22.22% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 4: Who told you to come here when I was hungry?

Chapter 4: Who told you to come here when I was hungry?

Regina suddenly felt all her sorrows wash away as she began to smile, at least she could vent her frustrations on her ex-fiance and spoiled cousin. Who told them to come to this place when she was hungry? She examined her cousin and her mood damped a little bit, this was the girl who stole her fiancé? Was her fiancé blind? Isabella couldn't compare to her beauty, status, only her attitude was better. Could the prince have fallen in love? That wasn't possible, the royal family couldn't just fall in love. Didn't every prince want to be the next emperor? Then they couldn't afford to fall in love with such a low life.

So why did he stick to her? There was nothing anchoring him down, except.... Could she be pregnant? She felt like clapping for her naive little cousin, didn't she know that the best way to get a prince was to play hard to get not cheap to buy? But the prince could easily dispose of her, why keep such a woman? Wait, was it because of Isabella's Soul weapon?

Blue flames, a blue dragon scale whip that gives intense cold burns. Was that a reason he chose to keep her? For her toy whip?

From Regina's memories soul weapons are given to every living human when they are born. Soul weapons become stronger as their owners become stronger.

Isabella's whip was considered one of the strongest soul weapons in the capital and so she was known as a genius, a prodigy, but it was a shame that to Regina she was a walking talking punching bag.

She turned her attention to her knight, "Alein, you serve me now, know my enemies, no matter what we must have no relations with them." Regina said in a firm tone to her body guard. Even if he hated her, they were stuck together now. He had to submit himself to her.

Alein simply bowed and took a step beside his mistress, she might not be as dumb as he thought. He placed his right hand on his sword and closed his eyes refusing to glance at the couple approaching.

" Good afternoon Regina" Isabella said sweetly holding tightly to the prince's name. Regina stood up and smiled at her cousin softly. " Hello cousin, it's been a long time, you haven't grown much." She said glancing mockingly at Isabella's chest. It seemed like the battle had already began.

Isabella became furious, she knew she couldn't compare with her cousin in any way so she hoped that taking her fiance would leave her shattered. So why was she not bawling her eyes out at home!?

The prince couldn't watch Regina humiliate Isabella anymore so in a fit of rage he aimed a slap at Regina's perfect face. But before his hand could come anywhere near her he was blocked by Alein who gave him a sharp, cold glare. How dare he try to touch his mistress! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"My mistress does not like dirty things touching her", that one statement drove the prince to a state of fury, how dare a mere guard call him dirty.

" Do you know who I am? I am the second prince, who are you to call me dirty?"

The customers of the cafe watched in interest as the fight carried on. "Was he wrong? You are a man who has been used over and over again by my cousin, of course you are dirty, you even planted your dirty spawn in my cousin's womb."

Everyone around them sucked in a breath of cold air, Regina had just claimed that Isabella was pregnant! And if Isabella was really pregnant then didn't it mean that the prince had slept with her before the engagement between the said prince and Miss Regilor had been broken off!? A cheating scoundrel!

"Nonsense!" The prince said attempting to dampen the crowd, "how dare you accuse this prince's people like that!"

Regina smirked, want to deny it? She won't let you! "Am I incorrect? It has been at least two months since Isabella has seen blood flow from her womb and there is even a small lump in her stomach." Right now she was bluffing, but no one had to know, that was her secret. Everyone tensed as the virtuous image of Isabella was being smashed to smitheries.

" You-" the prince was cut off buy the sight of a certain blue dragon scale whip being flung at Regina. Naturally Regina could see it, it was so sloppy unprofessional. Pathetic, even for someone like Regina who hadn't lifted a weapon in her life, it was pathetic.

Regina frowned before stretching her hand out and caught the whip. A cracking sound was heard and everyone flinched at the sound of Regina's bones breaking. Regina hissed but still pulled on the whip which flew out of Isabella's hand and into Regina's good hand.

"You, a lowlife from the side branch dared to hit me?" Regina sneered as she flung the whip at Isabella whipping her face, over and over again. This was for breaking her wrist! She had underestimated the strength of the whip but now she was ready to give Isabella a taste of her own medicine.

The prince was taken back, he didn't expect Isabella to lash out at Regina. When he came to his senses it was too late. Isabella's face was destroyed, deep cuts everywhere, her skin was practically torn off and all she could do was howl in pain. She knew how painful her whip was more than anyone else but all she could do was cry and scream miserably. Pathetic.

The prince found himself disgusted at the sight of Isabella, he suddenly wanted to embrace the beautiful girl holding the whip, but it was too late. There really was no medicine for regrets.

He looked around at the high classed nobles around him looking at him in disapproval. Isabella had brought disgrace to him and he couldn't do anything but try not to kill her. He thought she was better than her cousin, but now he felt like he dropped a watermelon for a sesame seed.

".... You bitch!" Isabella managed to shout at Regina. "You are just jealous the prince chose me over you! That the prince chose my body over yours and chose to let me have his first child!"

Regina couldn't help but laugh, such a dirty prince didn't deserve her, Isabella could leave with her prince for all she cared but she wouldn't let her go that easily.

Regina flung her whip two more times, breaking both wrists and once more which tore her clothes up revealing her bare body for everyone to see, and worst was Isabella couldn't cover herself up.

"It would be selfish if you didn't show the world the body the prince liked the most."

The second Prince's face darkened as he watch Isabella being devoured by the eyes of the noble men around him. No matter how Beautiful she was, no one would like the idea of their woman being thought of at night by other men.

He raised his hand and pointed it at Regina, in the blink of an eye a soul weapon appeared. It was attached to his wrists and it shot three bullets at Regina who's eyes widened and her heartbeat stopped for a second. She had completely ignored the fact that the prince had a soul weapon!

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