80% One Punch God / Chapter 7: Beast tide

Chapter 7: Beast tide

........... Flashh Back End...........

*Ding 0%*


'GENOS! What is this?!' said Ron

*... I forgot to tell you boss, That there is a condition to combine "Death's Punch"and"Serious Mode"..." said Genos

'YOU FORGOT??!!!' said Ron angrily

*Ding 1%*

'What happened?'asked Ron

*Well the condition is that you'll have to use your emotion to combine the skill, anything from anger, sadness, or even excitement. It's similar to that anime Mob Psycho"

"I unders..."said Ron but was interrupted

"Ron, i...im sorry i though everything will be okay since your here, but i didn't imagine that we could face such a monster... just go Ron, run i will hold them for you" said Eli tears falling from her checks

Ron didn't say anything just patted her hair and smiled, turning to the direction of Beast tide

"Ron?! Please don't go, i know that you are strong but a mutated Lvl 10 beast is on whole other Lvl, trust me i nobody knew the terror more than me, after all My clan was exterminated effortlessly by one" She said while crying and shaking

Ron didn't turn to comfort her, but steeped forwards

"Eli... I'm a hero, and Heroes defeat monsters, no matter how much strength they possess" said Ron while still walking forwards

*Ding 3%*

*Boss i will help you*said Genos

'How?'asked Ron

*Dramatic Music*

'How is that supo...'

*Ding %5*

*What were you saying Boss?*


When he said that to Eli, she did not feel it was a Man walking to his doom,but an enormous mountain that no matter how many monsters will come they will never be able to pass through

"Ron... I know i can't stop you Saitama but, Please don't die*sob*"said Eli while crying

And the only response she got *Bam* Ron kicked the ground and like an arrow he jumped straight to the already close sea of monsters.

*Slam*x113 dozens of monsters jumped at Ron forming a Mountain seemly trying to crush him.

"SAITAMAAAA!"shouted Eli


*Ding 6%*

But with a single punch all the monsters were thrown to the air, leaving only a topless Ron Walking forwards, the monsters only managed to damage his outfit


A defeating roar come out of thousands monster, and all of them were moving towards Ron like a tide, but the weird thing is that they seemed to ignore the town thier only target is Ron

*BAM* *Splash* *Bom* *CRAK* you can only hear the sound of bones breaking and bodies exploding, any monster that come close to Ron was sent to Hell

*Ding 6% 7%...20%*

But that was not enough he only seemed to kill about a hundred

*Thousand fists*


In spam of one second thousand of fist rained on the monsters killing a hundred more.

*Ding 40%*

While fighting a giant Lvl 6 wolf, a shadow moved and crashed onto Ron, sending him flying hitting the ground.

Using his hands to stand up a giant foot slammed into him pushing him to the ground once more, it was the foot of the Lvl 10 mutated monster

'SSssssss, Is that all you got Hero?.'an inhuman voice come out of the Monster's mouth

"You are?"Said Ron

Any Normal human even Lvl 10s will have his bodie crushed under the weight of such monster, but for Ron it was not enough

'SSsssss, Arrogant human i will make you wish you were dea...' before Vix could finish, his leg was thrown, but he didn't lose balance

"I said, you are?"asked ron again

*Ding 46%*

'SSssss, you arrogance is... fine since you will die, i don't mind telling whole was it that sent you to the underworld, I'm one of the Demon Lords, Vix The master of..."Said Vix but he stopped

'SSSsss, Why are you smiling Human did you loss your mind from fear?!'said Vix amused

*Ding 51%*

'Genos show me his full stats'

*Mutated Two headed Lion(Vix)/

Beast Lvl 10

Demon Lord Lvl 10


Strength: 100 Physique: 10

Spirit: 10 Agility: 100


?????? Aura*

"One of the Demon Lord Huh?, so that mean there is a bunch of you"said Ron while smiling

'SSSssss, you have really lost your mind, but i don't mind playing with you listen in the demon world the general that you killed, was just a worthless trash'explained Vix

'But we Demon Lords are the trusted servants of his majesty, i may be the weakest of the demon lords, but me alone can finish off even 10 of you at once'Said Vix as if it was a Fact

"10 more and you are weakest and an even bigger Finale boss..."Ron said while looking at his feet thinking of something

'SSssss, bowing your head now Huh?, do you think i will spare youSSSSssss!? I will tell you what is your Fate, i will first half kill you then take you to his majesty so that he can torture you for the rest of your miserable life'said Vix

"This will be the first time i had a real fight*Grin* don't disappoint me Demon Lord Vix"Said Ron and dispersed

He appeared before Vix and punched him, sending him flying, before falling and crushing dozens of monsters under his weight

*Ding 64%*

"He didn't Die... and i don't think he was hurt... this...is Excitement?"Said Ron, and felt his heart beating faster than normal

*Ding 71%*

'Sssss Human you will pay *ROAAAR*'Said Vix angrily and pounced on Ron

Black gaz like aura, surrounded his fist and hit saitama burring him to ground, then he kicked him flying to the sky

"SAITAMA! i should do someth..."Said Eli

*Don't! stand back this MY PREY!!*Ron used Genos to telepathically talk to Eli

"Ron?"said Eli but was ignored

A Hundred of meters in the sky, Ron began to fall and without waiting to be hit again he made a fist and punched Vix right in the face

'GAAAHHH! I will KILL YOU SSSSSSS!'Said Vix Angrily, he was never Humiliated like this, and by a human too, he had to kill him, but when he remembered his king's words he changed his mind

On the Ground Ron standing on the corpse of unknown monster, was smiling and blood leaking from his mouth and forehead

"Is that all you got?"said Ron

*Ding 79%*

'Damn you human, don't get too full of yourself'Said vix and opened his mouth and...


A black laser shot out his mouth heading towards Ron

*Dragon Fist/activate*


Ron punches the air and a giant golden dragon illusion shout out of his Fist torwads the black laser


*Ding 85%*

A huge explosion happned and took the life of hundreds of monsters with it leaving only a giant in the ground and a giant cloud of smoke, the two attacks canceled each other.

"*Pant* I...is that all you got Vix?"

*Ding 87%*

When the Smoke Cloud vanished a 50 meters Pitch black 3 headed Lion appeared

'SSSSSSsssss Human... you made me use my Trump card, that even the king don't know of'said Vix calmly

'SSSSsssss This Power Can allow me to evolve any creature i possess to the apex and...'

"You talk too much"said Ron lazily

'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs Very well i won't waste any more time, now die'said vix before he appeared before ron

Before Ron can react he was hit, with so much power he vomitted blood.

'SSSsss where is you arrogance now human?sSS'said Vix

*Ding 91%*


And he was hit again sent flying, destroying the town's gate, this time he didn't get up, Ron felt so much pain and his body didn't listen to him anymore

'SSSssss get up Hero, if you don't i will let my monsters feast on the humans'Said Vix

"Shit get UP!! GAAAAAH" trying to get up, but he felt so much pain he couldn't

'Go! Kill evrey single human, but leave that elf to me Ssss'Said Vix


*Ding 92% 94% 95% 97% 98% 99%*




"SAITAMAAA!"shouted Eli





*Ding 100%*






'SSSSSsssssWath's going on?'said vix

Saitama that was supposed to be laying on the ground, was stading and releasing a dark red aura, and he looked at Vix cooldly, in response Vix felt as if Death itself was looking at him

'SS THIS IS!!?... THis aura... it's as strong as the DEMON LORD!!' Vix eyes winded with terror, as turned to leave

'This bad, i have to run... KILL HIM BUY ME SOME TIME!!' Commanded Vix the Beast tide

And as mindless beast, they run to Ron trying to tear him to shreds, ignoring that fact that even a Dragon will run if they noticed an aura this strong

*Stats*said Genos

Saitama Ron


Strength: 200 Physique: 100

Spirit: 100 Agility: 200


Aura of Death

Aura of Fear*

*That Vix guy is done for*Though Genos

'What's happening? i can't MOVE!!'said Vix he felt a scary aura that prevented him from leaving, he turned to look at Ron with Horror

Ron Punched the empty air and...

The only thing Vix Managed to see was a Giant Fist, surrounded by a thick aura of Death

'DAR...DARK SHIELD!!!!!'The black gaz like aura, surrounded Vix from all direction to shield him

In the spam of a second The giant illusory fist Killed all the monsters, any monster that made contact with the fist was destroyed even the Black shield was like a piece of paper in front of devastating attack.

'IMPOSSIBLE GHAAAAA!!'Vix Was destroyed just like his monsters

But in the last moment a black shadow shot out the beast eyes, it was Vix's spirit form but it din't change anything he couldn't escape the Aura of death


Vix's Spirit form didn't resist as it was destroyed by dark red aura.

But the Giant fist didn't stop there, it moved forward for 3 more seconds without losing momentum, Making anything in it's path disappear

The Soldier didn't have any idea, of what happened, they only saw two shadows clashing, then a giant red fist shooting torwad the monsters destroying them in the blink of an eye.

Some said it was a high Lvl Dragon knight and some said it was An angel, but only the trio and Eli knew it was Ron, because he was so fast nobody seemed to see him moving.

"We WON!!"soldier 1

"I Knew we would survive"soldier 2

"Im glad sir Dragon Knight decided to intervene, if we left our fate in that baldy's hand we would be dead meat by now"

"SAITAMA!"ELi shouted and ran to Saitama who was standing alone

"MASTER!!"" Big Brother SAITAMA!!!"" Sir SAITAMA!!"shouted the trio

When they approached Eli run and hugged him and started crying, but Ron didn't respond making Eli panic

"He is fine, he just need to rest"said shon

It was true in his final attack Saitama used all of his energy, the Last thing he heard were cheers and System Lvlups.

"Let's take him to the town then, and get ready for the beast tide Festival tomorrow" said Eli while wiping the tears from her eyes

"YEAH"x3 cheerd the trio

......... Demon KIng's Palace...............

"Amusing, That Waste though he could hide his meager power from me"said the demon king

In front of the Throne was a floating Mirror, and because of it he was able to watch the battle between Vix and Saitama

"Saitama is stronger than i though, Diavol what do you think of his last attack" asked the demon king

"That punch was verry strong, even i would be injured if i took it head on without aura shield"Said Diavol

"Hmm then what will happen if you took it while using aura shield?"said the demon king

"Even if i stand still that punch will not be able to scrath my shield"said Diavol

"So weak, even a random attack of mine can break your shield"said demon king surprised by how weak the ultimate attack of the one he though he will reveal him from the boredom

"My king you overestimated him, a human after all is a human no matter how much they grow, they will be only ants in front of us"said Diavol

"True, but this human is different, he already surpassed the rest of the human by killing a demon lord, it never happened before"said Demon king

"I have changed my mind, I will not send anyone anymore, i will give him 3 years and in 3 years i will send my armies to destroy Faulin"said the King

"As you wish my king"said diavol

'Saitama the Hero Huh? what will you do in this 3 years, will you become strong enough and fight me?'The mere though of someone capable of not dying when touched by him made him excited

The Demon king power or curse as he calls it, is that any living being he touches will die because of the strong corruption aura, only someone with a physic of 1000 can survive the terrifying corruption, that what made the demon king so terrifying

A thick aura of corruption exploded out of the king, and all the demon lords jumped back, only the nearest one didn't make it in time and his body started to corrupt becoming a pitch black dried corpse

'Or will you become just another dried corpse!!'whispered the king of the demons.

DemonSect DemonSect

New (Horrible)Chap, Next chapter is... I don't have any idea, :/

I will mostly write about the aftermath of the beast tide, and Ron will have to leave the Town with Eli and BlaBlaBla

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  • TrulyYours


    Is this even saitama? Weak.. Haha..

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    Mate, I think you need to redefine the meaning of op because this so called 'op' character is as weak as a street dog! I think this novel is called one punch God for a reason!

  • JMelshan



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