72.22% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 13: Give who to who?

Chapter 13: Give who to who?

"That bastard!"

The black haired deity shouted in frustration. To him this was not fair, at this rate that girl would end up in the clutches of the god of light, he had to do something.

"My lord."

His attention turned to his companion, a man that looked to be twenty years old but was actually much older than that. He blonde locks of hair dropped down to his waist and his red eyes seemed to trap the soul.

"Tch, what is it?" The lord of darkness asked irritated, he wasn't in the mood to talk. His companion ignored his obvious exasperation and carried on talking. He was holding a scroll which seemed to be a to do list.

"We are a bit behind schedule, we have to go and punish the incoming soldiers from the war in the other continent. Then we have to report back to the maker, he did make you to punish the sinful." He hated it when his companion was right, so much to do.

The deity stared at him for a second before a blinding smile suddenly appeared on his face.

"Emperor, another assignment for you..."


Who's baby is this!? Smooth, pale, immaculate skin with beautiful deep red eyes.

Regina's unwillingly gave her heart to the little devil, such a cute baby. Regina hugged the baby as it laughed happily and clapped. Alein found himself a bit taken back, he had never seen this side of Regina. He wasn't complaining, he also liked this side of her, she would make a good mother someday.

"Miss I don't think-" Alein started but was immediately cut off by Regina who was obviously excited about the overly cute child.

"let's keep him! He's adorable beyond words! Oh my I've never had a baby before... Will he eat meat?" I highly doubt they eat meat Regina.

Alein sighed and took the baby, she obviously didn't know the first thing about raising a baby, "I'll feed him and take care of him, get Solomon so he can help you with the tents miss." Alein said with a smile. Regina reluctantly let him carry the baby. Even in her past life she hadn't taken care of a baby before, however she made sure she had lots of snakes to make up for it.

She picked up the still unconscious Solomon and dragged him away leaving Alein to the baby who was no longer smiling but was staring at him with a slightly annoyed expression, what man would enjoy being carried by a man? Alein didn't think much of it, no one would have guessed that the supernaturally cute baby was a humiliated demon serving his master.

He didn't even notice the baby sigh in embarrassment and got back to being the loveable baby he was.


"I'll tell you what. Let's gamble.."

"A gamble? "

"Yes, whether she'll be the saviour of their world or bring their demise."


He smirked, his rival was too cocky, he actually dared to gamble with him? He let out a loud magical laugh.

"Try to gamble with me!? I'll show you! This girl will definitely destroy the world! "


The group soon reached the edge of the forest and not surprisingly, at the edge of the dense large forest was a gigantic valley. Regina couldn't help but be impressed by the landscape, in her past life she had never seen anything as big as this. But scanning her surroundings she couldn't hear anything of find any dragons. Oddly enough She could only hear sobbing... Wait. Sobbing?

Regina approached a small bush we're the sobbing was coming from, not only was it highly dubious the sobbing also sounded like another child. Looking behind she found a little girl at least fourteen years old crying. She looked a bit strange, not only was her skin wasn't tanned despite the blazing sun but she also had green hair which seemed to fascinate Regina.

Regina reached out to touch her hair when suddenly the girl jerked up turning around to see her reaching out to her. The girl who was obviously frightened suddenly stopped crying and screamed bloody murder. Regina unconsciously retreated back her hand due to the insanely high pitched scream.

Upon closer inspection she found that the girl had stunning violet eyes. "W-Who are you!? " she asked weary of the little group.

"I'm Regina...." noticing her lizard like eyes she carried on "...A human girl. I'm looking for the dragon lands, are you by any chance from that place?"

The girl stopped her tears and her sad eyes were immediately replaced with bright clear eyes. "It's a human! Oh my god it's an actual human!" Regina didn't know how she should react to her exclamation. "If I give one to brother for his birthday will he forgive me? " Hold up.

Give who to who?

The boy's faces became dark, naturally they were thinking all sorts of things, all of them had them getting ready to kill the insolent dragon girl. What does she mean give as a present to her brother? Regina clearly wasn't anyone's toy!

The young girl's eyes landed on the baby, what an odd attachment to the group of humans. The baby emitted a deadly dark arura. The girl unconsciously backed up, what was this human doing with this baby? It has the same aura as E-sama..... E-sama!? The baby is E-sama!? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Are these humans crazy!? Why on earth did they bring that damn demon of darkness!?

It's because of that crazy mofo that her big brother was angry at her! She had only said that he was beautiful enough to make men gay and he overheard the teen girl and decided he wanted to kill her. But naturally her older brother had begged for mercy on her behalf in an attempt to save her life . He's been mad at her for 46 years and he had kicked her out of the palace. She badly want to go home but unfortunately she really scared of encountering her big brother.

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