83.33% Second Life / Chapter 15: leaked

Chapter 15: leaked

Ling Tong woke up and looked around. He felt weak and did not even have the strength to move his body. In fact, he even felt breathing becoming difficult. He found himself in a room and he was resting on the floor. He tried to move around but to no avail. Various thoughts ran through his mind as he began thinking about the reason he was placed in such a situation. As he thought he panicked as he realized that his secret might not be a secret anymore. He tried to regain composure but could not stop feeling anxious. Ling Tong was not brave and fearless as other main characters in novels. In fact, he was a coward and was afraid of pain. That's why when he was a child he tried to comprehend how human body felt pain and studied it for years before understanding it. He even comprehended that pain can be felt by soul and tried to devise ways which helped him ignore pain on both body and soul.

After few hours he felt footsteps and with very difficulty turned to look. He saw few people coming in his direction and he recognized one of them. That person was Wang Clan head. He had seen him in many posters around clan. One of them said "hoho Ling Tong you are such a genius gifted by heaven. How could you leave your own clan and head to other sect? If you had any needs my Wang clan would have spared every effort to fulfill them".It was obvious that his voice was full of mockery. Ling Tong now understood that his secret was not secret from the start. Now that he thought about it there were many loopholes in his way of doing things. It was just that before coming to this world he lived a very boring life. Thus when he reincarnated he became excited and did not consider consequences of his actions. It was like giving a beggar a million dollars stolen from the bank. The beggar then spends as he wished and then eventually gets caught.

Now that all his fantasies were broken Ling Tong was heavily regretting but there is no medicine for regret. It was alright for him to have talent but him manipulating laws and hacking star chip was not something that can be ignored.

One of the men spoke "Now then Ling Tong I hope you understand the situation that you are in. As you can see we old men are all interested in your abilities and want to know more about it. I wonder if you could satisfy our curiosity."

Ling Tong knew that his abilities were his bargaining chip and said"How about some food.i feel hungry and no energy to speak"

Just as he finished speaking a merciless punch came and hit his stomach. He flew off like a kite and hit the wall. Sounds of bones being broken could be heard as well "Well you may not know but it's been 1 year since we captured you. We have done all sorts of experiments but failed to find anything special on you. So we are getting rather impatient. The only thing that I want to hear is answer to my question. Anything else is not appreciated."A huge pressure descended from that man and Ling Tong could not even breathe. He felt like the world kept collapsing at that moment. His heartbeat rate lowered as well. A feeling of suffocation came to him. Ling Tong could feel death approaching him.

Being a coward he did not want to die. Moreover, he just got into this world how could he die. So he quickly accepted."yes yes please don't kill me" begged Ling Tong. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

That man smiled "yes that's what I like. So how about you introduce your ability".

Ling Tong quickly became a spineless coward and decided to spill the beans."Sir, I could sense laws that run the world and through enlightenment.I could understand working of the world and affect it through qi "

The interrogation proceded and Ling Tong told everything except reincarnation. After everything was over they left the room leaving Ling Tong alone in the room who was given a healing pill. Ling Tong was only hoping that he could get out of this place and take his revenge afterward.

One of the men present during interrogation was Wang Clan head. Generally, great clans had some powerful artifacts that are kept secret and Wang clan had one of them. Even though it cannot be used for an attack it can be used for defense and surveillance. This artifact has been passed for generations and only Wang clan head and few other important people know about it.

This treasury also records every activity within wang clan. Thus nothing could escape its eyes.

After the Wang clan found out that its treasury has been compromised wang clan did their best to investigate the cause but could not find the culprit. Thus Wang Clan Head recruited 1000 servants to go through the record for finding any suspicious activity in the clan. One of the servants found out Ling Tong who was only 3 years old practice fire and wind law. He found this abnormal and reported to his superior. Wang clan did an investigation on him and found out that he did not apply for any cultivation technique but was practicing wang clan's techniques. They quickly investigated Ling Tong whole life and found the culprit. They concluded that he could somehow hack star chip. This was big news and if leaked outside could overturn the whole world upside down. So all the servants who were involved in the investigation were killed. Only a handful of higher-ups were aware of Ling Tong. From then on clan head personally monitored Ling Tong every day. The more he watched the more bewildered he became. He read through all the books and did not find anything related to Ling Tong's abilities.

Clan head thought that he would marry his granddaughter the most talented in Wang clan to Ling Tong so that Ling Tong would be loyal to the clan. He was dreaming about bright future of the clan as two strongest one heaven-defying talent and another with mysterious abilities marry. But the reality was always cruel. One day reports came that Ling Tong was leaving the clan and heading to Wu country. Given how intelligent he was he quickly figured out that Ling Tong created Waxmart and planned to become a disciple of divine tiger sect.

Clan head then determined that it was impossible for Ling Tong to be loyal to clan anymore if they were to forcefully bring him back. But if Ling Tong was allowed to grow stronger he would one day come to Wang clan to seek revenge. Therefore he decided to bribe Grand elder and bring Ling Tong back to the clan for inspecting his abilities. If Ling Tong abilities could be transferred it would be great. Otherwise, Ling Tong would become a study material. Either way, Ling Tong would be killed after he is no longer useful.

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