50% Second Life / Chapter 9: New Life

Chapter 9: New Life

Wang huan is son of 50'th elder.Even though he is one of talented among sons of his father he would not get much resources because 50'th elder is a martial arts maniac and did not manage much business so by the time the limited resources got distributed among everyone what would be left for him would be pitfull little.If only he could get more resources he would already be ath 7'th layer of body refining tier.Many would be stuck at 6'th layer of body refining tier for long time.If they had some external simulation such as precious herbs or pills then they can quickly breakthrough.Wang huan was stuck at 6'th layer of body refining tier for half a year and he could only save his meager amount of resources to buy breakthrough pill.

So he would always find odd jobs at myjobs to save up some spirit stones.Wang huan's brother Wang liang for some reason was favoured by his father.He could only enviously glare as his father gave body refining pills to his brother which are used to quicken body refining process.Suddenly a notification came from myjobs.As he opened it his eyes went wide open 1,000 middle tier spirit stones for beating up someone.What soft of concept was 1,000 middle tier spirit stones.With this he could even buy pills which can help him break through xintian relaim.

He quickly did a background check on Wang Ziqiao and found out that he would face no risks after beating up Wang Ziqiao and his lackeys.As for revenge from Wang Ziqiao's brother he did not care.After getting 1,000 middle tier spirit stones he would buy all pills required upto xintian stage 1 and get into seclusion.With the help of pills his speed would be increased and after few years he would come out as young xintian relaim expert and would be favoured by his father.He quickly made his decision and without any hesitation he accepted his job and left to find Wang Ziqiao.

Wang Ziqiao the person in question at this time could be seen bullying a week looking guy.

lackey9 threw a punch at random_character and asked in threatening voice "random_character where is this month's protection fees" to which random_character weekly replied "young master this is all i have this month.I fell sick and could not work for few days so i could not meet this month's quota"

just as lackey9 was about to throw another punch he heard a voice "eh brother Wang Ziqiao i was looking all around the clan for you.Who would have thought that i would meet you in servant quarters." this voice belonged to none other than Wang huan.

Just as Wang Ziqiao was turning over to see who was looking for him a punch came from that direction.Wang Ziqiao is just a body refining tier 3 while Wang huan was tier 6.Wang Ziqiao was resily injured and fell onto the floor.all lackeys looked at their injured boss dumbfounded and then looked at Wang huan .lackey3 who was an expert at bootlicking shouted "how dare you injure our boss just wait until senior brother comes to teach you a lesson ".Of course Wang huan was not an idiot and would not wait for arrival of so called senior brother.He quickly sprung into action and started to beat up all the lackeys and Wang Ziqiao.Sounds similar to butchering of pig could be heard from that place.random_character was looking at the scene and was dumbfounded.He was looking at Wang Ziqiao and his lackeys who were begging for mercy and realized that everything depended on strength.Wang Ziqiao bullied him because he did not have enough strength.At that moment random_character clenched his fist and vowed to cultivate hardly and to become stronger.In future random_character became first elder of wang clan who worked as servant and became role model for all the servants of wang clan and inspired many into working hard in cultivation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Wang huan gave a satisfied smile as he looked at Wang Ziqiao and his lackeys who were on floor and unconscious.He captured him beating up till they were in coma in his star chip and uploaded it to myjobs.After a minute 1,000 middle tire spirit stones got deposited into his account.Wang huan felt that this was the happiest day in his life.He went to amaxon and ordered all the required pills and soon went to seclusion.

Meanwhile Wang jing looked at the video and gave a satisfied smile.Months and years passed, today was Wang jing's fifth birthday.Wang jing felt extremely bored living in secluded area.Wang jind decided to leave this area at age of five and today was his last day.Wang jing created a fake profile of an orphan and he would start a new life.Since he is starting a new life Wang jing needed to erase all signs of his old life.Wang jing cultivation reached peak of body refining tier 12.He just needed one step to breakthrough to xintian level.

Today Su ming was going to clan market area for buying daily necessities.Su ming for the last five years was serving young master diligently and was waiting for the day when wang jing rose through brilliance.Suddenly a fist with immense power came from behind and attacked his heart.Before he could react to what had happened he died.The person who attacked revealed his silhouette.It was none other than Wang jing."Sorry uncle,but you have witnessed what you should not have and from the day you became my servant you were destined to die".Wang jing knew how cruel this world is.Nobody bothered him up until now but he needed to do this to stop any future troubles.Wang jing thought to himself while wearing a resolute expression.

He has not only been cultivation but also practicing fire and wind laws therefore he got an astonishing control over fire and wind which even people with elemental attributed qi could only hope for.He first lifted su ming body in air with the help of wind and summoned fire and burnt Su ming body with high temperature flame until his body turned to ashes which scattered in all directions with wind.

After looking around and confirming that no evidence was left Wang jing embarked on a new journey.

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