95.83% Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth / Chapter 65: Half Year Sect Competition(IX): Louis

Chapter 65: Half Year Sect Competition(IX): Louis

[Every day of our lives we have to make choices, in more ways than one we also find ourselves at a crossroads, tested and expected to make a choice that can and will fundamentally change us. It would change the way the world see us, change the way we see the world, and even worse change the way we see ourselves. But there's no way we can escape making such a choice, it is a part of life that will explicably pop up from time to time over the cause of you living it. What you do in that moment, how you choose to act or move forward can decide who you're going to be after that choice has been made. So please...….make the right one.] 


Today there were more people spectating and less people participating. Not many people cared about the competition between the open meridian realm cultivators, or even the open Dantian realm fighters. They all believe that those truly worthy of being nurtured were from the true essence realm. But never the less Alex came prepared, today's fight was going to be completely random as the fighters were pit against each other. If you lose, you're out, so they would all keep fighting until the top ten has been decided. 

As opposed to everyone else about to fight, Alex was the only one wearing casual clothes as; his uniform was burnt to a crisp. But there was no love lost for that uniform as it itched a lot and hindered Alex when he fought, but he was wearing tracksuits today, sure they'll burn easily, but at least they won't itch. 

"First match! Zhang Xiao Feng vs Louis Von Fet!"

Alex almost didn't react until he realized that people were looking at him, that was his name, the one this place would prefer to call him as opposed to the one his dad had given him and have called him all his life. But Alex has been growing up this past few days, enough to understand that no matter what they say or do, it was still his name. It doesn't matter if it's the name his father gave, or the name his mother gave, they all belonged to him and whatever power they're sure to hold, it's belongs to him. 

Alex and Zhang Xiao Feng were one and the same, two sides of the same coin, but still the same object. He wasn't shaken at all. Alex matched to the platform and walked towards his opponent, surprisingly enough this guy was from the empire of Albion. Based on his name, though Alex couldn't be sure, he suspected the guy was from the France province, so he's probably French. They're known to have really powerful knights who were awesome fencers and utilized sword arts that focused on extreme speed. 

But Louis here is a disciple of the Wudang Sect, a cultivator of Qi, not a knight of mana. It would be a mistake for Alex to jump to conclusions and decide what manner of fighting style his opponent has before they exchange blows. 

"Lets not waste time young master Feng. There's a possibility we both would have to face other opponents later, depending on who wins, so let's just decide the fight with one move, no weapons, no arts, just our fist against each other." Louis said as he got on top of the stage. 

He was a handsome fellow, and looked to be just about the same age as Alex, though he was a bit taller. He had blond hair that was almost yellow or gold and he had a mole under his left eye that made him almost beautiful. Louis is unequivocally a boy, but he exuded a feminine and dainty charm that made him seem weak, but to Alex it was almost as if he was looking at a green snake, hiding in green grass, in a very green forest. He wasn't as weak as he portrayed himself to be. 

"Are you sure about this? Sometimes the first strike doesn't really portray the true power of a fighter." Alex said to him with a questioning tone. 

"Yeah I know, but I proposed this method, so if I lose then I'm okay with that. But after let's grab lunch and have a drink to get to know each other. But first let's introduce ourselves, with our FISTS!!!"

Alex shrugged and smiled as he got into a stance, pulling his right arm backwards and bringing himself down a bit as he centered himself and began to build power. Louis's light hearted attitude was infectious, the young boy was charismatic and somewhat bright, making Alex have a good opinion of him, however he still gave that hidden snake kind of feeling, but that was in regards to his abilities as a fighter. As for his character, he seems really nice. 

"Are you ready? Then here I come!"

He was fast, too fast! Even without drawing from his Qi, just the speed from his tempered body alone was enough to put Alex's movement art to shame.

Obviously Louis has been in the open Dantian realm longer and had more solid foundations than Alex. But even if Alex is not as fast as Louis, the same couldn't be said for power or the comprehension, assimilation and utilization of martial arts. Safe to say in all these regards, Alex himself was a monster. 

Louis drew close really fast, causing little disturbances with the wind as he flattened his hand and sent his fingers stabbing towards Alex's neck. His fingers seemed to gleam a dull silver as they stabbed through the air their path unhindered. Alex did not make a move, instead choosing to wait for the perfect moment to strike. 

"Silver Cobra Cold Strike!" The illusory form of a silver cobra could be seen forming behind Louis, but Alex had a reply for that. At this point Louis had already gotten within a two meter radius of Alex and had made the very fatal mistake of slowing down, which was understandable. Even if Louis had suggested a one hit kill strike, he still attacked with the mindset of engaging in close quarters combat rather than a single strike to kill. 

If it's a kill strike, he wouldn't slow down and just mow Alex down, but Louis much like Alex was just a little above fourteen or fifteen, his battle instincts were not yet developed or sharpened enough yet.

Unfortunately Alex grew up in a village where you don't run from your bullies, but rather you wrestle them in the mud and attack with the intent to injure and quickly finish the fight rather than draw it out for an exchange. Alex was ready. 

Alex shifted to the side by utilizing the swift and soft movements of Taichi and mixing it with the fundamentals of his movement art. Louis's Fingers stabbed into open air, and he was left wide open for Alex to take advantage and strike, and so he did. 

(Iron Viper Strike) 

Much like Louis, an apparition of a viper appeared behind Alex, however his apparition was more stable, and the viper was unlike any viper the people here had very seen. It had horns that stretched to the back of it's head and really thick scales, plus a tuft of hair right on top of it's head. If they didn't know better, they would say they were looking at a Dragon. 

Alex's punch flew through the air, and smashed into Louis's chest, all of the power that Alex had accumulated during thief entire fight all gushed out in one single point as Louis was blasted backwards like a ball that has just been kicked. After flying back ten meters he dug his feet into the ground and brought his momentum to a screeching halt by digging his  feet into the platform. 

Louis looked up with a smile, a visible trail of blood on the side of his lips. He looked extremely  valiant, like a hero unwilling to give up the fight against a villain. He held on hand to his chest as he got up and looked at Alex with an imperceptible glow in his eyes. 

"You won this exchange young master Feng! Let's have a drink later to celebrate and thank you for holding back. A few inches to the left and with even less power than you just showed, you could probably rupture my heart. Thank you, please excuse me." Louis said as he walked off the stage and straight to the medic. 

"First match! Zhang Xiao Feng vs Louis Von Fet! Winner: Zhang Xiao Feng!"

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Sorry for the short and late chapter. But thanks for reading and God bless you all

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