61.11% Second Life / Chapter 11: Xintian Relaim

Chapter 11: Xintian Relaim

Everybody were imagining the entrance of young master of Waxmart but contrary to their expectations they saw was a kid coming out of a cheap uber plane.Someone couldn't help but say"Hey kiddo this is not a place where you can come and go as you want.We are waiting for an important person to come.Quickly get out while this father is still in good mood.Guards .."

Before he could finish his sentence he saw their ceo having a fawning expression arrive before the kid and say"Young master we were waiting for your arrival.How was your journey.Do you feel anything uncomfortable....." and so Tang ji started booklicking session .Everyone were dumbfounded and quickly realized that the kid was their young master and quickly surrounded him.Males wore a fawning expression whereas females wore a seductive expression both wanting to curry favour.

Ling Tong was bewildered by this group of people and did not know what to do.In his last life he did not study much and his work was lowest one in society and with his meager amount of salary he did nor gain anybody's respect.Most of his life were spent on computer screen.He did not even interact with girls much less talk to a beautiful one.In the end he died as a virgin without even experiencing s*x.So as soon as he saw the seductive look of those beautiful middle aged woman his heart started racing.Even though they were middle aged with cultivating and some mythical materials they still retained their youthful looks.Their voice was pleasant to ears ,their red lips and well proportionate body ,looking at all of this Ling Tong was on verge of going insane.

Suddenly he screamed "All of you scram.This young master is going to take a rest." an he said so he walked away from the group of crowd with Tang ji following behind.Tang ji led to a room and said"young master this is the room you are going to stay for time being.If you want anything just order me all the employees of Waxmart are at your service."

Ling Tong said "I am currently tired and need some rest.So i am going to take a bath and sleep also bring some food i am feeling quiet hungry".Although Ling Tong said that his mind was wandering somewhere else.Ling Tong was not sure if it was normal behaviour of a 5 year old to have sexual desires.He was sure that everyone would look at him differently if he asked to do it with a woman.Perhaps the woman in question might even feel that he might be a monster in disguise of a child.So he could only repress his desires.

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Currently his situation of a man was that of who wake up from coma and was hugged by a beauty only to find out that the beauty was his daughter.Waxmart had employed several beautiful women for various purposes.So even though he might be surrounded by a beauty he could not touch them.Oh well they will all be mine when i grow up.Hmm it is said in this blog that some young masters would have sexual relationship as early as 12 years old.Then i will have to wait for 7 years.

Chung wang is his newly assigned servant.Currently his cultivation is spirit river level 5.A decent strength but not too strong either."Chung Wang" called Long Tong."Yes young master" said chung wang.

"I wish to join divine tiger sect.Give me all the details about it's entrance exam."

"divine tiger sect is one of the powerful sect in wu country.It's strength is second only to Wu clan.Furthermore some young masters of wu clan join divine tiger sect.Divine tiger sect holds entrance exam every 5 years and students according to their talent are selected into inner and outer sect.Those who perform exceptionally are taken into core zone.core zone is where most elites of divine tiger sect reside.The geniuses in core zone are even comparable to that of wu clan elites.According to the schedule the entrance exam for divine tiger sect is in 4 months"

Currently Ling Tong is in peak of body refining tier and is one step away from xintian relaim.But this one step is extremely difficult and is foundation for future relaim.Ling Tong set his target to xintian relaim in four months.

currently it's been three months since Ling Tong arrived at phoenix city. Ling Tong is at an important point before stepping into xintian relaim that is forming a dantian.He could have advanced fasted but he wanted to build a solid foundation and build a dantian which is perfect grade.He had stopped his dantan from forming wantedly so that he could study it's laws.Everything in this nature works on laws of world and forming a daintian also has a particular set of rules.Ling Tong was hoping to study it's rules and form a dantian which is of best quality.And so after three months he began studying about why dantian is in the way it should be and what are laws that hold dantian,how is dantian connected to various meridians.Finally after three months Ling Tong formed a dantain which is twice the size of normal xintian relaim stage 1 warriors.His dantian is also translucent.Generally Dantians have colors which represent the qi attribute of owners and for those who do not have qi attributes it's color should be while.Long Tong's dantian not only holds qi but also purifies it.

For the remaining days Long Tong consolidated his foundation and is patiently waiting for the divine tiger sect entrance entrance examination

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  • ContesaRubia


    Is he going to ruin himself before he even starts. Having S.E.X. at TOO, YOUNG and age can LEAD to problems later.

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