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Author: Aalis

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Chapter 1: Patiently wait for her to strike back!

Liu Lian was woken up by the sound of crying. She tried to seat up but clutched her head in pain, why was she having a headache? How was she even alive!? Just now she was clearly hit by a car, did by chance manage to survive the ordeal?

She looked around and found herself in a traditional Chinese room.

"Miss! you're alive!?" The young girl kneeling on the floor said wiping up her tears.

Her name was.."Ahh!" She said painfully as a flood of memories flowed into her head. she had indeed died, she was no longer herself, rather she was now the good for nothing first miss of the prime minister. An idiotic and cowardly girl who was practically bullied till her death.

"Miss are you ok!? Please rest while nubi goes to get some food for you!" Liu Lian nodded, this little girl serving her was Mei Li her personal maid, she had been by her side for a long time.

Liu Lian frowned looking through the memories of her new body, some things never change, she had been motherless in her old life and she was still motherless now.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden banging on the door.

Liu Lian winced and stood up carefully, her legs were weak and skinny, her skin was extremely pale and unhealthy, her eyes were hazy and she had difficulty breathing, even if she wasn't the owner of this body she would still be able to tell she had been poisoned!

Her father was a doctor in her past life and she had decided to study a few books on poisons, who would've thought it would come in useful after she died?

It wasn't a a one day thing, it had been going on for years, but unfortunately for them it wasn't a rare poison. Any doctor would would be able to notice that they were dealing with rose-lilly poison.

I wasn't really a poison, it was just a type of toxin created from mixing rose tea with lilly tea. The build up caused her immune system to weaken giving way to other diseases.

Good! they killed her and should patiently wait for her to strike back!

First she had to get her body back in shape, she definitely couldn't carry out revenge for this body like this.

There was another loud knock on the door.

"Mei Li! come and collect food for your mistress!" Liu Lian quickly went and opened the door.

She saw a familiar face, one of her sister's closest maids carrying a tray with rose-lilly tea. Liu Lian's eyes became unbelievably cold, but unfortunately for the maid she hadn't noticed. Her name was Lu Li, loyal to the second miss, Liu Lian's enemy.

"First miss is awake? Good! My miss sent me to bring this tea."

Liu Lian sneered, a maid dared to look her in the eyes and talk to her in such a way without even bowing down to greet. And to make matters worst she had knocked on her door and shouted at her maid like she owned the place!

"First miss, are you finally deaf? Didn't you hear me say that the second miss sent me to-"


Before she could finish talking Liu Lian had landed two firm slaps on her cheeks. Her eyes widened as she dropped the tray she was holding to place a hand on where she was slapped.

"First miss, I knew that you didn't like my mistress but to vent your anger on me is-!"


Again Liu Lian slapped the maid twice forcefully shutting her up before speaking. "How dare you drop that tray of hot tea on the floor! my sister sent it to me! You ignorant maid dared to throw it away at my feet! Are you trying to harm the good relationship between sisters!? Our Liu Manor has no place for a servant like you! I'll go and asked father to remove you! "

Suddenly, fear overcame the once arrogant maid as she quickly fell on her knees and hit her head on the floor repeatedly. Who knew what came over the first Miss today, she is useless so timid!

"Nubi was wrong! First miss please forgive nubi!" Liu Lian smirked.

"Scram!" and the maid immediately picked up the tray and broken pieces and left the courtyard.

Liu made her way to her bed to sleep, she had to get some sleep before her sister comes to disturb her and look for trouble. As she was about to lay down she let out a painful cough and was reminded that she was still poisoned.

Making her way to a drawer she pound a pack of sewing needles, they were inadequate but they had to do for now.

She began placing the needle in various acupuncture points on her body to draw the poison out, she had only done it once before as practice but it was now or never.

Aalis Aalis

Thank you for reading!

Comments (11)

  • Devilbesideyou666


    Hey!!! Thanks for the chapter! I can't wait to see what comes next

  • justinegabriellede


    Good start

  • HoshiroNeko


    Another transcending to another world type novel. I like the story so far and it looks like this story has a lot of potential. Although majority of the story flows well, there are many minor grammatical and punctuation mistakes throughout the novel. If you would like, I can edit your novel (free of charge of course) to get rid of those mistakes and also give suggestions on phrasing and general flow of the novel. As for experience, I'm proficient in English as I was born in Australia and I have written two novel (can check from profile) and also began editing Anime Worlds System. If you have any interest in this matter, please reply to this comment or contact me on discord! (🍣🌺𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓻𝓸🌸🍵#9632) Kind regards, a wandering author/editor.

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