72.22% Second Life / Chapter 13: Tournament

Chapter 13: Tournament

The first match was between body refining 6'th stage.As the tournament progressed further Ling Tong felt excitement.Since Ling Tong is not from this world watching this tournament Ling Tong was mesmerised by the atmosphere.Everything felt new to him.The cheering crowd,the huge arena,the battles all of them bought fighting spirit.He did not watch any matches on earth as he was always playing games.Ling Tong started to feel same excitement when he first started playing games.Ling Tong then choose some of participants who caught his attention and started cheering for them.Since everyone here is a cultivator whenever they would feel tired they would cultivate for some time and then feel refreshed.After 30 hours it was time for xintian relaim 1'st stage.

Ling Tong then left the seating area and want for participant area.There were roughly ten thousand contestants for this round.Ling Tong looked at the schedule and found out that his first opponent was a girl.All the primary data was available for participants.As Ling Tong looked at here profile he found at that she was from a middle clan although she did not look exceptional she did look cute.Her name is Bao Chin.Her age is 10 years.She can be considered talented to reach Xintian relaim in 10 years in a middle clan.For a large clan there would be thousands who had same talent as her and she would not received much attention.

After 2 hours it was his time for his first match.Ling Tong slowly walked towards one of stages.As Ling Tong heard the loud cheers from around he was astonished as this was his first time being in centre of a large crowd.

Looking at the astonished face of Ling Tong,Bao Chin sneered at Ling Tong "Country bumpkin How about you beg for me maybe i will consider keeping your body intact"

Ling Tong got pissed "Bixch keep your filthy mouth at check or watch out i will tear your tongue"

Ling Tong just throwed back insult at her just like how anyone would ddo back at earth.But the same cannot be taken lightly here.The young masters who were born in clan will have arrogance engraved in their bones.Even if they show themselves as humble that is only a facade.Crowing up in a clan they would have servants and people of same age who follow their orders.Basically they live the lives of king or queen.As such they care more about face.

What Ling Tong thought as normal was an enormous loss of face for the arrogant Bao Chin.Her face turned red from anger as she said "Bastard i will make sure that this arena is your grave".

Meanwhile Ling Tong was surprised at how a common fight has turned into a killing match.He tried to calm the situation "Hey hey what's the need to go that far we can resolve the matter peacefully"

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Listening to him Bao Chin took it as a sign of weakness and said"it's too late for begging.I will cripple you and make sure you live life worse than death"

Just then the judge sent a signal indicating the start of match.Bao Chin started with full force and went straight for Ling Tong vital parts.Ling Tong easily dodged while thinking "Damned bixch i wanted to avoid killing but that does not mean am afraid.Damn i will show my full potential, maybe someone powerful will take me as a disciple and become my shield"

Ling Tong's eyes suddenly turned decisive.He suddenly changed his direction and did not give a chance for the startled Bao Chin to react and threw a punch aimed at her heart.Bao Chin was absolutely horrified when she saw that punch aiming at her heart and deeply regretted her actions but alas even in this immortal relaims there is not medicine for regret.

A lifeless body fell on floor which had a horrified expression.Perhaps Bao Chin had never thought that her life would come to an end at such a tender age.Seeing that body Ling Tong heart fluttered but he thought that if he left her alive then she would be source of his future trouble.Ling Tong then left the stage.

At the same time somewhere in Divine Tiger Sect a middle aged man received the footage before his daughter's death.He contacted Bao Chao "Someone named Ling Tong killed your sister.He is young master of Waxmart.Although Waxmart seems powerful it has been recently formed and it even made many enemies.It laks solid foundation.Make sure he is killed within this assessment.I will take care of consequences "

Bao Chao's dad had many children and he did not even feel sad about death of one of his daughter.He only felt that the killer should be killed otherwise he would lose face.As for retaliation of Waxmart they cannot touch him as long as he stays within Divine Tiger Sect.

Bao Chao then contracted a disciple who is working in this time recruitment "Hello.Good day,i just want a favour.Someone killed my sister.I want him dead.Ah yes ,i will pay 1000 middle tier spirit stones once job is completed".From his tone it seemed that Bao Chao too did not care about death of his sister.That's how relationships in this world work.Everything is based on interests.One could even exterminated his own clan if enough interests are presented to him.

the disciple then contacted someone else "Ah lackey_1 you said that your brother is participating in this year's recruitment. What's his cultivation. ..... Oh it's Xintian 4'th relaim.Send him to Xintian 1'st relaim match.Tell him that he should kill his next opponent.His name is Ling Tong.I will give him 1 year pill if he succeeded "

Ling Tong who was observing match was notified about change in opponent.Ling Tong then hacked and found out that his opponent is Xintian 4'th relaim.A look of seriousness flashed across his eyes.Damn i did not expect retaliation to be this fast.Ling Tong even considering escaping because Xintian 4'th stage is very different from the first three. Xintian 4'th relaim is a bottleneck and once one broke through to 4'th relaim they will have a qualitative change is their powers

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