50% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 9: Totally going gay for you!

Chapter 9: Totally going gay for you!

Isabella was lucky; she had only lost the baby, she didn't die due to excessive blood loss, neither did she permanently damage her womb. She didn't know why she felt relieved, no man would want the prince's worn shoe, accompanying the fact that her face was totally destroyed.

She could never again get married in this life. She felt herself suffocating, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't even call for help. She was being suffocated by her own foolishness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

At this rate, wouldn't she be better off dead?

"You're awake?"

Her attention was diverted to a youth clothed in white. He was the youth that saved her. He looked well cared for and wealthy, who was he? She didn't speak, she had no idea who he was or what he wanted. She might have been foolish once, but not twice.

He sighed, it's like she was a different person, she was so guarded, it was pitiful.

"My name is Ferdinand, the second prince of the Ying empire, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance my lady." He said with a charming smile, she deserved to be treated like the beautiful lady she was, her past didn't define her. He was willing to apply a bit of effort on her to make her open up to him.

She didn't return his greeting, she was hesitant, princes didn't just approach girls from an unimportant family like hers, she realised that and she wasn't willing to become another man's pawn.

Ferdinand's smile wavered, it looked like this would take some time.

Meanwhile at the Regilor estate, very early the next morning two people on horse back left the quiet Regilor estate to start their journey to the dragon lands.

Leaving the capital they soon arrived at a nigh smaller town where Alein decided to buy some good quality supplies, they were going to be traveling for quite some time so they needed as much supplies as they could afford to carry.

He bought a lot of medicinal pills and power replenishing pills. He also bought a low grade dimension bag to store all their food. Regina just followed Alein around. She didn't know anything about this since the previous owner of her body was only interested in cute and shiny things, in all honesty she would also spend her time admiring cute things of she could.

She stared at awe at the weapons and materials being sold. There were even some low grade spirit beasts that were being sold, they were all small creatures that were easily to carry around. There was even one that looked like a dog with rich white fur. There was another that had an uncanny resemblance to a cat back home expect for the fact that it's legs were oddly long.

The one that caught her eye most were the pink rat looking creature with an unbelievably long tail and whiskers. She curiously got closer to it to take a better look and the animal just passed through the cage! Like the cage wasn't even there! If not for some enchanted chains holding on to it it would have attacked her, the rat could phase through materials! You could imagine the excitement that filled Regina when the found out the pink rats could pass through solid objects, that was such an amazing ability. How did they ever manage to catch it? She wanted to ask Alein to buy one until she saw the one she wanted being humped by another dark pink rat. Regina felt so disgusted! She didn't want to have her rat giving birth to more rats, but that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing because she could sell them off, but it was still disgusting!

#It wasn't long before Alein bought a map of the dragon lands, it looked to be a vast wasteland with not a single thing inside but an interesting line in the middle, what an odd map. Regina studied it carefully to understand it, but as she expected, she couldn't understand it in the end.

It wasn't long before they set off again to a huge forest that lead to the dragon lands, there was a road leading to the forest that they decided to take. The trip was quiet and thankfully peaceful.

The duo took small snack breaks when they felt that they had used up their energy and rested a while before carrying on on their journey, the road was bare and dusty and nobody else seemed to use that road.

Soon enough they met something troublesome on their way. They met a young girl who seemed to have fainted by the side of the road. She looked slightly older than Regina, her face was soft and delicate. Was she 16? She might have been 17, she had beautiful brown hair that she tied to a loose ponytail that was now covered in dust.

Regina slowly manoeuvred around her and picked up a thin dry stick. She carefully approached the figure and slightly poked her with a stick, that way she knew she wouldn't be in danger of a surprise attack.

The girl scowled and shot her head towards the direction of the annoying imbecile who was poking her. She began thinking of how audacious the person who was poking her was! Didn't they understand that she could have their head at any moment!? "You!...." The girl stated wide eyed at Regina, she seemed to have been smitten. One more person added to Regina's harem.

An awkward silence took over, the girl just couldn't believe she was about to threaten such a beautiful person. The older girl smirked flirtatiously. "I'm totally going gay for you! You have to pay the responsibility!" Then she quickly reached out and took a peak under Regina's skirt.

Regina's eyes darkened then she immediately activated her soul weapon and kicked the girl without a shred of mercy, "You! Just die!"

The girl actually lost consciousness, but as she blacked out her body began changing, transforming.

Her hair became shorter and red and her delicate childish features changed into the handsome face of a man slightly older than Regina.

Alein was quite surprised, they actually stumbled upon a shape shifter!

Before Regina could register what happened Alein quickly went up to the boy and tried to bring him back to life by shaking him viciously. Ah! His ghost seemed to be desperately trying to leave! Come back!

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