80.3% I'm Guilty, My Beauty / Chapter 53: 'Bald' Inspiration

Chapter 53: 'Bald' Inspiration

Three o'clock early in the morning.

At the prepared hall for the competition, a man dressed as a repairman with a bag of tools checked on the numbers on top of the table. Number two was his target. He saw his aim. He traced back the gas pipes connected to the main LPG(Light Petroleum Gas) tanks. At the worktable, the man used a knife to puncture the pipe connected to the stove. This would be a disaster if someone used the burner and the gas would suction the fire into the whole tank. An explosion would be imminent.

As the man was about to stand up and leave, a heavy hand hit the back of his neck. He fell unconscious. His body collapsed on the floor. The bulky man, the same man who filed a complaint against the 'server' for Beauty's behalf, carried the 'repairman' on his back and dropped him in the trunk of a car. The car left the hotel and drove to a hut in the secluded part of the mountains.

Inside, there was another man on the lookout. He was not as bulky as the driver but his sculpted arms somewhat could thrust a chicken in one go. Aside from him, the 'food server' was being tied up at the long pole in the middle of the hut sleeping soundly.

The bulky man went back to the hotel. He went straight to the front desk and told the hotel staff of a leaking gas at the competition venue. He led the true repairman to worktable number two. Before the participants came, the punctured pipe was already replaced peacefully.

Sunlight kissed the dew on the ground and announced to everyone that it was already morning. Cathy was uneasy knowing the sabotage had taken place. She had no idea though that it was foiled. Today, her team and Beauty's would meet in another round of team elimination.

Team #2 lost one member. The participants were wondering where the last member be. Nevertheless, it was of no value to ask or to know. The competition must go on.

Out of 20 teams, only 8 teams were left. That would be 40 persons. Somehow, without Candice, there were 39 people left. From here, individual elimination would start, yet the team would still remain. From 39 participants, only 8 people would advance. From 8 individuals, only 4 persons would move to semi-finals. From the 4, only two would face the final round and would determine the regional champion. However, the 8 participants who went through the semi-finals had secured their position as regional representatives to the national level.

Four teams were now facing the judges. The rest of the teams had to fight in the afternoon. Out of these four teams, each one must give their best to be chosen among the eight individuals for the semi-finals, which would cement their position to go to the national competition.

Cathy and Beauty's team were now facing against each other.

"Good morning, everyone. Today we will commence the individual elimination but you would still be in your teams. The judges will choose among you who can give us a surprise. So the theme for today is 'Surprise'. Surprise us with what you've got. Each team will provide us with a surprising lunch. Remember, this is the judges' lunch. You have 2 hours for that. Ready? The timer starts…now."

The four members of Team #2 gathered together.

"I suggest each of us will cook a dish," suggested Jimmy.

"Jim, I think we need to understand the whole point. This is a complete meal with appetizer, entree, and dessert, not a smorgasbord," said Luisa.

"I agree with Luisa, Jim. We can't just cook anything we like." Beauty agreed for this was what she understood with what the judges said.

"Okay, what do you suggest?" asked Jimmy.

"How about you assign the work, same as yesterday," added Beauty.

Jimmy felt bad with that kind of suggestion. Others might blame him. "Hmm, how 'bout a lottery?"

"How about each of us choose what we want, whether appetizer, entree or dessert?" This time Luisa spoke up for she knew her specialty, sweets.

"Draw lots, no blaming," said Justin in line with Jimmy's thoughts.

"I don' mind," added Beauty.

Hearing the majority's decision, Luisa had to give in. They drew lots. Jimmy got the dessert. Beauty had to do the side dish. Justin was assigned with the entree. Luisa was left with the appetizer as the last who pulled from the lot.

"Ayaya, I'm not really good with dessert. Justin or maybe Luisa can we exchange assignments?" Jimmy lamented.

"Sorry, Jim. Dessert won't sit well with me. I might screw it. Remember I work in a small eatery in a small alley. There's no such thing as two, three, four-course meal there."

"I'm good with dessert, let me have it." Luisa happily exchanged her work.

"Thanks a lot, Luisa. You're my lifesaver." Jimmy unreservedly held her hand.

"Harrumph! We're still in the middle of a competition, guys." Justin calmly said with an unflustered face. Luisa pulled her hand shyly.

A thought came to Beauty's mind, 'Are they... lovers?' She smiled and kept her thought by herself.

'Side dish, what a non-glamorous part of the meal.' She sighed dropping her shoulders.'Never mind, still give my best. Fight, Beauty. But... I need to ask them what they will prepare to get an idea what to do.'

"Jimmy, what's your appetizer?"

"I'm preparing oven baked oyster."

"Justin, your entree?"

"Chicken Adobo ala Justin, ho ho ho." Justin proudly said his dish's name with a big grin on his face and eyes wide in delight.

"Haha, nice name. I like that. Then my appetizer will be called Baked Oyster ala Jimmy."

"Not as glorious as mine." Justin boasted. The two boys continued to bicker, trying to outsmart the other on naming foods. At the same time, the girls had their own bonding time.

"Luisa, What're you preparing for dessert?"

"I'll make a chocolate lava cake in a mug."

"Nice idea, seems the surprise there."

"Thanks. How 'bout you?"

"Still thinking on what to cook. Trying to make my side dish blend well with the meat and oyster while keeping the element of surprise. No idea what to do." Beauty was pulling her hair in dismay while looking up at the ceiling.

"Hey, stop pulling your hair, you'll become bald."

"Becoming bald? Hmm, Bald… Bald?…" Her eyes suddenly lit up. "Yes! Bald! Thanks for the idea, Luisa. I know now what to prepare for my side dish. Bald and totally bald. Love it."

The rest was dumbfounded at her sudden 'Bald' inspiration. Nevertheless, they continued with their work.

Author's Thoughts

JoanB JoanB

Lately, I promised to pop in and give an extra chapter from time to time. So this is the bonus chapter, as a way of saying thanks to all of you. This was chosen as one of the novels to be featured in WebNovel's first page. Thank you for continuously supporting my work. You can view it there later today.

*smorgasbord - a buffet offering assortment of foods and dishes.

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