60.86% The Demonic Saint / Chapter 28: BUSTED!

Chapter 28: BUSTED!

Colt opened his eyes he continued looking around him there were a big amount of bodies he went next to two corpses, he touched them both with his hands and started sucking, "it looks like sucking two in the same time is the best choice to get this done with fast"

'I got transferred here thanks to God, I don't know where I was before' Hayat was happy chatting with Colt since she doesn't have anything to do other than listening to other people so talking wasn't her best attitude but now she understood why people liked talking, 'I was lonely for thousands and thousands of years I only talked to God or some of his guards from time to time but they always shut me down since they have better things to do. You are the first one to talk with me intimately' Hayat seemed happy when talking about Colt, thank god she couldn't see what he is seeing or her opinion of him can turn upside down.

'Don't worry from now on you have me, I will help you, I just need to get stronger as fast as I can!' Colt seemed honest in Hayat's opinion little did she know that Colt is sucking peoples' souls right this moment, 'Wait there's actually God? Very nice I guess I need to get his head as well to be a God in people's eyes' Colt went back to his messed up thoughts.

'Can you tell me a bit about this world?' Colt still didn't know much, he didn't know cultivation levels, he didn't know traditions, ranks… he wanted to get as much information as he can.

After a bit of chatting with Hayat Colt finally finished the two souls he was absorbing, 'I absorbed them way faster than last time!' Colt was astonished by his fast advancing, 'okay next' Colt went to another two dead bodies to continue absorbing, while learning more and more things about this world.


"What's that go to do with you? Just be a nice little rat and give me the pouch already!" Zain looked huge in the elder's eyes but the elder didn't listen to him as he took a potion from the pouch and threw it at Zain, suddenly Zain got bigger even more and now he is 5 meters tall.

"Won't you listen I said give it to me!" Zain started getting impatient.

The Elder was scarred thus started throwing more and more potions in Zain, but every potion either made him bigger or gave his some random buff, until suddenly the elder couldn't throw anymore potions, the pouch was finally empty.

"3…2…1-" before Zain could finish his countdown The Elder handed the pouch to him, «now you are a good little rat, this is the tenth time I take back my pouch, remind me how many time I told you to not steal this pouch from me?" Zain had bloodthirsty eyes, he was the kind of man to play with his food.

"Ehh… ehh… HELP ME YOU FUCKERS! WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" the elder seemed to lose his mind as he started cursing the other squad leaders, but graves and the snake lady didn't even look at him, they knew they have no chance against Zain, since the only one that can actually hold him back is the mayor,

"The mayor is gone for a merchant trip, he won't be back in a long time, should we surrender?" the snake lady bent her back as she whispered in graves' ear, in return Graves just nodded he knew there's no possibility they win this war without the mayor.

"We surrender!" Graves' spear turned to ashes as it got sucked into the earth, while the snake lady turned into her normal human shape again.

Colt finally finished the other two bodies, he was about to go to the nest bodies when he suddenly heard 'we surrender' , 'you can't surrender if they do I will not get all of these guys as Qi!' Colt was agitated at the one who said that, he looked at the person who surrendered, 'Graves you mother fucker can't you leave me alone, you will not leave this place safe!'

All the guards stopped attacking as they threw their weapons as well, the soldiers stopped their fights, since the enemy surrendered there was no reason to stop fighting.


"SHUT UP!" Zain suddenly cursed the marshal," since they surrendered take everything you can and leave home!" he gave the order to the army, as he started walking back, he took a bottle of beer from his inside pocket and started sucking it dry.

Colt didn't like where things are going, so he sneaked behind one of the guards, he picked his weapon as he threw it at Zain

"Eh? Why did my weapon fly out of its place?" the guard was confused at what just happened.

The sword was about to touch Zain's back when he suddenly broke in half with his hand, "WHO IS THIS MOTHERFUCKER THAT THREW THIS SHIT AT ME?" Zain seemed a bit drunk all of a sudden, but his anger was real, since he gave them a chance of surrender and they didn't take it why would he care about them anymore.

"Ehh… ehh… I didn't do anything I swear!" the guard was scarred as all the eyes were at him, he knew he didn't throw the sword, he felt wronged.

"IT WAS YOU RIGHT?" Zain vanished as e got in front of the guard, Colt was still behind the guard but what made him feel weird is that Zain's eye was pointing at him and not the guard!

Colt tried moving to the right and left but Zain eyes sighed seemed to follow him, as if he knew that Colt was the one that threw the sword.

Colt had one word in his mind 'FUCK!'


Hope y'all have a nice day!

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    Oh wow, you are fast as FUK boiii



    Colt is ded

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    Oh shiiit

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