93.9% The Layered Cube / Chapter 77: Chapter 33: The journey to a one-way promise

Chapter 77: Chapter 33: The journey to a one-way promise

I covered the body over the body with a white wrap. I began to walk to the building behind me as the structures around me wobble. The roads started to lift as you can see the base of the walks and the sand area below separating. I opened my wings with Anna on my hands as the ground below me crumbles. Everything lifts, but the building behind me. The buildings separate in strips to form a square castle. It began to stretch as some left-over parts of the city twist to create an arm structure with the building facing the outside. The square stretches up to form a torso shape as the single arm pulls back and up.

The push releases to my direction. I stared as I grit bit against my teeth.

"Didn't I say I am very angry?"

[Command: solidify]

10 million layers covered the castle in cross hatches.


It separated and fall apart like sand onto the now deserted wasteland. Rivers of red spill out from the vast collection of dust created by the monsters who was inside. The blood quickly dries, stabilizing some parts of the large grouping of sand. I flew down slowly onto the sand below me where used to be a city surround by walls. I turned around with Anna still in my hand in the direction of the untouched building behind me.

I walked off the sands and on to the first stair. I took few more steps, and I was to the second, I took another five more to the third. I took my last 8, and I was in front of the two pairs of iron doors. The doors were about 20m each in width and 40m in length. On the edges of the door was an extra layer of steel with a large screw-like shapes nailed into it in slightly uneven distances. I made a scan of the room, it was empty, but something in the middle of the floor that travels downwards.

[Command: Solidify]

The building was gone. What was once a structure is now not. What was a dark place now filled with flowing area and light. The area behind me was once a city filled with life, but not.

'It doesn't matter me.'

I looked forward to the central floor of where the building used to be to only see an open hole with staircase. I walked forward into the building floor and got close to the hole surrounded by a circle of rectangular red bricks.

[Command: Scan]

'There's a nice forest at the other end.'

I carefully held Anna in my arms and stepped into the spiraling stairs. I stepped and stepped into the dark. I tried not to cry as I think Anna wouldn't want to see me like that. I keep stepping on the stone steps until a ray of light hits into the staircases. I took the last steps and made a turn to the right into the light.

I made it out into the grass area filled with trees and bird shatters. The trees were medium tall with a spread-out shape. It was like a mixture of the trees from the desert and the rainforest. I walked up to a red and brown mixed wall.

[Command: Solidify]

I imprinted Anna's name on the wall. Anna, Anna Yukie was her full name. I put my hands in the dirt, leaving Anna right beside me and started to dig. I dug up a swimming pool like area with a flat bottom. I carried Anna to the very center and unwraps the cloth around her body. I got her back facing the ground and shaped her body in a natural and relaxed position with arms by her side and legs straight down from the shoulders. I lifted the hair in front of her face backward. I lifted her upper body up to have in a sitting position as I push her hair. I place her back down again. I kissed her…as it began to rain again.

I kept wiping off the tears, but it won't stop.

I wrapped Anna inside a see-through protector. The protector is a filter that will take away anything that even comes close to the body that can hurt it. It can be a living thing, bacteria, oxygen, light, water, heat or anything alike. The protector makes sure to maintain the body and collect material around the area to its need like water and try to keep everything as it is. The protector gathers power by itself, even if I am long dead. This should be about to last a good few hundred years. Of cause these things aren't allowed to be made in the sky island, but it's not like you can make these as random due to the properties needed to form something of this lasting, which I stole from the rare environment around me.

I walked out the hole and created cube glass around the body at 360 degrees until the surface reaches the same level of the ground. The glass is very hard and regenerable. They receive their energy on their own from the two floors above.

I thought it was right to have the body displayed, as I want this place to remember her existence.

I picked up a single white flower from the nearby rivers and placed it on the grass ground below the glass edge.

"Bye, Anna."

I turned and went into the forest as a sign saying connection complete on my view appeared, telling me that Anna's cube belonged to me. The cube rad my emotions and played two of Anna's favorite. It started off with 3.19 minutes of soft piano before moving onto the Secret base.

As the 8th beat hits, it was pouring.

'It was the end of summer and out the dreams of the future

And all our hopes, I'll never forget.

I still believe we'll see you again

In the fall ten years from now.

Precious memories of only you and me.

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Remember the time when I was walking home.

You saw we walking in the intersection all on my own.

You called out my name asking if I was walking all alone.

I blushed and hid my crimson face behind my bag,

And I hoped you didn't notice my heart beating like mad.

The truth is you made me very happy although you didn't know.

Ah, the way the fireworks beautifully bloom in the sky,

Makes me a bit sad.

Ah, the wind flows along with time,

Leaving no one by my side.

I was so happy, having so much fun.

We still had so many journeys we haven't begun.

Get out of the secret base,

Because that's only for us.

It was the end of summer and out the dreams of the future

And all our hopes, I'll never forget.

I still believe we'll see you again

In the fall ten years from now.

I know you would scream thank you so much,

All that you've done for me, I'll fail to forget.

Now that we're saying goodbye, these tears reappear.

Precious memories of you and me.

Uh, I wish the summer breaks didn't end so soon,

But just continued along.

Uh, please wind,

Let the time escape.

It's just so sad and lonely.

All of those childless acts were a count to keep.

Get out of the secret base; it was only for us.

I know that you'll scream thank you so much,

So much more that you'll fail to regret.

So much you've done for me,

I would fail to forget.

Now that we're saying goodbye,

These tears slowly reappear.

Precious memories,

Of only you and me.'

The song ended, and I was on the ground. My knee was long in the dirt, and my palms were soon too. It rained so much I could of a swarm I drowned the forest into an ocean.

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