61.11% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 11: His idiocy might be contagious.

Chapter 11: His idiocy might be contagious.

Isabella opened her eyes to see herself in her own bed once more, if she wasn't mistaken then she had slept outside last night, then who had carried her back? She didn't dwell on it and decided to venture out, but before she could even move there was a gentle knock on the door. "Come in" She said in a dry voice.

The door opened revealing a young timid maid who had her head down. She fidgeted and refused to look up to meet her eyes. Isabella's heart hurt a little, was she that ugly?

"My lord awaits the Miss for breakfast." She said in a quiet voice, she seemed scared of Isabella. She nodded and the girl quickly retreated. She sighed, she didn't blame Regina for destroying her looks totally but she still felt resentment.

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"At the edge of this forest, that's where the dragon lands begin. " Solomon began with a serious look on his face, he had found allies on his journey and was naturally more than willing to tell them everything. "Dragons look exactly like humans. The only difference are their lizard like eyes. The pure bloods can transform into full grown dragons, the more powerful they are, the more the size of their transformed form." He turned to them curiously, he hadn't asked them before and it had just dawned on him he had no idea what they were seeking for, "By the way, why are you going to the dragon lands?"

Regina thought for a bit for how to phrase her answer, "Well you see... I need dragon scales to reinforce the walls and windows of a few shops back home.. We have a shortage of dragon scales in the city I'm from." Regina said trying to explain the situation, she tried not to sound abnormal to the shapeshifter, she completely failed. Solomon face palmed.. Shouldn't she have just bought one from her local underground organization? They sell everything.

Literally. Everything.

"I also want to gain fighting experience" Regina added, again trying not to sound like a nut job, she really didn't care about experience, that was just an advantage of going on her little journey.

"Let's set out tomorrow." Solomon finally said giving up, why did the most beautiful people have to have odd personalities (A/N: says you!) "that way it won't be long before we reach the boarder."

The night crept by slowly making way for dawn and soon enough the trio began to make their way to the edge of the forest trying to avoid as many beasts as they could.

They happen to come across a massive lake. "We have to go across the lake." Solomon said. The lake seemed to stretch for miles with any patch of forest on the other side.

"How did you cross over?" Regina asked curiously, she didn't see any boats and she was relatively sure he wouldn't have been able to swim the distance.

"You see, I tied and arrow to a long piece if string and shot myself over."


".....Miss please step away, his idiocy might be contagious" Alein said with contempt, why was such a moron at his miss's side? Regina quietly shuffled away obeying her knight isolating the run away prince. Solomon was dumbstruck! It wasn't his fault! He was desperate! What kind of prince gets treated like this? He must really be the saddest prince ever.

"Then I guess you have another way smarty pants." This was all that damned knight's fault! Solomon spoke to Alein with an icy tone to gritting his teeth. He had called him an idiot in front of the beauty! Unforgivable!

"Miss, marine weeds grow around here, we should use that to cross over." Alein said to Regina completely ignoring Alein who was fuming, actually, fuming was an understatement.

"Marine...weeds?" Regina asked not sure what they were, she had heard of them before in one of the herb books she had read but she couldn't quite remember what they did.

"Yes miss, they let you breath underwater." Solomon was dumbstruck. Why didn't he think of it!? Now he would really seem like an idiot in front of her! So much resentment was building up towards Alein right now...

Regina was genuinely fascinated by the existence of such a herb. This world was truly amazing! They even had stuff like this!

Alein gently escorted Regina away and Solomon followed bitterly. He could see that Regina was genuinely interested in the weeds, he had no desire to spoil her fun. All he could do was silently curse Alein in his heart and swore that next time he would be the one to sweep her off her feet and take her as his consort.

Soon enough the small group were underwater. It was such a vast land it would take some hours to get across. Regina didn't mind at all. She eagerly watched all the fish swimming by. Most of them were brown and she even passed some snakes and eels.

She couldn't talk or else she would swallow unnecessary water, so the journey had been silent. Due to the fact that most of the fish were brown when she spotted a blue seahorse she had been dragged by her fascination towards it. Not only was t blue but it was also man sized, she could ride it!

She made her way to it slowly trying not to startle it. She swam upwards and slowly descended on its back. The seahorse was scared shitless and immediately swam away. Leaving a sulky Regina spinning. Her companions mentally laughed, happy she was having a good time.

Time flew by and they soon arrived at the other side of the lake. They were all drenched so they decided to camp by the lake and let their clothes dry.

Alein handed Regina a set of clothes from the dimension bag and gave Solomon a spare shirt and pants.

Soon the trio were having some roast meat, peacefully enjoying the night sky. They all silently watched the stars sparkle. Regina felt her eye lids began to close, then she heard a cracking sound.

She looked around but couldn't find a source of the cracking. Then she heard it again! It was coming from above. She looked up but couldn't see anything.

She stared at the sky for a while until she saw it. There was a small crack in the sky. She swiftly looked at her companions who didn't seem to notice then she turned to take another look at the sky. The crack was gone. She must've been imagining things....

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