32.43% Bloodemon / Chapter 11: The Redhead (1)

Chapter 11: The Redhead (1)

It was not possible to separate them when Hasan and Sami started talking to each other on the way.

Bora did not participate in their conversations any more. He began to watch people around the road they are using. He was always jealous of normal people's life.

Hasanaga Garden was a large park where the whole area is under the lush green trees and is regularly maintained.

There were picnic families. There were people doing sports, cycling, flying kites. There were kids everywhere. Even those who use the park as a background for their graduation and marriage albums could be seen.

While Bora was following two men, suddenly a cone fell down to his hand. Looking around, there was only one pine tree that the cone could come in. Even so, it was not close!

"How did this come here?"

He asked himself. There was a slight wind in the air, but it was not possible to fly this cone thirty meters...

He kept following two men in the front. While playing with the cone in his hand, he saw the pine tree he had just discovered shaking suddenly. It was a second, but it did not escape Bora's eyes.

"What's going on there?" he thought. Curiosity has always been a huge question mark for humanity.

"Would you wait a second?"

Bora said and stopped the two men. However, he headed to where the pine tree was, without waiting for their answers.

The pine tree was in the middle of the green grass alone, surrounded by bushes.

Bora entered amongst the bushes that came up to his shoulder and saw that there was someone on the other side of the pine tree. Both Hasan and Sami, who had finished their discussions, came near Bora too.

There was a young girl with red hair on the other side of the pine tree.

He could not see her face from the distance and flying leaves, but it was clear that her morale was not good. While mumbling something with anger, she was throwing the stones she had collected to the cones of the pine tree.

"Uncle Sami I trust you. You can do it!" said Hasan.

"She is your member! Go get yourself!" Uncle Sami replied.

While they were talking, there left no cones in the tree anymore! She was hitting them perfectly. Bora was surprised. What kind of hit ability was that ?!

"Hey, cones are over. Come on Uncle Sami!" said Hasan.

"Are you kidding me? Go quickly. If you do not try now, she may find another target" said Uncle Sami.


Again echoed in their ears the sound they did not want to hear.

The red-haired girl's target this time was the pine tree's body. Her shots were very powerful and accurate. Even if the stones she used were of different sizes, each stone was watching the same way as they were taught where to hit beforehand, and they were piercing the tree.

"Try to shout," said Uncle Sami.

"Are you kidding me? She focuses on her shooting! If I distract her, I will be the target of the next stone" said Hasan.

"What do you plan to do? Will we wait here?"

"Well, when people are nervous, they use more force than they need to, and they tire more quickly. If we wait a little longer, we can get close when she becomes tired" Hasan said.

"Who is this? Why is she so nervous?"

Bora asked. The talent that this young girl displayed, surprised Bora and attracted his attention.

There was a sarcastic expression on the faces of Hasan and Sami.

"What psychological state was that?" Sami asked.

"I do not know. Mrs Serap knows" said Hasan.

"Mrs Serap, of course, she knows..."

"When you get a low score from an exam, your eyes look for people like you who have a low score, to share your suffering. After the toilet-"

"Oh yes, yes," said [Uncle] Sami prevented him to talk. And he looked at Bora with the pitying eyes.

After thinking the talk of this duo, Bora found them right. His morale has been so bad since yesterday, and he felt good to see someone in a worse situation than himself...

Bora refused to accept this fact and asked with insistence.

"No, I just did not understand why are you trying to get close to her while you are afraid of her. If I did not notice her, we could pass without noticing it"

Uncle Sami suddenly began laughing.

"Bora is completely right! It is none of our business. Come on, let's go, Bora."

And like Hasan, he threw his arm on Bora's shoulder.

"Heeeeeeeey! Stop there, Mister Sami! How it is not your business?!" Hasan called.

"That girl is in your group! Is there a problem in your eyes? My old eyes still can see the white device on her arm clearly!" said Uncle Sami.

"More than half of the lessons she participated were with The Red Rabbits! If this is your reason to go, I had to go alone to meet Bora!" said Hasan.

Uncle Sami could not answer and the smile on his face disappeared. The couple quietly began to wait for the young girl to tire.

Bora did not understand the abnormal actions of these two men.

"Can someone tell me briefly, please?" Bora asked gently to the two adult men next to him...

Hasan was looking at the game list on his phone and he was not interested in Bora's question. Uncle Sami spoke calmly.

"This girl is in the same group as you, so she is your classmate."

"Should I wear that white bracelet too?"

"Bracelet? Oh haha, it's a kind of electronic clamp. Even so, you do not have to be scared. It just helps to follow you. Mrs Serap will tell you the features of this device later. That red-haired girl is in the white group, the psychological group. Actually, when I think about it again now, she is like you."

LittleFinn LittleFinn

Thanks for reading \o/

If you find any mistake in English,


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  • PurpleSpring


    oh, I sense potential heroine :) Thanks for chapter!

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