34.31% Nirvana / Chapter 57: World Revelation

Chapter 57: World Revelation

Emile wanted to train his body more.

He was too busy with Nirvana, so he didn't train his body. His instincts sharpened, but his body had stayed the same.

Emile used his old methods of training and quickly realized that it wouldn't work as well as before. He needed to use more intense training routines.

Emile used his original training routine. Even if it was inefficient, it still worked wonders in keeping the body fit.

After an hour, he finished training which left his body in sweat. He took a shower and went to his father's dojo to see him train his students.

He didn't have many important things to attend to.

Emile spent his day at the dojo showing fights to the students and helping around.

Emile also asked about the kidnapping and his father showed him where they attacked him. He checked if his father had any injuries. His father didn't get injured during that fight.

Emile felt relieved.

They continued spending time together.

When it reached night, Emile left to his home. Lucifer lived in his dojo so he didn't have to go anywhere. Emile used the bus to head home.

When he entered his home, he searched the internet.

Emile scoured the forums once more.

The main account posted an update log. Even though the game hadn't finished updating, they told the people the changes.

— The NPC's will be more lifelike.

— Due to complaints, the boots will no longer have an attack stat.

— Fixed an exploit where players could continuously switch between the first and second place on the level leaderboard to gain an enormous amount of fame.


There were a few more minor things they changed.

The game removed the attack stat from boots which weakened Emile.

Emile continued to scroll through the update log.

His heart beat faster when he saw one change.

— The cost to gain a skill system from the Nirvanic System has been decreased to 100 silver coins

This was the only announcement that had a relationship with Nirvanic's.

Emile didn't know why the game would reveal the Nirvanic System. The only good thing about this was that they didn't mention how to activate the Nirvanic System.

He searched the forums and saw posts about the Nirvanic System. No one mentioned what the system was about. The families didn't want average people to learn about the Nirvanic System so they never talked about it.

Time Walker was the only normal person who had the Nirvanic System.

Emile called him.

"Hey, what's up." Emile could hear metal hitting each other in the background.

"I'm eating. Speak." Steve said as he chewed his food.

"Don't reveal the activation of the Nirvanic System," Emile said with a serious tone.

"Okay, I won't reveal anything. I won't speak a word." Steve replied.

"All right, I'll let you finish eating. Sorry for disturbing you." Emile said. He ended the call since he didn't want to bother him.

Emile went online to look for anything interesting. The news seemed calm. Not too many problems had occurred in the recent times.

Emile went to sleep.

This day was the calm before the storm.


Emile woke up the next morning.

The game should have finished updating by now.

Emile went online and saw the many complaints. He freshened himself before digging around to see what the ruckus was about.

"It's been 16 hours! Why can't we enter the game!"

"It's telling us to watch the forums. I've been watching the forums for 30 minutes and nothing happened!"

Emile noticed that the players couldn't log into the game. HE tried to log in to see what message appeared.

[The server is down. Please watch the forums for more information]

Emile ordered a coffee and continued to scour the forums.

All he saw were complaints about the game. The game should have finished updating a few hours earlier.

Updates didn't take longer than 15 minutes. It was unique for the game to have a long update time.

Emile didn't complain.

Emile waited.

It soon became noon.

A live video was released on the forums.

This video was released on all the technologies at the same time. They had to infiltrate all the devices in the world, which took longer than expected.

This was the first time such a huge plan was put into motion.

Emile started watching the video. Emile wasn't aware of the video being worldwide.

"I'm sure you're all wondering why this live stream is occurring." A man sitting in a chair said. He faced the viewer.

"We are here to talk about a certain feature about Nirvana and our world." The man continued.

"I'll give a demonstration." The man said with a smile.

The man's surrounding started changing. The ground started to rise up. He created a few figurines to show off. He also created holes in the floor.

"In case anyone thinks that's editing or CGI, then let me show you, other people." The man said.

Two people walked in and summoned their own respective elements.

One summoned water and launched an attack on the other person. The other person summoned shadows that blocked the attacks.

They continued to attack.

Since it was a live video, people could respond to it and give their reactions.

"What the hell! Stop showing fake stuff, we saw that in a movie."

"To everyone saying that it's fake. We can give real-life demonstrations outside. Let me show you." The man walked outside and started creating a staircase of mud. He climbed to the top of a building.

The cameraman followed in his footsteps. The other people who fought came outside and watched.

People who lived near the area saw everything happen from their window. They were shocked when they saw the ground forming a staircase.

They knew that this had to be real.

These people took their own live videos.

People were still unbelieving of everything. Trust was hard to form.

This was an enormous information dump so they scrutinized everything about the live stream.

"All right. I want one of the viewers who live near this place to come outside." The man said.

This worked since everyone in the world was forced to watch this demonstration. A few people came out of their homes.

The cameraman zoomed in on these people.

The man who could summon the earth yelled out someone's name.

"I want everyone who is on the ground to watch the sky." The man said as he stared into the sky.

The cameraman pointed to the sky. The people who watched the live stream were skeptical and thought that they were trying to hide something.

Why would they point towards the sky if this wasn't true?

They were proven wrong when a person flew down from the sky. She floated gently in the air with her robes flying in the wind.

The people who were outside were shocked and the first thought that arrived was that they used strings to pull this stunt off. The person flew around at many different altitudes to show that strings couldn't exist.

Most were still skeptical.

The person even flew in an apartment building. The cameraman closed the door behind her to show that strings couldn't exist.

This person took control of the live stream inside the building. People who lived in this apartment viewed them.

"If you want to learn how to gain superpowers then listen to what I have to say. You people can test out my words, even if you don't believe in it. No matter how many techniques we show you, you people wouldn't believe it so easily." A melodious voice began speaking.

She knew that teaching the world about something would take more than one demonstration.

The person talked while floating in the air. They wore a mask to hide their identity. The people inside the building waved their hand above the person and below the person to look for strings.

They wanted to show that this was a hoax.

Sadly, no strings were found.

"Nirvana will give everyone the opportunity to become a person with superpowers. And the people who succeed can try out their skills in the real world." She continued without bothering about the people surrounding her.

"All you have to do is say 'Activate Nirvanic System' while in the game. You can try it out yourself and see how it goes. We are giving average people the opportunity to become a person of power and strength."

She paused before continuing, "There are already players who have the Nirvanic System activated. These players include..."

She started to list popular names. She mentioned Mystical Flame as one of those players.

"So far, you have seen the element of air, water, earth, and dark. There are more elements that you can use. I have the air element. Air allows you to fly around if you're strong enough. Water allows for lots of manipulation. You can control blood if you're strong enough. Earth also allows manipulation of the body. You can create objects from the ground with the earth element." She spoke of the usage of elements.

"There's also the fire element. This element is powerful when used, but there aren't people in the real world with the fire element meaning that you could become the first person to cast fire. " She mentioned the fire element.

She mentioned a few more elements and their usage.

"I'll leave you with one final question. Why did we infiltrate all the devices in the world if we wanted to tell a joke? Does that make sense to do all this for a simple joke? We are not forcing you to activate the Nirvanic System. You have your own free will."

The live stream ended after her last sentence.

LeafGod LeafGod

Shoutouts to Shreneken for giving suggestions and fixing a few mistakes.

4/12 Regular Chapter

0/1 Bonus Chapter

This chapter took a very long time since it was an important chapter.

I recently realized that I have readers that don't live in the USA. So I won't mention the time anymore like 8 pm. They won't know if I'm mentioning the night or the morning so I'll change this. Instead, I'll mention the look of the sky or other cues that show what time of day it is.

Hope you enjoy~

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    Damm if this happened in real world it would be so epic. When i become powerfull i would rape every pretty women i see xD... ahhhh if only life would be like this.

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    I would 100% get the space system or time system

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