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Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Master Healer Tachi

Seeing this cold beauty, kaito gets mesmerized by her Charm. she look like a celebrity from movies and tv shows.

"i will ask again, whats going on here?"

then one of the gaurd come forward and point a finger toward kaito

???"Miss, he is an assassin send by the rivals and trying to forcefully enter the house".

That girl look at kaito and its look like, she is thinking about something

"really, this old man is an assassin? are you sure?"

???"yes miss, he even know some kind of kang fu. He knocked out one of the guard with just a little push".

then she look toward the guard who is knocked out by kaito, guard was still unconscious and wall was little cracked and caved inside.

Who is this old man? he even able to defeat a person who almost three times bigger than him. To me, he just look like a short and week old man. If he can defeat these ex-Military gaurd that easily, then its pretty much impossible to defeat him.

"tell me senior, how much have you paid for this job? i am ready to pay you double?"

listening to this kaito came out of his charmed state and said in dignified manner

"Young lady, i think there is a misunderstanding. Firstly, there is no soul in this world who can buy me and second, i am no assassin".

"Then why did this senior beat up my guards".

"young lady you should at least teach your guards to listen to the person before taking any action, i'm only defending myself because they attack me before even listening to what i have to say."

then she ask the other guard who is standing at front gate

"Is this senior saying the truth?"

???"Miss, he told us that he knows boss is very ill and had not much time left"

"And what else he said?"

???" thats all he said miss, but no outside person knows tha.."

before he can finish his sentence, that girl kick him in his face and knocked him on the ground

"Just because he knows grandfather is ill, you assume he is an assassin and even shoot at him. what if you have injured a innocent man just because of your foolishness? Now apologize to the senior".

???"Please accept my apology senior"

"I also apologize for my subordinates".

kaito has a sigh of relief inside that all this resolve without any misshapen because he can't handle another gun shootout for today.

"Its all good if they understand it"

"I Appreciate senior, then let me introduce myself, I am Rin Sato, Granddaughter of Akiyama Sato and sole heir of Akiyama group. Now can i know who this senior is?"

"Well this old man name is Masamune Tachi also known as Master Healer Tachi and i came here to cure your grandfather"

Rin then look toward kaito with disbelief

"Senior, if you joking please don't do it. We have already consulted with best doctors in the world and already use all orthodox method but all had declare that he has not much time left, So please don't give us false hope"

"i understand this young lady's heart but believe me child if i had doubt in my abilities, i haven't come here. I am legend in this world, only people with unique value has known about me and not many can pay for my fees"

"If no ordinary people has knowledge about you, then why are you here ?

"because your families has some old relations with my clan, so in dire times i will help those whom to my family ows favour, but remember this even if i am doing this as old favour, it will not be cheap"

"Senior, if you can really cure my grandfather, than even if i have to sell all of my assets, i will do it in second".

"don't worry, you don't have to sell anything. Even if my fees is costly, it is not that much that you have to sell everything. First let me see your grandfather".

"then come here, enter from this door, he is on the floor above".




after climbing the stairs, they stop in front room at the starting of hall, Rin knock on the door

"grandfather, i'm coming in".

when Rin open the door, there was old man lying on the bed,have grey beard and hair, thin body, skin color is almost pale as dead body and some kind of a big machine connected to his nose through thin wind pipe, may a oxygen concentrator.

But his expression is still stronger than normal person.

he then look at kaito and ask Rin in low but strong voice

"Rin,Who is this person?"

"Grandfather, this senior is Master Healer Tachi and he said that he can cure you".

"Rin my child, i know you are desperate to save me, but I'm already prepared to die and meet your grandmother and my daughter, your mom. So stop believing in anyone who selling you a lie".

"but grandfather.."

"young lady, let me talk to your grandfather".

"Mr. Sato, i know you already have been deceived by many fake people, but I'm not one of them and i will prove it to you".

Myl, can you do something.

Treating him will take long time and just starting of his treatment will take 2-3 hrs. But for now, just grab his hand and ask if he can breath better than before or not.

okay, i trust you Myl, I'm leaving it to you.

"Mr. Sato, just give me your hand"

saying that kaito slowly grab his hand and ask

"just tell me if you feel easy to breath"

To shock of Sato, he really feel little easy to breathing

"now do you believe me?"

"yes, i believe you senior".

Rin is looking at kaito from the start, but she couldn't find what kaito has done? he only touch sato's hand and nothing else.

"okay now that you believe me, let me tell you how this treatment will proceed. firstly, this treatment will take long time because your lungs has deteriorated to critical stage and Secondly my methods are clan secret, so in no circumstance this should get out of this room, so you all have to leave this room except Mr. Sato"

Then sato tell Rin and others to wait outside

"Rin, you and other guards and servants leave this room and wait outside".

"but grandfather, what if...?"

"its okay Rin, i trust this senior?"

"okay grand father if you say so, but if there any problem arise call for me, i will be just waiting outside of this door".

okay Myl, Now tell me, how should i proceed?

Tell him to lay on either side and you press your palm against his back. This will going to consume large amount of your Time Powers, it will also tiring for you, so be prepared. You will able restore lost energy in an hour or less after this.

"Now Mr. Sato just lay on your side and try to sleep if you can".

listening to Kaito, Sato lay on his side

"I'm starting now, try to relax if you can".

Myl, I'm leaving everything thing to you

saying that kaito press his palm against Sato's back and Myl start the treatment process




After two and half an hour later, kaito also start to feel little light headed.

keep it up kid, just two more minutes. Now, Myl has done all he could.

Are you Done Myl?

Yes, i have done all i could using power of time, I have reverse the damage in his lungs to safe state, now we able to treate it using medicine.

"Mr. Sato wake up and tell me how you feel?"

Sato then check his own condition and found that he is feeling lot better than before.

"i feel better already. its feel like i completely treated."

"No Mr. Sato, its still a long way, till you cured completely, but this let me take a sit and rest little bit, it was a tiring process"

"okay take a rest, i will..."

but before Sato can say what he is saying, every thing stop moving in room, Sato mouth is stuck open like someone froze him, curtains fluttering due to air has stoped in mid air like solid rock and there was person suspending freely above Sato with dagger and dressed as ninja. it was no other than katio who activate his power by reflex after seeing a person is attacking Sato, he then using his palm, push killer away and deactivate his power. Killer then go fly toward the wall, like a arrow leaving its bow and hit the wall with great force and break the wall.

"okay its look like i definately kill him this time"

that killer was fallen like a doll, he was not moving, then, Rin came running inside

"What, What happen?"

after entering the room, Rin look toward killer and ask Sato

"Grandfather, who is he?"

"an assassin. He was trying to kill me, but Senior here saved my life".

but Rin was also shocked seeing Sato is now able to move and doesn't have to use medical equipments to support his breathing.

"grandfather your health?"

"yes my child, i am better now"

Rin then look toward kaito and sit on her knees and thanking kaito

"Master, i don't know how i ever able to repay you. Not only that you cured my grandfather, but also saved his life from an assassin".

"stand up Rin, you don't have to do that, your grandfather is better than before, but his treatement still not complete".

"Now, i have no doubt in master, but complete trust in master that you will definitely cure my grandfather completely".

kaito is going to thank Rin for her trust in him, but before that killer stand up again. All of the gaurds and subordinates run toward him but he dodged all of them and try to approach sato again, but Rin block him and kick him with full force like professional fighter which cause him to thrown outside through the window. when Rin came to window to look for him, he was already gone.


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