55.55% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 10: Soul snatcher!

Chapter 10: Soul snatcher!

Isabella woke up from sleep and noticed the darkness around her. Her eyes noticed the rays of lights shining through from outside. She turned around to see the moon in all its glory. She felt the urge to approach it.

She shifted herself and carefully let her feet touch the cold marble floor. She felt oddly refreshed as the bitter cold once again reminded her of her foolishness.

She grabbed the clothes that had kept her warm and decided to wander. The room she was in lead into a long corridor that was next to a beautiful garden. She found herself amazed at the beautiful scene, she felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness. As she watched the moon she was unaware of the love sick eyes on her, to him she really was beautiful.

Regina watched as the young shape shifter slowly opened his eyes groaning. That beautiful angel he saw had given him a painful bone crushing kick.He couldn't help but like her more, it wasn't everyday you saw such a gorgeous violent woman who could stand on her own two feet. It was safe to say that he had made up his mind to shamelessly flirt with the beautiful goddess.

Regina quietly gave him some bread and water as he slowly sat up, she flashed a nice girl smile captivating the young man. She had to be nice. If what Alein told her was correct then the annoying flirtatious guy was a shape shifter. According to him shape shifters were practically extinct. So she had to be nice.

He took the piece of bread and shoved it into his mouth, she suddenly felt bad for him, he looked like he had been derived from good food. Who even knew how long it has been since he tasted food?As he began eating Regina began to question him. "So... You are really a boy?" He nodded quickly.

Regina was being patient... If he wasn't a shape shifter she wouldn't be here. She had to be nice. "So... You can shape shift?" She asked and the boy shook his head in denial. How could he be a shape shifter? Weren't shape shifters extinct? Regina's eyes darkened. Why was she wasting time on this perverted person if he wasn't one of those legendary begins.

"I can ..only...create....illusions" was all he said as he grabbed another piece of bread and even smeared some jam on it. He was making himself at home. Alein coughed. His miss wasn't happy.

"How? Is it a kind of magic trick?"

He shook his head again. He wasn't a magician. His soul weapon was a bow and arrow, not a wand. "Family...heirloom" he took her leather skin bottle and drank some water. Regina didn't mind anymore, even if he was slightly stupid telling such sensitive information easily, but she wasn't complaining. She was more interested in this magical heirloom of his. Such things didn't exist in her world so naturally she was interested. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Can I see it?" She asked giving him some meat which he graciously took, he seemed to not understand he was being gullible. He felt tears begin to accumulate. Why was this miss being nice to him? He even try to see her underwear... When he gets back home he must marry her! If Regina heard his thoughts she would've sent him directly down to the king of hell. She only gave him meat, was he that desperate?

He quickly brought out a necklace. A simple chain necklace with a cross. "Horn... Of Zion.." He said between mouthfuls of meat, if he wasn't handsome she would've been completely disgusted by his eating habits.

"Is that what it's called?" Regina asked as her eyes narrowed. She had heard the word 'Zion' countless times in her past life. Why would it pop up here in this fantasy world? Were both worlds connected somehow? Regina silently watched the boy stuff himself silly as various theories popped up in her mind.

Zion, her parents in her past life were highly religious so she naturally knew that Zion was a biblical reference, but what did that have to do with anything?


Two divine beings sat across. One with a smile and the other with a scowl, who would be happy if such a fine specimen was stolen from under their noses? She shouldn't have come back! She shouldn't have been split as well!

"You fraud! How dare you snatch that beautiful soul from my territory! Soul snatcher!" The divine being dressed In black spat. As you can see, he was extremely agitated. This was the first time such a splendid soul was sent to him and that fraud snatched it and even ripped it in half before tossing it in the mortal world! The divine being in white chuckled.

"Come now Lucifer. You think that I would allow such a soul to waste in hell?"

"Hump!" It was so annoyed that his rival snatched that precious soul before him! In his territory as well!

"I'll tell you what. Let's gamble.."


"My name is Solomon by the way." The red haired boy said as Regina put out the camp fire, she wasn't ready for a fire to start that night.

"Solomon?" Another name she knew well, she knew almost everything about Solomon, he was said to be the wisest man alive. "My name is Regina Regilor."

"Your name is really interesting" Solomon said a bit taken back by how beautiful her name was. Just by her name you could tell her destiny, such a blessing, those who wished for it couldn't even have it.

He wasn't a bit surprised. She deserved a name like that. Even though he didn't know how strong she was he could tell that she would be the greatest in the future.

Alein's eyes narrowed slightly at the red head's name. There was only one person who had a name like that, but why exactly was that person here? Why was he found on the road? That nan can't be him right? But not many people have that red hair. Only the royals of that kingdom has such red hair.

Him being here could only mean that something big has happened in that kingdom, or else there was no way the crowned Prince of the lunar kingdom could be here, Solomon.

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