80.48% The Layered Cube / Chapter 66: Chapter 21: Entrance

Chapter 66: Chapter 21: Entrance

The last I could remember was me and Anna seating ourselves inside the small private room inside the sky arrow pricing through the worlds as it aims for America. It was quiet and calm. With her… I feel safe… and like magic, the arrow falls apart. The surround walls were peeling off like mandarin skins. The furniture and everything simply fell out into the sky with the passenger as the floors bent downwards like someone opening a can lid played backward. Everything begins to vanish as the arrow breaks apart. My expression was stoned as my face still faces the separated arrow, and my back was facing the ground. My head rolled around to see others falling along. I dropped through a thin white cloud, and they were gone. The wind pushes inside my ears as my eyes finally began thinner as I came to my senses.

'I'm scared.'

I began to rush in a panic, but I quickly regain composure as I spread out my body to catch the max amount of air. My clothes felt as if they were tearing off upwards as I was helplessly pulled towards the ground by the gravity. My knowledge cube is on, but without any yellow line, it's useless. I have no signals too. I turned myself over to my face now facing downwards. I passed through another cloud as I saw a shadow reaching out for my hand. I can feel my hands beginning to grip; I didn't turn my head to see for a while, fearing to be someone else. I turned only to see Anna by my side. I feel better, but I was still in mid-air. The air pressure was intense as my every muscle and bone can feel it so clearly.

We were like a single leaf in the tornado, helplessly dragged along by nature. We passed so many clouds until we got into one that lasted a minute. The clouds were white, but they keep getting thicker. I turned my head backward only to see a world without a sky. The area surrounds us was in mist. We fell and fell without direction. The mist and clouds would merely touch us and curve around our body. All we could do was grip our hands as we can feel our bodies ripping. Our hair line, fingernails, bone and joints, I can feel it… hurting so badly. We passed so many white clouds; we were already soak wet. We fell, as the area around us is never changing. I felt like being in an endless loop of no escape. The lights never change, and the mist always remained.

'How long as it been?'

'6 hours?'

I haven't seen or touched the ground in ages. I feel so sleepy as the never changing scene hits me again and again. It has been 12 hours.

'Am I already dead?'

I gripped Anna's hands tighter to know I'm still here. My knowledge cube has enough battery for another two days without use, but I'm not sure what's that suppose to help me. I endlessly try t connect to the chat and emergency, but there was no answer. The mist blasts off into my face again. It felt like a billow; I am truly tired. The world was all grey. It felt not moving and still as our bodies pains to the point where our brain begins to reject it.

It was like being flushed down a toilet; I couldn't do anything. The clouds once again swam me. How long has it been? I was so hungry.

'16 hours?'

We continued to fall as my eyes began to close fully.


With a tick of a sound, our eyes widen. Every muscles and bone pull together as knowledge cube gathers up the surround yellow lines.

'There're yellow lines here.'

I twisted and turned my body as wings begin to form, but before I noticed, the mist was already gone. I could see… the area and Anna. My arms can feel as my wings hold up our bodies. The surrounds were like an endlessly spiraling down mountain rounds. Tree and plants grow from the side walls as we looked down to see no bottom. Light clouds would flatter around, but no many. I looked up to see the area of mist was already above us. I twisted my body and opened my wings to flap downwards trying to get up. I reached the mist; my wings were gone, and my head almost felt like splitting open. We fell down, and my wings returned as Anna helped me to get my balance.

"This is the cold room…"

Anna finally spoke her first words in a long time.

"Yes, it is."

"People found a way to get the yellow line out and get themselves out; there must be a way. Let's find the entrance."


The area around like silent and cold as the soft and pricing wild would land and push our wet bodies. Our skins were ripped, and we were barely functioning as I sent out an emergency signal, but there was no response. The mist stays quiet and still as surround areas seem dead. It was quiet, lonely, a world with just two of us.

"Let's find shelter."


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