96.34% The Layered Cube / Chapter 79: Chapter 35: The world of no favor

Chapter 79: Chapter 35: The world of no favor

My eyes eventually opened. What I saw was only the sealing of white roof. I tried to move my body; it would moved slightly. I gently moved my head weight to the sides, making to turn on a light blue see-through soft block. I moved my eyes down to only see lines and measurement numbers all around me. I blinked in confusion, before looking at my view display. I had my connection back to the islands. My view was suddenly displayed with notices of updates. I swiped them away and looked at the time. I came out with a realization.

'Since the time in the cold room doesn't differ from ours…'

"Uh, I see. I have been in a coma for four years."

I pushed myself up to a seating position by changing the angle of the base I was sleeping on. I looked down my body to only see it grew. I tried to move my leg; it only twitched a bit. I was about to close my eyes and lay down again, before a memory…


I shouted her name out like a wild animal wanting their food. My neck stretched and my jaw was pulled to the point of hurting. My legs quickly flipped off the base, and my torso turned to fit with the leg. My leg landed, and my body pulled forward for a rush before falling over to the side as the leg loosens. I crushed into the walls in a simple light blue dress. I gripped the side wall desk and tried to lift myself up. I crushed down again as my knowledge cubes start the updates. The time calendar flipped and flipped over and over again. The side display and the menu greatly shift by each flip, until finally…

'54 years of change…'

I commanded the open of the 3d craft. I made a travel circle. The circle traveled into the ground and lifted me upwards. I looked at my leg to know it was completely healed. I commanded the door to open and went to the hallway. An arrow pointed to the exit as I breathed heavily. I went out a large opening, and I made to a large open sky platform with café and everything. A lot of people were here. I went near the edge and placed several layers on my body so I could walk. I jumped down to the edge and took a look.

'It was beautiful…'

I thought before I realized it was empty.

'Why couldn't Anna have experienced this with me?'

I looked around, and everything was in a colour of a grey. Everything was empty; the person seemed so distance yet away. I was so alone, and for actual once in my life, I felt so cold. I felt so empty. I took a look through the personalized mirror.

'I was still so young.'

I quickly scrolled through my contact list and looked for the locations of Anna's parents. They were still in their original area. There're 20 normal platforms now, and the areas of the line of islands have extended more than 30 times its original size. There was a cannon fire right on edge. I entered and put in the address, and it fired me off.

The ball stayed in the air as the door opened. I made a skydive downwards. I was puffing so heavy. I took a deep breath and walked towards the wooden front door. I sent an open invitation, and the door opened little showing the eyes of her parents before fully opening. They jumped over and hugged me as I just excepted it.

"I've got something to tell you."

I said those words as they were hugging me.

They hugged me tighter.

"Yea, we know, just keep quiet and relax. She's dead, isn't she?"

The father said those words with his head on my shoulders. He began crying, but with a light smile, he continued.

"you're on, we're glad. You were someone that Anna had always looked like someone more important than her. I am sure she would be happy to know you're safe."


I replied with a little smile as I cried. They turned so old, while I barely changed.

"I've got something to give both of you."

Anna' knowledge cube appeared out of my hand.

"She gave this to; I think you should keep it."

The mother and father let go of me to link themselves with the cube.

They paused for a few minutes as I stood still straight in front of them.

The mother cried after 5 minutes and headed back into the house as a small child came out from the home.

'It must have been their granddaughter. They had another child after Anna left.'

"I see."

The father said with tears coming out of his eyes and curving along his crinkled skin.

"keep it; I am sure that's Anna wants."

The father pushed the cube back to me before pushing the kid back inside and closed the door. I turned, but I could hear their screams in their back that just started.

I pretended not to hear it and headed to my mother's house.

When I knocked on my parent's front door, they rushed opened to see me and as quickly on top of me before I knew what hit me. They cried on my shoulders.

"Don't need to say a word."

They dragged me inside and let me sit down. It was at this moment when I realized I was starving as both of them rushed around the kitchen and put few plates of my favorite foods on the table. Without questions, I quickly finished the meal. I smile before I was not.

"Anna died."

"We know, the doctors extracted a bit of memory to see what happened."

I lifted up my face from the plate and faced them.

"How long as I in that coma?"

"4 years, and you were gone for 50 years…"

I could see their struggle to say those words to me as they swallowed the water inside their mouth before talking to me. For whatever reason, I was scared when they said it, but I shouldn't have a reason to be.

"I see, the cold room does have a different time compared to ours."

I looked back at the plate.

"Sugi, your house with Anna is gone now after you girls disappeared."

"I see…"

I begin to put up a smile.

"Still have a room for me?"

"Yea, you must be tired."

They pushed their hands on their opposite ends on my shoulder and guided me through the round family area and into the room of the left.

The incident the door opened, I saw Anna sleeping on the bed before she quickly vanished and the room felt 30 times darker. A clip of memory of us studying on the wall desk and us at 7 falling into the underground stairs when the bed opens when we tried to mimic a scene from fate zero rushed back into my minds. I remember the time when we flew out this door. My parent pushed me along, but I stopped. I remembered her smile…I remembered her face…I remembered her head and her body…I remembered her grave…

I quickly smiled before I cried and yelled. I stopped as I know that's not how she wants things to be. My parents slid me in bed and closed the door as another song came from Anna's knowledge cube named, Secret base where every memory rushed back at me.

As the song ends, I began to sing a single song.

"It has been, so long since we first meet.

So long ago, when we last meet.

Don't you miss me?

I sure do.

When are we meeting again?

I remember, so clearly that you loved me.

Don't you remember the day that you said that.

Don't you dare forget me,

Forget me.

Because, I sure won't about you.

Don't remember the playful times we had together?

I sure hope, that you'll never forget.

I remember the times that we were sad.

And those times of smiles too.

Please hear me, wherever you are.

Today is the day where I find a new path.

Please glide me, glide me.

When we were kids, we use to play here.

When we grew up, you were no longer here.

Tell me where you are, I'll make sure you bring back here.

You understood how I ever felt.

When I woke up,

Everyone was already old.

But, look at me, I feel like a ghost.

Why couldn't it be me?

But had to, be you?

I want to be with you."

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