62.54% Assassination System / Chapter 169: Joselito Rizaldo

Chapter 169: Joselito Rizaldo

Morning arrived and George awakened them with a mental energy jolt, Dan and Natalie carried their exhausted body towards the living room where they found the three sitting before the dining table. George threw them an ambiguous look when he saw how exhausted they were while Grace hung her head low in embarrassment.

Juliet remained as clueless as ever before raising her hand in a wave.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning, Juliet..." The two sweetly smiled and rubbed her head in succession before Dan sat on an empty chair between Grace and Natalie. Juliet threw Dan a stern look at he lightly laughed before giving Grace her morning kiss.

Grace shyly returned his gesture with a kiss of her own and Dan continued his laughter. George turned speechless, their actions made it look like they forgot his existence.

Lightly coughing, the family turned towards George with a small smile on their faces, George shook his head and said, "Young master, why do I feel like you forgot the years that we spent together? As soon as you got a wife, you gave them all of your attention instead of this poor old man..."

The pouting George almost made Dan choke in his own saliva, "Why should I dote on you, old man!"

The others burst into laughter and the atmosphere of the room turned homey. Dan stood up and took the container of rice before serving everyone their part. Natalie assisted him and the family started eating together with everyone's focus on Juliet as they endlessly praised the young girl for her achievements.

Today was her first day in the Academy and participation was mandatory. Dan excitedly said that he would accompany the two and Natalie who heard it became jealous, insisting that she should also join them.

Since the entire family desired to join the orientation and the class about the history of the world. Particularly, Dan who knew nothing about the world since the books of the Longinus Clan mostly focused on war strategies and the art of war.

George shook his head but a small smile soon lifted on his face. As someone who spent most of his life on the battlefield, sweet moments like this made him feel alive and treasured. Finishing their meal, Juliet and Grace wore their Outer Sect Disciple robes and presented themselves to Dan.

When the two stood before the others, Dan fell into deep contemplation as his gaze scoured over Grace and Juliet.

Juliet's height was three heads shorter than Dan and her robe emphasized her budding beauty. Her fair countenance exuded an innocent charm, yet her sharp eyebrows that she inherited from Natalie gave one a feeling of dominance.

Dan knew that once Juliet grew up, she would become a dominant beauty on the battlefield. The one that should marry her should be someone that could subdue her fire and make her obedient.

Grace, on the other hand, with her silver hair and the fiery robes clad on her body which greatly accentuated her curves enticed anyone that looked at her. Particularly, her jet-black eyes which shone in a light of profound experience and her snowy-white countenance that looked as precious as jade and as fair as snow.

Seeing him frown like that, Grace asked in confusion, "What's wrong? Do I look bad?"

Natalie also turned towards him in curiosity.

Dan shook his head, "No, I'm just worried that the number of my rivals will rise..." Grace's figure shook and she hid her expression from him. Natalie puffed her cheeks out and said, "When you saw her wearing that robe, you complimented her but you didn't do that to me..."

Dan turned frantic upon hearing her words, and he hurriedly consoled her with sweet words but combined with Juliet's teasing and Natalie's cold shoulder, Dan despaired and deflated like a balloon before leaping towards Grace's side.

But Grace supported Natalie's actions and dodged his embrace before moving towards the side of her sisters and step-daughter.

Witnessing Dan's tragic expression, George almost exploded into a laughter but managed to suppress it at the last minute. Nevertheless, his slightly trembling shoulders blew his cover away and Dan walked out of the residence with indignance.

Seeing his young master that was a famous bully at the City of Cloud being bullied by these three women, George felt incomparably satisfied and warmed up to the three before all of them walked towards the direction of the Outer Sect Disciple's Region.

Upon their arrival, Juliet immediately attracted gazes from boys of her age along with Grace. However, when they saw the faint killing intent from Dan's bodies that warned them from ogling the two, they backed away and felt fear from his gaze.

Nevertheless, they burned the image of Grace and Juliet into their retinas before taking their seats and waiting for the instructor's arrival. The vast hall didn't have any roof and looked like the Colosseum from Dan's previous life. Sitting between the three women, Dan embraced their bodies as if saying, "They're mine, keep your eyes away!"

Natalie lightly chuckled and Grace lifted a satisfied smile. Juliet complained that she feels uncomfortable and distanced herself away towards George's direction. Towards this uncle of hers, Juliet felt curious and intrigued.

The old man George that didn't have any family became incomparably happy when he saw the little girl moving towards his side. He carried her and placed her on his thigh as the little girl asked him questions that he happily answered.

The instructor was a white-bearded old man wearing pure white robes. The air of dominance from his body made anyone subconsciously back away. In contrast, his small smile made everyone feel at home and he lightly coughed.

"Everyone, silence..."

His voice reverberated like thunder and the commotion caused by numerous murmurs dissipated. Replaced with complete silence, the old man nodded his head and said, "My name is Benjamin, I'm the current instructor for this day's history class. Today, we will feature one of humanity's heroes, Joselito Rizaldo and his fight against the Demons."

"The Great War of Demons and Humanity occurred roughly a hundred thousand years ago. Though there are no complete recordings about the battle that ensued at that time, the next generations managed to preserve a two-minute video transmission about what happened at that time..."

"We will be watching Joselito Rizaldo in action, I do hope that everyone can see how cruel demons could be and how valiant and brave humanity could be in times of emergency and disasters..."

The old man flicked his wrist, sending a jadeslip flying into the air which shattered into innumerable light crystals that gradually formed into a television-like screen.

Dan's expression flickered and he concentrated on the video transmission. Activating the System's function, Dan thought that he may acquire some comprehensions by observing this video transmission and so, he asked the System to activate its recording function.

Depicted inside the screen was a scorched land whose conditions couldn't possibly sustain life. Standing on that scorched land was a young man with sharp eyebrows clad in complete black. The sun was eerily scarlet.

The young man knitted his eyebrows, he could feel that something was coming as he immediately unsheathed his sword and assumed a defensive stance.


An explosion occurred, debris flew in all directions while dust reduced visibility, but the young man looked as composed and as calm as ever. With his sword in hand, his expression depicted that he was never afraid of anything.

The youths observing his actions felt admiration towards the youth, How good would it be if they became the hero of humanity? They all thought in their minds.

When the dust simmered down, what appeared before the young man's eyes was a gigantic monster that spanned a hundred meter. Its height dimmed everything around him and he looked so frail and insignificant before it.

The monster had numerous tentacles and its face looked like a bunch of unidentified monsters bunched together. It had multiple eyes like a pineapple and when its tentacles moved, the air itself was torn.

The youths who saw the monster went pale, How could someone so frail looking possibly defeat that monster?!

But instead of retreating, the young man assumed an offensive stance with his sword and dashed towards the monster like a brave warrior speeding up to meet his enemy. But to the youths' eyes, the actions of the young man were foolish and it looked like he was throwing his life away.


The monster swung a tentacle but its movements were too slow that it couldn't even hit the young man's robes. Maneuvering his body in the air, the young man stood on the tentacle and sliced.


The tentacle fell on the ground and the monster miserably shrieked. Its eyes turned red in anger and hatred as it furiously attacked the young man.

It slow movements disappeared and it became as fast as sound. The spectators were shocked, they didn't expect that such a gigantic monster could move that fast. They felt worried about the young man but soon realized that their worries were useless.

For the monster's attacks never struck the young man.

With a composed smile on his face, the young man weaved through the attacks and reached the monster's weakness. Whispering something into the air, he stabbed and the monster inflated like a balloon before exploding into a miserable shriek.

The scene was so impactful that everyone's mouth was agape including Dan, Natalie, and Grace. Juliet even stopped doting on her uncle and stared at the scene with shining lights inside her eyes. If she could become as strong as that young man, she wondered if she could protect her Mama and Papa, forever.

Arriving on the ground, the young man's face revealed a small smile before his back walked towards the north and gradually disappeared into the distance. With his disappearance, the video transmission disappeared and everyone finally awakened from their trance.

"Since you saw everything, I do think that there's no need to explain, what happened right? Now, what do you think? What do you think about one of humanity's heroes? Joselito Rizaldo?"

TheAdventurer TheAdventurer

Note: Start of the New Arc: Cleansing of the Paradyne Academy.

PS: This chapter is made with the author so tired that he may not notice some errors, please tell him at the comment section.


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