100% Second Life / Chapter 18: Realize

Chapter 18: Realize

Guo Lin's whole body was flushed red right now. Seeing two beauties lying on the bed he forcefully gulped down saliva and sprung into action. He temporarily blocked the qi in their body so that they would not retaliate. He was a very big fan of BDSM. He then tied both beauties to bed and woke them up.

Both the mother and daughter duo woke up and looked around as they just got conscious. Both of them got terrified after they found out that they could not use their qi. In front of them was a man with a shady grin on his face. They then quickly understood the situation and their faces became pale. The mother quickly shouted "Who are you, how dare you capture us. Wait until city lord finds out about this, I will make sure that your whole family gets slaughtered"

Guo Lin felt anger, Not because he was concerned about his "new parents" but because he did not like being threatened. Guo Lin then decided to punish the mother. He raised his hand and slapped forth towards the target location. 'PAH' a crisp sound was heard followed by the moan of a woman. The target was naturally a white butt which had a palm imprint now. Guo Lin looked at his hand and recalled the marvellous sensation. He then smelled his hand and let out a satisfied smile. upon seeing his actions the daughter could no longer sit calmly and shouted 'pervert'.

Guo Lin looked at the woman and said "hey you, you should feel proud that I am taking your first time. I will help you remember tonight's experience for the rest of your life" and so he sealed the mouth of the daughter to avoid further disturbance. Guo Lin's attention was on mother right now. She looked just like a juicy fruit waiting to be devoured.

Guo Lin slowly undressed the mother. Guo Lin became more and more excited as he saw the mother struggling with all her might. Just then Guo Lin unlocked her holy area. The opening gate to the holy area was pink in colour which was in contrast to the pure white skin of her's. Guo Lin felt that he should start the final part of the ritual. He grew excited as he unzipped. His little brother was standing proudly and seemed to ready for battle.

The mother started tearing up at the sight of this as she knew her fate. Even if she escaped she would be punished by city lord for doing it with another man. Meanwhile, Guo Lin got more excited as he approached the gate to the holy place. Just as he touched the pink land his little brother let out a large quantity of liquid and retracted as if it had won a hard battle. Suddenly Guo Lin felt a disdainful gaze directed towards him and turned around to the source. The mother looked at him in disdain as if saying "you cannot even last 1 second in battle. How can I teach you war positions"

Guo Lin felt ashamed as he commanded his little brother to wake up. His little brother also woke up quickly ready for another battle. Guo Lin thought that the woman was too attractive and since it was his first time his little brother came early. Now that he had experienced once he would make sufficient preparation to last longer in battle. Suddenly Guo Lin's sight landed on cherry lips of the mother. Guo Lin felt an urge to have a blowjob but quickly gave up. He has only one little brother, what if that woman bites of his little brother for revenge. That would be disastrous. So he quickly gave up that idea. But it would be a waste to leave the lips alone. So he went forward to kiss her. The kiss felt good. Guo Lin felt as if he was sucking a pair of strawberry fruits. The lips of mother felt delicate and sweet.

Guo Lin then quickly started the second round. After few rounds, Guo Lin was satisfied with mature woman. Now, it is time to pluck an innocent flower. Guo Lin the quickly sprung into action. When Guo Lin was about to pluck the flower from the field a knock was heard. Guo Lin felt uneasy as it was not normal for someone to knock at this time. The mother and daughter duo became excited. Guo Lin slapped both of them and disabled their speech. They soon became obedient. Looking at how two beauties were silenced Guo Lin's "S" side woke up but he soon controlled himself as he had to deal with the person at another side.

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He wore robes and released the aura of a spirit river level 5 and spoke in a threating voice. The other party was terrified and said trebling "T-This, senior it seems that third madam and her daughter have been missing and city lord ordered a city-wide search and we are just doing our duty."

Guo Lin became furious and he knew that he need to silence these guards. He was just about to pluck a flower but was disturbed. Guo Lin then began to think of massacre. He felt that these people were ants. Since these ants disturbed his exciting moments they need to die. Suddenly Guo Lin became startled. he found out that he changed. Realization dawned on him. As a saying went power corrupts people. He realized that in the eyes of his previous self he became a demon. Guo Lin knew that even though he had great talent, to reach the peak of cultivation one needs to have great determination and willpower. Cultivation is a way to gain strength so that one can control one's own fate.cultiavtion is a way to build a foundation for one's own body to defy heavens. Cultivation is a way to ascend to godhood or become immortal. To preserve on the path of cultivation one needs more than just talent and resources.

Guo Lin suddenly found out that his actions have been extremely foolish. This lord has now been enlightened. Why do I need to ra*e to lose my virginity? I have heaven-defying talent. There would surely be some people who are capable of travelling along with me on road to immorality. Good, my goal for now is to find a beauty who is talented and is willing to marry me.

With that, Guo Lin said "oh you mean mother and daughter went missing. I have two ladies who fit your description here. Well one of them has received my holy liquid. Also, send the city lord my regards." with that he fished out a letter titled "101 ways to make a wife submit"

"the mature woman is really troublesome. I know understand the pain of city lord. I think he is in dire need of this letter and no need to thank me. As a fellow man, this is my responsibility."

With that, he stuffed that letter in hands of one of the soldiers and disappeared. The soldiers stood there dumbfounded before entering the room. Peace resumed the city as the missing woman were found but it seemed that there was a decrease in the number of guards. Not surprisingly the missing guards were the one who entered the room.

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