66.66% Second Life / Chapter 12: Divine Tiger Sect

Chapter 12: Divine Tiger Sect

Ling Tong LIng Tong just wanted a new identity and he could get all resources by hacking so he decided to be low key.There are various materials which can change one's appearance.10 days before recruitment day Ling Tong took an elixir which could make a person body grow older.Within 10 days Ling Tong body kept growing until he looked like a 12 year old.In star chip he changed his age to 12 years old. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

It's finally the day of divine tiger sect recruitment day.Ling Tong along with Chung Wang left for divine tiger sect.Since Ling Tong has entered Xintian relaim he had his senses and body strength enhanced.After boarding a luxurious plane Ling Tong looked at outside scenery mesmerised.Last time Ling Tong entered plane he was still in body refining tier and with the speed of plane all that he could see was a blur.After entering Xintian relaim Ling Tong Was able to see surroundings clearly.

In his last life Ling Tong being poor did not board a plane his entire lifetime.When he was in wang clan for some unknown reason he would always feel some pressure and he was even alert while coming to Wu country.After entering Xintian relaim Ling Tong felt some peace which let him think clearly.While travelling to Divine Tiger Sect Ling Tong who was resting in a luxurious interior while watching huge mountains ,running rivers ,the wilderness could not help but recall his memories of his past life.

His new life seems to be progressing smoothly at least for now.Ling Tong also felt it strange that everything has been proceeding too smoothly up until now.After few hours Ling tong reached Divine Tiger Sect.Ling Tong was staring at the entrance of Divine Tiger sect looking at the majestic construction which could not be possible on earth remained his that he is no longer on earth.Although Ling Tong did not really feel anything bad about this world he could not help but feel lonely at this moment.

Even though he lived a poor life on earth he could not help but feel sad about possibly not being able to return to earth.He has been busy learning ever since he was born and has been doing something or other so he did not really feel anything about his transmigration but at as looked at all the people who were involved in their work he felt lost.This is how a child would feel when he lost his mother at a supermarket where everyone would mind their own work and the child would feel lost in this busy foreign environment.

With a sad sigh Ling Tong tried to calm down his feelings as he entered the busy crowd and made his way to disciple selection section.In a big sect like Divine Tiger Sect there are plenty of 12 year old Xintian relaim experts.

In Despicable selection area there were multiple queues based on cultivation.Ling Tong entered a queue which was for Xintian relaim tier 1.Everyone would receive a token after the authorities of Divine Tiger Sect would check their cultivation relaim.Ling T

At afternoon everybody received a token.After that everyone was guided to an arena where grand elder of outer sect began his speech and explain rules.

Grand elder who was centre of large arena looked at all the people who gathered at arena and let out a satisfied smile"The number of people participating in this examination is greater that last time"

"Everybody I thank you for attending this examination.I think there is no need for any introduction of Divine Tiger Sect.As all of you know this sect was established 10,000 years ago.At time when we sect was established it was a very chaotic world where strong clans did as they pleased.For those who wanted to become a strong figure their only way was to become a guest elder or a guest disciple and even then they would become slaves for the clan.Divine Tiger Sect was not established by humans it was born out of desire.A desire of a man to change his fate.And slowly we collected cultivation techniques.Our sect is a leader of innovation.We have developed various technologies in past few thousand years.Our weapons and alchemy divisions never lacked enthusiastic people who innovated constantly enhancing strength of strength.We even created various grounds which are very beneficial for cultivation.I would guarantee that after few hundred years you would look back at your younger self and feel that joining Divine Tiger Sect was the best decision you made in your life.The sect runs on contribution points.You can convert money to contribution points and even if you are poor there is no need to worry as you can earn them after completing some missions.Divine tiger sect is not only a sect it is a family.Everyone who work in Divine Tiger Sect is a member of the family.In 10,000 years this sect faced many problems but we were able to resolve it thanks to unity of sect.Even if you are not great at cultivation you can start a business and sect will support you.Our sect generated a lot of income with all the companies started by disciples."

"Now to rules of selection individual battles will be held on multiple stages.The battle starts with low cultivation stages and move to higher.Those who are top three in their cultivation can can challenge those of higher cultivation.Don't worry about your ranking we are holding these duels only to assess various aspects and the rankings will not be only criteria.Those who are of lowest cultivation prepare yourself the battle will start in 10 minutes"

With that grand elder left the stage.Everybody not help but curse in their minds.Family your ass.Your are talking about the sect as if it is some kind of paradise.With your glib tongue why don't you resign as grand elder and start working as advertisement manager.Even though everybody were cursing in their minds no one dared to speak out long.Meanwhile Ling Tong felt like he was sitting in orientation day of some commercial company.

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