23.33% Bleach - A New Beginning / Chapter 7: BANB - CH 006 Entrance Exam Part 1

Chapter 7: BANB - CH 006 Entrance Exam Part 1

The next day Yoruichi called Soi Fon and Eru Doreigo together to tell them something

Yoruichi: "You both have grown a bit in your own ways, and now you have got to take a different perspective and grow in your own views of which direction you want to grow in before you can continue with me. So, seeing that point, I give both of you a mission each. Soi Fon, seeing your dedication towards my style of fighting, I will teach you a few of my moves, and you have to gain at least expert level proficiency in them in a year. Duration will be the same for you Doreigo, however your mission is to pass the Shinigami Academy course within that time."

Eru: "Oi, you kidding me! It takes 6 years for an average guy to clear the course. Do you consider me some kind of monster?"

Yoruichi: "Of course, monstrous pressure is needed for monsters to grow to their full potential. One year, after that each three months delay will get you one month of 'Hell Course' training into your account."

Eru: "Do I even want to know what that 'Hell Course' entails?"

Yoruichi: "Not at all, I don't want to spoil the surprise, he he he!"

Eru: "Hey! A dark, scary aura is leaking out, damn it. You just want to torture me. I won't fall into your clutches, I will definitely succeed."

Yoruichi: "That's how you keep up the spirit, good job. Now, I have some work to do, so, see you in a year you two. Oh, I almost forgot, you have full authority of your powers, Doreigo. Use them as you please during this one year."

Saying so, Yoruichi flashed away, with a speed deserving of the goddess of flash. Eru and Soi Fon went their separate ways, they only had one year, so each day was precious.


Since the academy admissions were still a little bit away, he managed to convince Yoruichi to start the one year deadline after the admissions have started. Till then he dedicatedly meditated every day, practiced his skills till he could no longer practice for the day due to exhaustion. As a result, by the day before the entrance exam, his skills had grown by lots.


Name: Eru Doreigo

Race: Soul/???

Spiritual Pressure: 74,600

Zanpakuto –

Shikai: N/A, N/A

Bankai: N/A, N/A

Skills –

Hakuda [Rank – 21] [157/4840] [N/A]:

Hoho [Rank – 43] [861/19360] [N/A]:

Kido [Rank – 41] [1054/17640] [Novice]:

Hado #1 Sho [Rank – 27/100] [589/7840] [Novice] [Eishohaki - Off]

Chant - "Lords of Air, come to me – Empower me and Strike"

Bakudo #1 Sai [Rank – 24/100] [816/6250] [N/A] [Eishohaki - Off]

Chant - "Rise Shackles of Air and Restrain those who come"

Bakudo #0 Ririisu [Rank – 14/100] [769/2250] [N/A] [Eishohaki – Off]

Chant - "Break fetters and be gone"

Bakudo #9 Geki [Rank – 10/100] [256/1210] [N/A] [Eishohaki – Off]

Chant - "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"

Zanjutsu [Rank – 23] [1038/5760] [N/A]:


With the decent growth of stats in the four months before entrance test gave Eru a boost of confidence of completing the mission.

Finally, the day of entrance exam came, Eru came alone since he had not told Matsuri and Fujimaru about him giving the exam. They were already in the academy, though in regular class, and they only knew that Yoruichi had given him a mission before they could further continue their training.

For the entrance exam, there were barely a hundred kids or so this time, which made Eru bit puzzled at the low amount of aspirants. Later he came to know that Two Bigshots of the thirteen court guard squads will be participating in the selection team of three, one of whom was famous for her bad temper. That was the reason that most of the aspirants decided to try again next year and forgo this year's chance. But he didn't have a choice, he had a deadline and a Hell Course by the devil if he fails.

Since he was registered early he was called upon pretty soon, he went inside and saw two girls and one guy one the examiner's panel.

Amaya: "Hello! My name is Amaya Hikari and I will be testing you first, on my left is Kaein Shiba of the Fifth court guard squad, and on my right is Hiyori Sarugaki, Lieutenant of the Twelfth court guard squad."

Amaya looked pretty bored, as if she didn't expect much from this batch of applicants. She just seemed like following procedures as that was what she was paid for. Kaein seemed slightly interested in what he could show, while Hiyori blatantly closed her eyes and folded her hands pretending to be asleep.

Amaya: "We will begin with your knowledge, tell me what you know about a Zanpakuto?"

Eru: "A Zanpakuto is the reincarnation of the user's soul, configured into a blade, which usually serves as their primary weapon while combating hollows and other spiritual threats. Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakuto, and each of them are unique, a reflection of their owner's soul and personality. Its shape and abilities are based on their Shinigami's Soul. They communicate with user's soul, once the user manages to learn their name, and grow stronger together. They have two stages of release: Shikai and Bankai. Shikai is reached by establishing harmony with the Zanpakuto and learning its name. Bankai is achieved, when the Shinigami summons the Zanpakuto in its true form and forces it into submission."

Amaya was pretty surprised on the thorough knowledge of Zanpakuto displayed by Eru Doreigo. She was more interested and alert in her examining process now.

Amaya: "State all of your knowledge about Hollows"

Eru: "Hollows are a race of creatures which are born from Human souls who, for various reasons, do not cross over to Soul Society after their death and stay in the Human World for too long. Hollow are former Pluses (deceased Human souls) who lose their hearts to despair or regret, or they remain in the Human World for too long. Any spirit who is not guided to Soul Society by a Shinigami via Konsō may eventually turn into a Hollow. They are corrupt spirits with supernatural powers which devour the souls of both living and deceased Humans. Hollows settle in Hueco Mundo, but can cross over to the Human World and Soul Society. Hollows are the opposite of Humans. Hollows are easily distinguishable with their White Face Mask and the hole in their chest. They usually have monstrous appearances. When hundreds of Hollows combine, They form a Gillian class Menos Grande. If Individuality is kept within a Gillian, it evolves into an Adjuchas class. After a period of time, effort and luck, an Adjuchas has the possibility of evolving into a Vasto Lorde. Their numbers are few, But their powers are greater than average Captain-class Shinigami. And further -- "

Amaya: "That's enough, you are more than sufficiently knowledgeable. Now there will be test for Kido, Hoho, Hakuda and Zanjutsu. Kaein , Over to you."

Saying so Amaya relaxed back in her chair, while Kaein Shiba got up and came out from behind the table.

Kaein: "Not bad Kiddo, Not bad at all! But theory round is over now. Lets see what you are actually capable of doing."

With a push of a lever on the wall , Kaein got a few human sized mannequin type dummies setup.

Kaein: "Lets see your aptitude for Kido. Try applying Sai restraints on any of the mannequins. As for the chant, Try --"

Eru: "Sai !"

Eru managed to bind a mannequin on the first try and that too without any incantation! They didn't know that Eru had already turned on the Eishohaki for the Bakudo spell in his mind. His performance stunned the two awake examiners , and the one who was asleep , finally decided to wake up an test this new interesting applicant for herself.

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  • Shinosuke


    I love this story

  • HatoYain


    I mean how the flip do u feel the protectiveness... Should be more like Person A looking at person b standing resolutely His weak yet unyeilding stance maame person a felt safe and at ease..

  • DaoistImmortal


    Thanks. This really is interesting. xD

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