94.44% Second Life / Chapter 17: Leave

Chapter 17: Leave

Ling Tong would always feel pain when experiments on his were being conducted. So while experiments were being done he studied laws of the soul to find a solution to his pain. The end result was that even though he did not find a solution to his pain his understanding of soul deepened. He also thought of ways to control others by influencing their souls. Unfortunately, he found out that when he tried to influence other's soul the other party would feel pain and could terminate the process. He found out that the other party must be willing for him to influence their soul. So, he did not get an opportunity to try out his findings. But heavens have given him a chance he found out that he came back to life. In this cultivation world, there are many people who would do anything to gain strength. He would target that kind of people and would make them willing to have their soul influenced.

Ling Tong has got a new name, Guo Lin. Guo Lin's "new parents" work as attendants in city lord's office. The country that Guo Lin is living in is Su country.it is one of four great clans of cloud continent. Guo Lin's parents both had to work so they would leave him in care of a robot. Unfortunately for them Guo Lin already hacked the robot. So while his parents wore gone for work Guo Lin would cultivate. Guo Lin this time was very careful when hacking star chip. He would choose some random account to hack instead of the same person. He would not commit the same mistake he had done in Wang Clan.

Silently years passed. Currently, Guo Lin is 15 years old. Unknown to his parents Guo Lin is already in Spirit River level 5.The only one who is stronger than Guo Lin in this city is the city lord himself. Guo Lin silently cultivated and never had much contact with other children. Since the house he is currently living is in a remote place no one ever bothered with him. Today Guo Lin decided to leave home and travel around the world. Since he an get cultivating resources there is no need for him to go to a sect.

Guo Lin then took a last look at his home before leaving. He knew that his abrupt disappearance will cause panic to his parents who loved him dearly but he did not care. After being born again he did not feel much connection to his parents and he cultivated for most of the time so he did not have much emotional bond with them. Before leaving Guo Lin toured around the city to find a guinea pig for his soul influence experiment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Guo Lin's plan was to find a weak guy being bullied and save him. Then he would ask that guy whether he wanted to become stronger. That young man would obviously want to become strong. Then Guo Lin will begin his experiments. Despite roaming around the city for more than once, Guo Lin did not find any arrogant young masters causing trouble. After thinking a bit, he found it reasonable. If a young master would always cause trouble then all the commoners would leave this city. Since he could not find any young master creating rucks he would cause trouble instead. Gong Li is a typical arrogant young master in cultivation world. She was the daughter of city lord. Although she was not as talented as her siblings she was doted on by her mother which resulted in her reckless behaviour. She would act around in the city as she wished. Guo Lin found her as a suitable target. Then he sprung into action as he infiltrated city lord residence. Even though city lord is stronger than Guo Lin he would not be able to detect as Guo Lin practiced laws related to stealth.After he infiltrated he headed to living quarters of Gong Li. His plan was to make one of her servants offend her. He would then save a naive looking young one among them and make them his guinea pig.

As Guo Lin was making plans he found Gong Li. The virgin who was hiding quickly woke up. Damn look at those curves and that pesky butt. I wonder how it feels to slap that butt. Maybe I should r*pe her. Evil thoughts ran inside Guo Lin mind as he nearly forgot his reason for coming.

Guo Lin then began to think with his lower part and quickly discarded his mission. There was only one thought in his mind and that was to say goodbye to his virgin life. As he was thinking about various positions Gong Li headed to another room. Sensing her moment Guo Lin followed her. He decided that tonight would be his night and even gods would not stop his evil act. Gong Li entered another room and Guo Lin followed. Just as he entered Gong Li caught sight of another beauty. He recognized her as Gong Li's mother. After looking at her he quickly decided that he would have a threesome tonight. Guo Lin who is a newbie would seek guidance from a milf to enter adulthood.

Guo Lin's whole body became red as his imaginations ran wild. Slowly night descended. Guo Lin stealthily approached Gong Li and her mother and knocked them out. He carefully took them out to a hotel already registered by a fake account. He then threw two beauties on the bed. One yet to mature but elegant enough and other already mature and looked like a sensei of every young man's dreams. Tonight would be his night. Guo Lin gave an evil smile as he looked at the two. Tonight he would become a man.

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    ... why do you think man

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    N good luck...

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    I read it though itit didn't turn out to be as bad as expected but he still screws one of the.......but still give an anther try...........good luck but still that kipnapin of girls chap was really dark n twisted u know.....i have read other novels with bit similar content but there twisted nature is toned down or a bit humor is added.....which makes it easier to digest...

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