55.55% Second Life / Chapter 10: Arrival

Chapter 10: Arrival

Wang jing had done several things for his new identity.Firstly he created a new fake merchant company when he was two years old named "Waxmart"which has headquarters in phoenix city which is imperial city of wu country ruled by wu clan.Wang jing thought of joining divine tiger sect whose power is only weaker than wu clan in wu country.So Waxmart having headquarters in phoenix city would be beneficial for him.

When in free time Wang jing would visit virtual auctions and buy anything which is pleasing to his eye and send it to waxmart.Small and medium size clans would not have power and wealth to rival large clans.Wang jing would go to black market and purchase some news about competition for position of next clan head in small and medium clans.He would then find some young masters who do not have strength to win in position and would transfer resources some resources for him to compete for position in return the young master needed to send some of his men and would have to support operations of Waxmart.In this way for the past three years Wang jing successfully helped many young masters of various clans which resulted in having huge manpower for Waxmart.

Meanwhile Wang clan has found some of clan's wealth mysteriously disappearing overnight.They could not even trace the transactions they had done which resulted in venting their frustrations on JPMxrgan Chase & Co and HSBC Holxings PLC.Wang clan for the last three years has changed numerous banks but the same thing happened again and again.Wang clan then thought that some clans sent spies to their clan and is attacking them financially.With this conjuncture Wang clan began investigations on all it's members and any potential suspects would be detained for further investigations,but this is easier said than done since wang clan alone has a population of millions.But still Wang clan is determined to eliminate all the spies.All these investigations would always end in a failure.For the past three years Wang clan could not find anyone who committed economic fraud but it's investigations would always result in something like a young master peeping girl's bathroom or a husband caught doing it with his servant.The person who was causing all this chaos would be practicing martial arts leisurely as if had no desire to participate in worldly affairs.

The reputation of Waxmart has been growing in wu country as well.It is known for handling high quality goods and good customer service.Wang jing also recruited some great martialists who were famous but stuck at bottlenecks due to various reasons by promising them to resolve their problems and good pay.

Overall for the past three years Wang jing has been laying foundation for his new identity.His identity is only son of mysterious owner of Waxmart and his authority is only next to his dad.The mysterious owner of Waxmart would only appear in star chip and his figure would always be shrouded in an aura of mystery.

Wang jing after finishing off Su ming changed his robes to luxurious one heich only young masters of good background wear.Wang jing's new name is Ling Tong.After Wearing new robes Ling Tong exited wang clan and travelled to a secluded place.

Ling Tong jing after making sure that no one was around opened star chip and clicked ubxr app.He selected his destination as phoenix city wu country.Five minutes later a luxurious looking plane landed in front of him.Ling Tong boarded the plane and silently listened music.This plane is controlled by AI and Ling Tong hacked into this pane's camera and made him look like a middle aged man. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Tang yi is an old man who is ceo of Waxmart.Tang ji was an elder of Tang clan.It was a middle clan.Tang yi has a grandson who was great talent and he even had a chance to get clan leader position.Unfortunately his grandson got poisoned and he could not find any solution even after a year passed.Fortunately he met mysterious head of Waxmart.He called himself x.X said that he could cure Tang yi's grandson but the price would be for Tang yi to work as Waxmart ceo.X said that he came from one of hidden clan of cloud continent and there is intense power struggle going on in his clan right now.X said that his son would come to Wu country in a different identity for security reasons and would become as a disciple of divine tiger sect.The sole reason for Waxmart to exist is for them to be ordered as servant for by his son.

Tang yi quickly agreed the offer and said that he would even be willing to become his slave if he could cure his grandson.

Today Tang yi was enjoying even more power than when he was an elder of Tang clan because of immense power of Waxmart.It could be said that the power of Waxmart is greater than that of middle clans.Tang yi received a message that young master would be arriving at phoenix city today with a fake name of Ling Tong.Tang yi quickly became tensed as he knew that the sole reason for establishment of Waxmart was to run errands of young master Ling Tong.He dared not to delay and quickly left to ordered everyone to make preparations to recieve young master.

Knowing that young master would be coming in person everyone in upper echelon of Waxmart became excited because they heard that young master is only five years old.If they managed to deceive this five year old and curry favour then their position would rise and they would receive immense benefits.

At the entrance of Waxmart main branch a red carpet was laid with people standing on either side awaiting for an important figure to visit.

After few minutes everyone could see a small dot coming in their direction and slowly getting bigger.They were certain that young master was coming in a private plane and everyone started reciting all the flattering words they know in their life and are ready to drown young master in flattering words one young mastre arrives.

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