59.32% Potion Maker / Chapter 34: Familiar

Chapter 34: Familiar

It didn't matter how much will power one had, if anyone from his original world heard the sizes of just a random forest, and could get an idea of how large this world was.

Their heads might literally explode.

For Will, although his head didn't explode, it was quite close with visible blue veins bulging on his forehead as his heart rate rose explosively.

He even started to see dark spots in his vision.

Luckily, Cecily didn't notice his reaction, or she would probably have laughed at his appearance.

This world was at least hundreds, thousands, hell, even millions of times larger than his past world!

There is no end to the discoveries that could be made! The adventures you could go on!

After his excitement though, he remembered a slight issue.

"Cecily, why haven't I seen that many magic beasts in the forest?"

Will scratched his head as he asked this question, it has bugged him for quite some time now.

Cecily laughed at this question as she turned around flashing a brilliant smile.

"Since you seem to not know much, let me explain"


The reason that Will hasn't noticed that many magic beasts in the forest is because of this one reason:

In the forest there are several magic beasts that have been discovered, and those magic beasts have been at the sacred level for countless years.

It's because of that that other beasts tend to only move around when they hunt or if it is absolutely necessary, because if they disturb the sacred level beasts, it would be easy for them to lose their life.

Hearing all of this, Will's eyes became wider than saucers (not literally) and he couldn't help but think of his random exploring of the forest.

"That's too terrifying, I could have been killed instantly at any moment, no wonder there was only a small amount of magic beasts when I explored"

Looking at Cecily, Will wiped cold sweat off of his forehead, "Why didn't you tell me before I left the cave?"

This caused Cecily to smile more than she did before as a scary look appeared in her eyes, "You didn't ask me"

With a laugh, Cecily walked ahead as she continued to lead the way to her sect.


It has been seven months since Will came to this world, although he felt as if years have passed he came to accept the fact that it has only been seven months.

Seven months might not seem long, but Will felt as if he aged decades mentally, he has only witnessed a few violent scenes and he is already getting used to bloodshed.

Apparently, Will turned out to be highly adaptive.

Above an endlessly reaching land with towering trees and several trails that can fit horses and carriages, stood Will and Cecily.

It has been approximately one month since they started heading to her sect, after this month they are only halfway there.

Usually to travel to the sect from where they were would take about a year for a cultivator of adequate strength, luckily, sometime after they left Cecily remembered that she had a treasure capable of flight with her.

This treasure was capable of breaking the sound barrier repeatedly as she controlled it to fly to her sect, resulting in a mind blowing speed.

The appearance of the treasure was like a glass ball with a patch of land for them to stand on in the center.

The travel so far was fairly comfortable, so Will spent a lot of time in his mental space, and was constantly ignored by the system.

He still couldn't figure out what things a system had to do.

The reason they stopped, was because Will noticed a commotion on the ground, and because Cecily didn't notice it, it took him a while to get the impatient girl to see what he saw.

On the ground there were a handful of people confronting three familiar figures.

Several dead bodies were sprawled about the place as streams of smoke drifted into the sky from a couple carriages that were spitting flames.

Will couldn't help but worry as he looked at the three that were in a tough situation.

Seemingly noticing Will's state of mind, Cecily looked at his face as she couldn't help but worry.

Although they didn't know each other for long, they did have tough moments that they got through together, not to mention this month of traveling together.

They managed to get fairly close in the time span that they knew each other.

"Do you know them?"

"Yes, they are the reason I was able to live long enough in this world"

Saying this, Will looked at Cecily with a determined look, expressing his desire to land and save the three down below.

He remembered hearing them talk about dying this year, and before they reached the end of their longevity, he wanted to thank them at least.

Seeing his expression, her expression turned solemn, the group down there seem to be third level melee fighters, but even so, she still nodded her head.

Will couldn't help but give her a thankful look as he kept watching the group below.

With a shake of her wrist, the treasure jolted as it descended rapidly, causing the wind to screech as if metal was colliding with metal.

On the way down, Will couldn't help but wonder.

'I thought the three of you were going to the city? Why are you out here?'

Closing his eyes, Will listened to the sound of the wind screeching by as he could gradually hear the sounds of combat getting closer.

He needed to save them, even if it was to repay their kindness, although brief.

His body shook as the sounds of his bones cracking could be heard, the veins on his forehead and his arms could be seen bulging as the atmosphere around him trembled.

He was building his muscle power to the limit that he could handle.

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