76.66% Bleach - A New Beginning / Chapter 23: BANB Chapter 22 - Encounter in Forest

Chapter 23: BANB Chapter 22 - Encounter in Forest

It was snowing in the forest. Up in the air , a helicopter was descending. But the helicopter was not important, what important was what was aboard it. A 21-22 year old man jumped off the plane with a sword in hand. He was dressed all in black , black trench coat, black t- shirt, black pants .Landing on the ground , he formed a small crater beneath his legs from the force transmitted. He looked around the forest searching for something or someone.

Swordsman : "Where are you ? Should be somewhere here according to what the captain said."


(A few hour ago)

In an office a man was sitting with his back to the desk. On the desk there was a bunch of photos were spread around on the desk . They were pictures of a wrecked facility , the ground was soaked in blood of countless monsters killed that were being stored and experimented on. The swordsman from earlier entered the room and saw the pictures and his boss who was sitting while showing his back.

Swordsman : "Captain , what is this?"

Captain was obviously the man who was sitting in that office . The Captain turned and addressed the query of the swordsman

Captain : "It seems the scientists were experimenting on several Grimms on the facility there. They were trying to figure out ways to create and eventually destroy the creatures. However while these experiments were under way, a spatial rift opened at the exact place where the Grimms were and some Humanoid creature appeared and it destroyed the entire facility and the Grimms it contained. Not even a trace of any Grimm was left except the bloodbath."

Swordsman took a few minutes to process this information then asked the most important question.

Swordsman : "Just how strong is it ?"

Captain : "The report says it , whatever it was , managed to wipeout 110 Beowolves , 95 Ursas , 65 Deathstalkers , 50 Nevermores, and 15 Dragos. Its almost a calamity class threat."

Swordsman : "15 Dragos!! Damn, that is a disaster on loose. Even I will be hard pressed to achieve that. Is it really that strong?!"

Captain : "That is not even half of what is shocking. What is most shocking that this 'Thing' managed to do all this within the span of 10 minutes , and that too all at once. Almost 350 monsters , almost 1/3rd of which were experimental and high class monsters. We can't have such a power on loose. Either get it under our control, or wipe it out . By any means necessary!"


The swordsman now found a clearing in the middle of the forest. The opened space was filled with bloody limbs of different kind of Grimms . In the middle of it all was a teen kid holding a large broad rectangular shaped sword dripping with blood of the Grimms. The kid wore a loose martial artist type clothes, peculiarly not even a drop of blood could be seen marking his clothes. His bluish-green hair and eyes with red disc like pupils with three comma like marks assured that he was something none of them had ever seen. Seeing the swordsman coming into the clearing the kid twisted the sword in his hand and gave a few slashes, cleaning the blood on the sword.

Swordsman : "Sorry , got orders. Either I get you to come with me or I got to destroy you. Please make the right choice and come with me."

The kid just raised his sword and pointed towards the Swordsman. The swordsman got the message and unsheathed his sword. However before he could blink , the kid was in front of him . The swordsman was surprised, the red disc like eyes of the kid were spinning like wheels and the symbol in the left eye had transformed to a rounded triangle with small pointed arrow like projections from its edges. Suddenly the Swordsman felt as if his sword was getting out of his control. The kid swung his sword in a giant arc , but the Swordsman couldn't control his sword to get it up in time and block the kid's sword. The attack was so powerful that the swordsman was blown through a couple dozen trees before stopping. He spat a mouthful of blood to the side before looking at the kid.

Swordsman : "You are pretty fast ."

The swordsman wasn't complimenting the kid, it was simply a statement of evaluation of the threat. The Swordsman disappeared from his place and appeared behind the kid , trying to cut him from his waist. But the kid managed to turn his head on time and the sword missed him by a few inches and instead the kid jumped and turned with a twist. A sword slash sent the swordsman flying once more, the next moment he once again appeared behind the kid and he blocked the swordsman's attack with flat side of his wide blade. The swordsman kicked the sword and sent the kid flying into a few trees . The swordsman looked at the pile of fallen trees before dodging from his place and looking back to find the kid striking at his initial position with a sword strike. He let go of his scabbard , when it struck the ground it nearly sank , creating a crater where it struck.

Swordsman : "Why don't we kick things up a notch?"

Both the swordsman and the kid disappeared from their place. Then the sounds of metal against metal was heard followed to what appeared to be the blurs of the two beings. Each attack from either side were followed by swipes to the arms, legs, and so on, with stabs as well. Time was then brought back to normal as the two beings stopped moving with their incredible speed. Both had wounds on their bodies, however the kid only had a few shallow ones .

Kid : "Kyūsokuna ken no asura "

The kid left the sword stabbed into the ground and attacked with a very fast punch style, meant to counterattack swordsman's weak points swiftly, before he realized he had been hit. As the swordsman flew off with the kid's final punch, the kid once again appeared behind him with one hand extended and the other clasping the extended hand. A huge ball of blue flames emerged from the extended palm of his hand and burnt the swordsman to ashes instantly. The sword of the swordsman fell to the ground, the flames didn't cause it any damage. The kid picked it up with his left hand, his own huge rectangular sword clasped in his right. He raised the swordsman's sword up to level with his eyes. It was a pitch black katana with some tiny silver runes at its edge near the hilt.

Kid : "Hmm, 'One who protects all' eh ? Alright then , from now on you will be 'Hogo Suru Hito'. Kagami, take it away."

The rectangular sword in the kid's hand rippled like a distortion in the pond and the katana in his other hand disappeared. The rectangular blade then transformed into the very same katana that disappeared. Even if the swordsman was here, he would not have been able to tell the difference.

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    Correct guess

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    Different realm , different rules

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    another realm??

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