77.77% Second Life / Chapter 14: Lackey_1's Brother

Chapter 14: Lackey_1's Brother

It's time for Ling Tong's match.Ling Tong stepped onto stage.He looked at his opponent.His opponent said "Hi i am lackey_1's brother why don't you just die.That saves me a lot of trouble" with a smile.

Ling Tong looked at lackey_1's brother with a look of disdain "How much did the other side promise you,just tell me.I will give you more for licking my shoes".It seems that Ling Tong has a skill to engage others.As expected the smile on Lacket_1's brother froze and turned into a ferocious expression.He looked at Ling Tong in as his qi of Xintian relaim stage 4 bust forth as he said "Damn you I wanted to at least keep your body intact but it seems that you do not treasure your life"

While the aura of Lackey_1's brother bust forth the judge used his cultivation to prevent the aura from leaking outside.Even if someone realized that something in this stage was not correct they would just ignore it.Ling Tong looked at the judge and knew that he had been bought out by the other side.At this stage he could only use his abilities to protect himself.

just as the judge shouted start Lackey_1's brother used movement skill to come at Ling Tong.Ling Tong using wind laws obstructed Lackey_1's brother.This much amount of wind is enough for slight decrease in speed. Ling Tong knew that with his small qi reserves he could not content against Lackey_1's brother.So the longer this fight drags on the more disadvantageous Ling Tong would be.

Ling Tong also used gravitational law to increase gravity around Lackey_1's brother.Combined with wind and gravity laws Lackey_1's brother movements became sloggy.Then close combat between Lackey_1's brother and Ling Tong began.

Lackey_1's brother could not keep up with Ling Tong as Ling Tong movements became more and more not predictive.suddenly the speed of a punch increased which made it hard for Lackey_1's brother to dodge.Even though it may look weak Ling Tong applied mass law on his hand and coupled with the increased speed the punch carried incredible momentum.Lackey_1's brother tried to block the punch by forming a qi shield around stomach but as soon as the punch connected with the qi shield it tore through it like a piece of paper and hit Lackey_1's brother stomach.

Ling Tong changed the direction of momentum of the punch when the punch came in contact.Although the punch may look live it is directed horizontally the force in it had been changed to vertical with law of momentum.With that Lackey_1's brother body lifted in the air.Ling Tong quickly jumped in the air before Lackey_1's brother jumped and when Lackey_1's brother body was coming near him Ling Tong held both of his hands and punched towards spine as if he was holding a hammer and hitting a nail.

*crack* a crisp sound rang out as spine of Lackey_1's brother broke.As a result of punch Lackey_1's brother who was going upwards charged downwards.When Lackey_1's brother hit the floor Ling Tong Controlled gravity and multiplied on his body which made him fall at high speed at Lackey_1's brother.Ling Tong leg landed on Lackey_1's brother's head which got squashed.Red and white liquids flowed out from Lackey_1's brother's head whereas Lackey_1's brother died.Ling Tong then revealed a satisfied smile.Everyone who looked at the scene had chill run down their spine.The all looked at Ling Tong as if they were looking at a devil.

Actually Ling Tong smiled not because of killing Lackey_1's brother but because the move which he performed was performed by his favorite character vegeta in Dragon Ball Z.

All the elders who were here if could find some good disciples replayed the battle and their eyes lit up.They thought that Ling Tong had wind attributed qi.That's why he had such high speed and could lift Lackey_1's brother up in the air.All of them were thinking of accepting him as a disciple.But them ll of them heard on thing that made them disappointed.that was Grand elder of outer sect wanted to take Ling Tong as his disciple.All the elders seemed disappointed because they had to give Grand Elder some face otherwise their fates would become miserable.Even though they are elders of outer court Grand Elder is much more powerful than them and would make their life difficult if the did not give him some face.

After fight someone came to Ling Tong and said that he had been summoned by Grand Elder.Ling Tong could not help but feel nervous as he headed to grand elder's office.It was the nervousness one would feel when a student who made mischief was summoned by principal.

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When he entered Grand Elder's office suddenly he feel on the floor unconsciously meanwhile the Grand Elder who always looked peaceful had an evil smile on his face

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