81.7% The Layered Cube / Chapter 67: Chapter 22: The two cats

Chapter 67: Chapter 22: The two cats

I have always dreamed of touching the world outside; a place said to be different compared to the cube; a place dangerous and bad that no one wants to be at. I wanted an adventure… an adventure inside the cold room, the place where no one dares to touch, I want to go… I had always thought…but I now wish to be away… to a place, I could be at peace.

Anna and I were in a small cave carved into the side circling mountain rounds rocks and roads around the endless dark drop with layers of cloud covering over to add a mixture of grey. We created a block on the entrance to stop anyone getting in. We checked the cave before coming in, so it should be fine as the cave was only the size of a small room with no backward entrance to another place. Some tree roots would grow down from the top sealing, which we cut down with a knife I had just solidified. The roots were gathered as we created objects of rough surfaces made with a similar structure to rocks. We rub the objects together, creating a flash of light before some heated-up piece of the objects falls on to the roots. We waited for a few seconds and then started to blow it a little as the flame began to grow. The light was up as we began as we began to talk.

"How are we going to out of here, Anna?"

"I don't know where we are, but due to articles back years ago when my father still lived on earth, I believe he told me about the entrance to here. If there's entrance, there's an exit. He stated it was on the first floor, which could lead up to someplace we don't know."

We sat cross-legged on the ground with our backs a bit bent. We tried to calm ourselves a bit down as we warmed the cave up with the knowledge cube. Our knowledge cube charges once a while on its own, but there shouldn't be. I scanned the roots of the tree if it was ok to eat. I cooked it and ate some.

"Sugi, is your cube charging?"

"Yea it is. Does that mean there're possible people like us down here?"

"It's a possibility, but due to the dangers of this area, this place is banded for visits. If there are people, there shouldn't be too many. From what we have seen before, the area very empty, either they are very cleaver with the hiding which they don't need to because no one comes down there to check, or they are very far off."

"It makes sense, due to no one there to check, they can release the energy in large radios for themselves."

"From what I know from the last research experiments 13 years ago as they were wrapping up the production for the sky islands, they found the energy source leaking around the second layers. They now produce that at the cube for use. It's believed it comes from the third or fourth layer."

"So, there's a possibility of us being in the second layer and not the first. Was there a way we could have missed it? If that was drop was the first layer, we dropped way too fast through the sea level for the first level's effect to take place."

"So, there are four possibilities for our situation as of the moment that I could think of. We are either on the second or third level or that we are on the first level with people living around us. If we're on the second level and can't get back to the first level, that means we can't get out from the exit that the researchers used for the experiment."

"The question is if that is the case. How did we pass it?"

"I really don't know, but that's the assumption that is on the second layer. Are you ready?"

"Yea, we better start trying to get some food."

"Actually, wait a moment. Is our limiter off?"

"What you mean?"

"The size of things always restricted us can make and the range we can do it. Do you think that was removed? The wall I created was larger than anything I have ever created before."

"It would make sense since now we're out of the cube. Iet's give it a try when we get out."

"Sure, let's take a look outside the wall. I'll turn it into a one-way window first, just to have a look at what's outside."

Anna walked, and I followed her towards the wall. With a touch on the solidified wall blocking the entrance that we put before, it slowly washes away the colours to a one way see through. The other side of the wall was nothing but fear. The before view of the opposite mountain spirals roads downward was replaced by people. The people you never wanted to see. Their hairs were dyed grey that runs on the floor; it stuck together like freshly made noodles as they stared towards us and twisted their heads a bit to the left and right. They were crawling on the wall we have created. Their clothing was of a mixture of white and grey in a dress like a shape. The dress crooks and bends as it stretches way pass the foot and drags along the floor as it makes a turn from the wall to the floor and down the path pointing towards the void. The dress has no sleeves with parts missing in the stomach area. Their palms were stuck onto the walls were created as their feet grabs onto the wall, coming off a spit area just below the hip area. Their faces squashed against the wall as their lips were pulled down from the sides with nose shaper than a knife. The eyes were large that stretches through their faces. There was a total of 8 in total that was against the wall.

We want back from the wall. Our hands lifted and froze as our mouth opened to start a small voice before we lifted our heads and screamed without thinking. The things outside pushed themselves against the wall even more as their pimples swallow, even though they shouldn't be able to see us. Their fingers gripped into the walls as if it was rubber and began to pull. Their fingers had no nails as they rip into the wall that took up the texture of the rocks. Their hands moved at different rates as their legs begin to get to work. From the sides, it always looks like a twin spider having trouble to walk. Their hands reach up and down. They pulled as Anna strengthened the wall to the max as I created another behind the previous and put to one way see through. That was one moment I forced myself into composure before I started to scream again. I stopped and began to puff. The first wall made no changes to the progress of the things as they began to rip. Without a limit of what we can do now from our imaginations, we increased the weight and changed the surfacing to rough points. It entirely did not affect as they dug up the first wall and moved onto the second.

I turned on mind sharing.

'If this keeps up, we'll be at the end of the cave and escape will be harder.'

'I know. Let's curved the wall with the sides sliding towards us, sliding them away from the center as we charge through together through the middle with protection.'

'Let's do it.'

Anna and I began to hold hands and got together. We created jumped on the back of the cave and blasted forwards with my shoes and another solidified area that boosted up the power. We jumped forwards as we created a one-way sphere around us. The front took in the air as the back compressed and blasted out the air before disappearing. We were full speed ahead as the second wall bent the two sides towards us a little and the middle pushed out. We could see the things still gripping onto the second. We circled the wall around us before splitting the middle of the second wall open and flip into towards the back of the cave. We passed the wall with our sphere. The things wouldn't give as they gripped into the wall and pushed them into the wall for the blast upwards towards us. Their mouth opened and stretched covering two-thirds of their face. The lips moved upwards as the nose was bent back and swallowed it as the before eyes are thinned down to look almost closing. The front of the sphere swallowed air in again and blasted back into the monster as we got further away. We flew upwards towards the place where we came as the monsters below twist and swings around their body. Their dress opened like octopus's legs, lifting upwards to the waist area before pushing it down like a whip. They were after us; their faces were pushed together as their skin formed waved on their faces before it changes once again as it starts to drop into the void after losing momentum from the boost. It drops down before pushing the dress back to the sides.

We deactivated the sphere as we opened our wings to try again to rush into the misted area. Our wings disappeared the moment we touched it. We reformed it and got to the sides of the mountain roads. We landed and began to walk up. The mist covered our faces as our bodies scream for oxygen. Our mouth was pouring out blood as our fingernails always feel like falling. We gripped hold of the situation and headed down. There was a scream in there… screams of madness to happiness… it sounded like crying laugher with a cracked tone that made it feel almost sad.

We were back to the area below the mist on the side mountain paths. As my head was still a mess, my mouth stopped pouring. My eyes were in a complete mess while I tried to speak, but only separated sounds came out. I tried to walk, but only manage to fall to my sides on the ground. I quickly got up as the monster before screamed on the ground below.

'Are they group animals?'

'Let's get moving; they're probably calling for help for a hunt.'


I quickly pushed my hands against the ground to quickly get ourselves on our feet. We weren't as hungry as before due to the tree roots we have eaten which served good nutritional value and should give us a good amount of energy for a while.

I slowly walked near the edge of the path as Ann held my hand, afraid of me falling over in my dizzy state. I looked down to once again see the void and the clouds around it. The same monster that tried to get us before slowly fly its way over here with smaller flaps but more frequently as I tried to stay away from it. It was almost halfway, as we were about to spread our wings to escape. Within a moment, the monster was gone from the sky, the mouth of a dragon-sized bird flew and grabbed it. It monster fitted with torso area stuck in the mouth area while the top and bottom were sticking on the outside with the top facing towards as the bird flew upwards into the mist top. As the bird passed us, the monster face was looked at us. For that instant, I thought it looked beautiful. The face was right proportioned; the lips were small; the nose was thin and small as the eyes are normally large. The hair breaks into thin strips as it passes for an instant where the monster said a sentence…

"Help me…"

She was gone into the mist above with the bird. We decided not to use our wings to travel by land, following the mountain roads downwards for a minute before getting distracted by the bird falling from the mist area down, passing us and back into the dark void below.

"I see… you too, just want to escape, huh."

We continued down the mount roads down in hopes of finding someone or something that will lead us to the surface.

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