such a young age"

As Wang Ziqiao said he quickly entered and squeezed hand of wang jing.Wang jing is now a level 4 body refining and would not feel anything even if Wang Ziqiao a level 3 body refining stage attacked him but he needed to ack so he quickly put a pained expression and appeared to be horrified with tears almost rolling down.

Seeing the horrified expression of Wang Jing Wang Ziqiao became happy. Wang Ziqiao was not as talented as his brother so he would always bully the weak to satisfy his ego.He would always feel that even if there are thousands above him there are millions below him.

Wang Ziqiao with playful expression said "Ah junior brother sorry i recently had a breakthrough and could not control my strength" for which wang jing replied "ah brother i would not mind it and congratulations on breakthrough " with a fearful expression

Wang jing kew that if we would beat up Wang Ziqiao then his elder brother would come.If he then defeated him then someone of even higher strength would come t deal with his as he does not have a powerful background as a deterrent.So he could only endure for the time being but revenge would surely come.

Wang Ziqiao said "ah wang jing it just so happens that i am currently lacking few servant to wash my lackey's clothes.I cannot bear to see you alone in wild forest how about move to my place.I will make sure that you are treated well "

Wang jing replied timidly "brother i cannot move to clan area.Father forbade me from entering there.If father finds out i am afraid that he might punish both of us"

Wang Ziqiao said "little brother you do not need to worry about it.Father is generally busy cultivating or in his own work.So he won't find you and i will a sure that if you stay in one room and do not come out father will not see you and even if he sees you i am afraid that he might not recognise you" with a playful smile.

Wang Ziqiao quickly agreed "Brother my servant went out and i will come together with him after he returns"

Wang Ziqiao satisfied smiled "little brother you are so understanding and i have a request for my little brother"

Wang jing siad "brother i will satisfy whatever your request is".

"As you can see i have so many lackeys here and it is no small matter maintaining our daily operations and we are in dire need of some spirit stones".Without even waiting for wang jing's reply all lakeys af Wang Ziqiao quickly searched house and destroyed whatever items they have seen and took spirit stone after finding them.Wang Ziqiao said "little brother thank you for your generosity.I will surely repay you in future" leaving behind a messy house.

Wang jing was fuming but could not do anything about it.He quickly opened star chip and went to myjobs website.In this website we can hire anyone to do job and they would be rewarded after hob is completed.

He quickly posted task

Task:Beat up Wang Ziqiao and his lackeys so hard that they would be in coma for 1 year

Revard:1,000 middle tier spirit stones


a) must be a wang clansmen

b)must be of junior generation and below age of 7

c)must have good standing in wang clan

1,000 middle tier spirit stones for 7 year old is not a small amount of money.They would be able to get various pills which will hep them breakthrough in body refining tier.

Wang jing with a smile on his face was thinking Wang Ziqiao oh Wang Ziqiao who told you to mess with me the future legendary figure ,now you can only blame yourself for your actions.

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