89.02% The Layered Cube / Chapter 73: Chapter 28: Inside the city

Chapter 73: Chapter 28: Inside the city

We were facing the city through an opening of a tall wall that surrounds it to block the wind and sand. Through the area into the city was a dried-up dirt street with both sides filled with the building of a brown and yellow shading. They were tall, serval stories. Their windows were hexagon with a base that stretches out a little before curving backward. The doors to each building were wooden, and the way of getting out or it is by pulling the door to the side.

We walked straight to turn a right to a side street before turning left onto the main street. The traveled were same on each road as the architectural design of the city has the building put in groups in the shape of a square for easy navigation. We passed into the city central to where is a large circle of pool of water where some large feathered birds would seat themselves. Around the pool of water was rolls of flowers in broken brick pots that allow the flowers inside to grow out in unique and strange ways. The floor was down with small and red bricks in a circular motion which seems to be a fashion inside this city.

We avoided the plants and the pool and walked around it to the next-door curiosum on our right. The monster around stared at us a little before turning away. They seem to notice us but don't do anything about it. It all happened in a sudden and didn't take it as anything as someone lightly flapped a red ribbon around our legs, and I didn't bother as said hello in their language back to them. They said nothing and walked before long, the person turned a corner and disappeared from my sight as I head onwards to the calcium.

A sudden huge large stone boarding surfaces from the pool of the water with the pre-scripted word written on it which you can barely see from the water still dripped from it from the sudden flip. As the water slides off, the text becomes clear. It stated:

'Hunt #33. For who are chosen by God's left hand, sacrifice with the symbol of a red ribbon. For the first of 3 heads, shale rain king. As the reincarnation of the right hand, Disney."

The people in the area suddenly turned their eyes towards us at once. Their eyes thin down as their mouth opens for a scream. Wings ripped out of their backs as it was a piece of meat cut open by a very sharp knife. They flapped directly upwards. In the air, the wings close as their body solidifies in a straight line pointing directly ahead of them. The wings twist and stretch back to the toe of the foot. As they drop to our level, their wings twist and pulls backwards as shoot out from zero to hundred in a quarter of seconds as if they were bullets shoot from a gun. They directed at us. I pushed my self down and did a frontal roll which connected from a frontal jump to miss the incoming missile which are the monsters. As the monster lands behind us, their clothing began to spread to still they in mid-air for a secondary shoot at us from the behind. As they were charging, I quickly pushed pressure onto my legs and change direction with a low jump as my torso was also scrapping the floors to miss their lines. I quickly turned a corner with Anna and ran the direction where the person that put us with the ribbon did. We ran on the main street and looked into each small street to see if the monster was there to question it. As we ran, only more monster saw us as many flew from the rooftops and groups at the back and front. We turned left into the small streets in the general direction of where the mysterious place should. Through the small streets, I added a wall at the back of us to catch a break and try to deactivate the area with the ribbon, but it took no effect. We tried to take it off by hand and even tired making a sharp object to cut it but was all ineffective. The object created by the yellow lines merely dissolve, and by hand, we were nowhere strong enough to tear it. We looked around for a real sharp object, but there was none. We cut off parts of a rock to make it like a knife and tried to cut it, but it would just not break and merely twist and bend. We tried to slipe the ribbon down through the foot, there was an area that ribbon cannot pass, and that was the amount of time we had before the monster from us again. We began to run again. The left side was closed off by monsters, forcing us to turn right in the crossroad. We put up walls for defense as we turn left to the main road and left again into the direction of the mysterious building.

Through the previous small street, a single house got my attention. The house seemed nothing special with the ordinary brown and yellow bricks. The house was about 3 and a half stories high. The person that I killed seen to remember this place with extreme detail. I wondered if this was his home. As I was about to turn my head forwards to the main street, but the two combined screams of two monsters almost brought me to tears. The scream was a shut of danger or excitement, but a very high and thick tone of sadness filled with tears that pass through the walls. I was almost crying before I see a sign on my view told me the wall I placed to stop the monsters has already been damaged. This proves that these monsters have the same abilities as the lower class of destroying our yellow lines.

'Wait, if they have the abilities to destroy yellow lines and have items to control yellow lines. They must be very familiar with these kinds of things. This must be a way they used to find us.'

'Knowing it won't do us much good right now as we can't really change our appearance which is yellow lines. Even if we don't do this, the cube automatically collects them, and if turn that off too, we can't survive.'

We charged through the roads as we created two towering walls on either side of us and pushed the monster back. We extended the walls upwards and pulled the doors of the mysterious doors open ever so slightly just enough for us on our sides to pass using our knowledge cubes. For the monsters, it would seem for an instant; we disappeared into thin air. We closed off our knowledge cubes while the things we last materialized will maintain as if we haven't turned off our cubes at all.

We ran our way through the streets. Our legs stretch and pulled from our central body area as we race through the wide-open road. In a second, a wall drops between us, we jumped on opposite sides, allowing the wall to separate us.

'Meet inside the mystery building.'

My mind was in a panic as an incoming wall was dropping on top of me. I rolled forwards and began to run without time to think. Another came from the sides and bottom, I jumped up and twisted my body back to avoid the side wall that shot out from the streets and the incoming down fence in front of me. I was beginning to puff and sweet coming down my forehead, salting my eyes as I stared directing at the building few hundred meters ahead of us if it was one a pedestal. But it was no time to stare at another came from the bottom to came my dropping body. I created a pair of wings and twisted my body as I was creating it to make sure the wings take effect the quarter second it comes out. The wings stopped me in mid-air but that was nowhere good enough. I flapped my wings downwards to push myself up. I tried to look at my sides to take a look at Anna, but a quick incoming bolder to the face completely took my attention. Another was coming from the right. I quickly solidified a line attaching myself and the stairs near the mysterious building. I shrink the line down in an abnormally fast pace, dragging my body forwards to avoid the two boulders barely as the upper arm area layers got utterly ripped off along with a small part of the actual skin in the area where I began to bleed.

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