66.66% Dragon Rising / Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5

For a week straight, Long Yang did nothing but cultivate. Since he was still at the qi gathering stage, he still needed to eat. Thankfully, even though he was a waste, due to his status of being the Feng Clan Ninth elder's son, servants brought food to his courtyard three times a day so he could focus on "recuperating" from his injury that had long since healed.

Inside his room, the qi being absorbed by Long Yang was a bit more than usual. The amount slowly rising and rising until it came to an abrupt stop. "BREAKTHROUGH!" Long Yang's eyes abruptly opened. A light slight cracking sound could be heard. "Fooooooooo…" a puff of turbid air came out of his mouth.

"To break through from the middle of the 2nd stage to the 3rd in a week… this speed at which I'm progressing is scary. Even with my talent that gave me the title as the greatest genius of Rising Dragon, I still took a month to progress this much." Long Yang thought to himself as he got up and felt the increase in strength. "It seems I've been cultivating for about a week now, I should probably head out and check in with my father."

Long Yang headed out, "according to my memory, his courtyard should be near mine, just a short walk west." It wasn't long until he found it and walked in. He knocked on the door, "Father, may I come in?"

"Xin'er? Is that you?" Feng Lin opened the door. "Xin'er, are your injuries healed?"

"Yes father, I'm all better now." responded Long Yang.

"That's good news, Hmm?" Feng Lin's eyes widened with shock. "Xin'er you… you've broken through?!" His hand quickly grabbed Long Yang's wrist. He felt the qi flowing through Long Yang's body and confirmed that his son had truly broken through! "B-but how? This kind of progress makes no sense!" He looked towards Long Yang with an confused expression.

Long Yang had anticipated this reaction since the speed of his advancement is insanely fast even for a top tier talent, muchless a spiritless waste. So he had concocted up an excuse earlier. "The truth is I don't know why my cultivation speed had increased so much. I felt the presence of something, it was like an extension of my body. Everytime I cultivated, its presence would feel more present and when I'm not cultivating, while it's not as apparent, I can still feel it around me."

"Hmm…" Feng Lin thought about it, "Your explanation… the only thing I can think of that fits is a Spirit soul but you don't have one…" He started shaking abruptly. "Could it be?"

"What is it, father?" asked Long Yang with a genuine tone. He knew that Feng Lin had come to the conclusion that he planned for but he continued playing dumb.

"While it's called the Spirit Awakening rites, the rites aren't what grants people their Spirit souls. People naturally awaken their Spirit souls as they grow up. 99.99% of people usually awaken their Spirit souls by the age of 12, which is why we have the rites each year for the children in the clan at the age of 12. The Spirit Awakening rites allows the clan to see clearly the grade of the Spirit souls that the children have so that they can better allocate and focus their resources on the more talented." said Feng Lin.

Long Yang continued acting and said in a quiet voice, "wait… 99.99%?"

"It seems that you're thinking the same thing that I'm thinking. The experience you described is without a doubt that of a Spirit soul. So that could mean that you have awakened your Spirit soul at a later age, which is even rarer than having none at all." Feng Lin's eyes brightened when thinking of the possibility that his son wasn't a cripple. "To make sure, I have a Spirit measuring stone that can detect Spirit souls up to the 9th level of the Yellow grade. Wait a minute." Feng Lin went into a nearby cabinet and took out a spherical object. It looked like a murky grey pearl. "Here, to activate it, hold it in your hand for 10 seconds." He handed it over to Long Yang.

Long Yang took it and held it for 10 seconds before it started slightly vibrating. It changed color from its original murky greyness to a bright white.

Suddenly, Feng Lin started laughing, "Hahahaha, the Heavens are just! I knew my son couldn't have been a waste!" A small tear dripped down Feng Lin's face before he calmed down. "This confirms that you have a Spirit soul, soon it will emit a number of halos depending on the level of your Spirit soul. It will emit one halo for the each level, so a level 1 Spirit soul would make the stone emit one halo while a level 4 Spirit soul would make it emit four."

Almost immediately, a halo began to appear above the stone. One, two, three, four, five… in a blink of an eye there was a grand total of nine halos above the stone. The stone started vibrating even more as it got even brighter. The halos started to come closer and closer together as if wanting to combine. A cracking sound could be heard. The stone lost its brightness and shattered, the halos dissipating before they could fuse.

"The Spirit measuring stone broke?" Feng Lin exclaimed in a surprised manner. "This stone can measure up to the 9th level of the Yellow grade… so that can only mean one thing." He looked at Long Yang with a huge smile on his face. "Son… you've awakened a Mystic grade Spirit soul."

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RamenWarlord RamenWarlord

this weeks exam week and i just took one so im a little tired, tmrs chapter might be a bit late

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