90.24% The Layered Cube / Chapter 74: Chapter 29: Severed head

Chapter 74: Chapter 29: Severed head

I was flying through the air as I deactivated my wings. A wall comes from the bottom, I created a block in mid-air to push myself out the wall right before the wall flying through the block upwards into the air. My head was dizzy; I was no longer as physical as two years back. Due to the push, I got from the block, I was losing a bit of power. I landed 50m in front of the stairs. For seconds, it was quite as I began to crawl the large exaggerated stair cases upwards and up to the finished platform. I finally got my body together as I stood up and limbed towards the place where Anna and I are supposed to met. I Limbed for a few more steps. My heart was pounding so quickly; it felt like it was about to explode. I gripped my chest area so ever tightly before I began to breathe very heavily. For seconds, I felt mentally exhausted. My leg can't stop their shaking. I felt like vomiting. My stomach was itching, and my soul feels as if it wants to escape from my body. With all my senses, it tells me not to turn around to look at what's behind.

I turned and looked… I looked down the body to only see my body never made its movements. I command it move, but my body simply seems to refuse. My head was hurting was it was boiling as it almost feels like the air around myself was heated form the temperature spreading out from my body. From my head to the pinkie of my toe, I could feel myself sweating heavily. I could feel each blood pump inside my veins and those that travel near my forehead sounds like screams. I gripped my hands and twisted my body backward with the movements similar to two rusted gears. My neck made its way over and my face now too. My eyes made their way over and focus on the item at the bottom of the extending out staircase surround by a half circle of about a thousand monsters. The item was about 10m away from the item on the floor. The air suddenly turns cold around me, as I was about to freeze. I had chills running through my entire body as it took 20 seconds for my eyes to transfer the visual details from my eyes to the brain. As my white hair flying down in front of me and passes out of my view, I realized the colour of the item. The top was black with a bit of red. The black scrolls down from the top, breaking and separating at the ground cover in red. The black was so beautiful, it resembled Anna's hair. As a minute as gone by, more information dries into the brain as a small wind pushes the black apart at the front middle to show a slightly red painted face. The mouth was little with a part on the side coloured in red too. The eyes were shut with a short line of eyelash extending out. The hair was gone, closing the hair to the original place where it covers over the eyes.

What was displayed before was Anna' head, half circled monster circled it from the staircase of this building behind me. Behind them were hundreds of corpses of their kind, but that doesn't matter right now. I dropped my head and gripped it as my head feels cold as if in a sudden my heart stopped beating. I stared over to hear a laugher inside the group before each of them stretched out their mouths for a scream with Anna's head still displayed in front of them with a ribbon tied to her hair at the top. The ribbon flew in the air, attached to beautiful hair that separates near the ground,

I let go of my head and allowed my arm to relax, dropping it down.

"They went for her first, didn't they?"

I whispered it with my head loosely down.

I stared forwards as a few hair blocks the sides a little of her face.

"You decided to target her first, huh…"

Chapter 30: A Broken Yin Yang

Black and white create a balance, and when one is gone, there will be an unbalance…



'Anna, Anna?'

'she's ok, right?'


'this a dream, right?'

'I am so mad!'



'Who hurt her?!'

'Who killed her?!'

'It was them, those inhuman beings.'

'let's hurt them.'

'Let's kill them.'

'Let's make them pay.'

'make they suffer.'

'kill them.'

'murder them.'

'Suffer them.'

'Torture them.'

'make them pay.'

'Kill them.'

'Kill them'

'Kill them.'

'Kill them'

'Kill them.'

'Kill them'

'Kill them.'

'Kill them'

'Kill them.'

'Kill them'

'Kill them.'

'Kill them'

'Kill them.'

'Kill them'


[Kill them.]

The different personalities inside the table room stuck and combined like gum. One pushed in and another as the principal personality wiggles as each enters. As the final one comes the body, the discussion room crumbles as the before central quiet personality gave out a thin smile as her eyes squishes and stares.

I dropped my head again, as the high pitch screams continue to push into my ears. But it's ok; this will be the last piece of enjoying they'll ever receive again.

"You've made a mistake; you should have tried to kill me while you have the chance. As now, I'm very… angry."

I said those words in a normal voice as their screams became a laughter. A role of monster flew up and dropped down. Their wings open for an attack as they flew directly at me in a straight.

"I said I was so angry, you know?"

I said in an almost sad tone before my eyes thin down, and the muscles on the edge of my mouth unbearably lift up to form a smile.

The monster shoots out at me like a bullet from a gun. I stood still as I strength my entire body to an upwards standing position. I gripped my hands as my mind opens. The monsters were about 30centimeters in front of me. My grin disappears as I close my eyes and relaxes my hands to drop a little backward as my ribbon rips.


[Command: Solidify]

A single line pierces through the stomach of a monster and begins a twist in the shape of an infinity symbol in and through the meat of its fellow kind as the first hit on the monster's stomach explodes backward towards the still lively crowd in the shape of a crown. The air suddenly feels heavy as colours went darker. The monster lower halves stop in the middle air as the front separates and slowly fall forward, showing the still fresh and wet meaty and bones of the separated half. The joints began to fall apart from the fingertips to the risk area as the monster finally start to react and tried to retract their arms, causing the monsters to yell, hitting the second beat on a small melody after the quit small cracking opening from the separation of the joints. The lower half droops in a straight line to get a sliding sound to sever as a break in the song. Nails pierces through the two bones on the arm, shoulder and the central rib cage which acts like beats for a second beginning in the toon. The nail flew over like bullets, dragging the body back into the building walls which created a drum hit. While the lower bodies crumble to the ground, the upper body began to tear a little on the walls. A dozen nails were constructed on top of my palms layer by layer, almost like the effect of a 3D printer. The nails formed and landed on the central chest area, between the organs, making sure the body doesn't move on the walls. The monster screamed once again to hit a high note on the toon.

[Command: Solidify]

The monster stretched out their faces and necks. Their mouths stretched opens for a scream, but nothing came, but their separated tongue. The tongue rolls forwards inside their mouths before the mouth shuts trying to keep it inside. The mouth opens as a second of realization hit their minds. The tongue rolled out, and as a final attempt to keep their tongue attached, they tried to shut their mouths back, with their lower lip hitting the back of the tongue. It spun and spun, going a little backward and down towards the ground. A single push of a layer allowed the tongue to fly back into the direction of the cut off wound before dropping down to the dirt paths, correctly creating two types of soft beats. The monster tried to scream again with their mouth stretched open, but once again, nothing came out. Their arms were nails up to the shoulder area on both sides as a line of blood would slider its way down to the ground on the walls to form a scene of crucifixions as I summon out a stick, which I began to swing.

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