83.33% Daughter of a lonely immortal - Dropped / Chapter 15: Shouldn’t pick up strays

Chapter 15: Shouldn’t pick up strays

Isabella's smile seemed to grow cold when she saw her mother who wore a mask of a charming smile. She was a beauty like her daughter, but unfortunately for her old age seemed to be catching up with her.

Her hair had began to whiten even though she tried to hide it she still noticed.

Her mother was a trophy wife, it was an arranged marriage and her father was never in love with her though she might like to think so. However, her father was a good man so he didn't have any other relationships and performed his duties on his matrimonial bed.

Fortunately she also remained faithful to him, but she was petty sand superficial.

Her father had put up with it, buying her anything she wished for, but not really caring about her.

She had made herself an ornament attached to her father.

"Isabella, how nice of you to join us." Ferdinand welcomed her with a sweet smile to reassure her that he was there for her.

Isabella found a new kind of courage and decided to hold her head high no matter how ashamed she was.

Her mother's smile vanished as she decided to ask Isabella "why are you here?"

Isabella didn't know how to answer, despite her mother's lax discipline she wouldn't tolerate anything that would stain her reputation. "Why does everyone tell me my daughter has become a whore?" She asked again with cold eyes. "Who taught you to open your legs to men you stupid girl?"

Isabella grit her teeth, she wasn't a whore! She had only slept with one person because she had assume he loved her. Come to think of it, he had never actually told her 'I love you', she had just assumed he did.

Realising this she began to feel tears in her eyes, it hurt like a wound reopening. She fell for him, and she fell hard.

That was her mistake.

"Come let's go home, your father has been worried sick." Her mother spoke again, Isabella nodded.

"Why did you become such a prostitute? Do you really not understand your position in society?" Her mother asked again.

"I'm not a whore." Isabella said in a whisper. Her mother's eyes shot a glare at her.

"What did you say?"

Isabella clenched her fists. "I said I'm not a whore!"

Her mother had then raised her hand to slap the girl. Isabella closed her eyes in expectation of the slap that never came. Her eyes peered open to see Ferdinand holding her mother's hand.

"She's not a whore mother in law."



Regina didn't expect that the city would be bang In the middle of the dry and desolate dragon lands. She was pleasantly shocked as she definitely didn't expect dragons to be capable of such things. The city was magnificent, beautiful with emeralds everywhere which she guessed was their symbol. Such a magnificent place hidden in such a plain environment.

They were superior to humans.

The baby in Regina's arms saw her awe filled eyes and found himself confused. What was so interesting about such low grade structures? Had she not seen the underworld? His minions we're obviously better builders than the dragon race.

"This is amazing!" Solomon exclaimed also taken by the enchanting beauty of the city.

Esther was naturally happy with the reactions. "#Welcome to our kingdom... There aren't many dragons on earth compared to the humans so the dragon race has only four branches. In the south, east, north and here. We are the earth elemental dragons, the south are fire, north are water and east air." Esther explained as they approached the huge gates.

"Then among other dragon branches the earth dragons are the lowest in status right? " Regina asked patting the baby's head. She was spot on, after all people usually overlooked such an elemental nature.

Esther's eyes saddened a bit, it was the bitter truth, "yes... That's why big bother tried to make a deal with the God of darkness." she hesitantly glanced at the baby who then glared at her. She stopped talking and smiled. "It'll work out somehow! All we need to do is to find a way to prove our worth! Earth is a pretty useless element, all we can do is make stones and move rocks. It's not destructive like fire or has healing properties like water. It's not even as forceful as air. Totally useless.. " Regina's eye twitched.

Alein frowned dragons were stupid to the extreme. Not superior to humans in anything but power... and beauty.

"Earth is actually a really destructive element, let's make a deal." A sly, calculating smile danced on her lips. "I'll teach you some earth based moves and in return you'll supply me with all the dragon scales and other dragon made materials I will need for a life time."

Dragon scales wasn't hard to collect. Dragons shed their scales annually so there should be plenty of dragon scales available, and since they were earth dragons their scales were indestructible.

"How would a puny human like you know any powerful earth based magic benefiting us dragons?" Her royal streak was beginning to show itself. "You humans only have soul weapons, and those spirit weapons are only a physical manifestation, it can be touched and used against you if you can't control it. "

Regina thought of her statement, that mostly explained how she was able to use Isabella's whip, Isabella wasn't virtuosic with her whip, she was just unfortunate.

"I'll teach you one move right here and now" Regina stood out to face her. "The fact that i am not able to control the elements like you dragons doesn't disrupt my ability to teach you. " She stared at the reptile who stared back, not willing to lose. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Fine.. " Esther let out an annoyed sigh giving up.

Regina activated her soul weapon and proceeded expecting Esther to copy her movements after all, she was only going to do it once . "Infuse your power into your feet " She explained jumping up in a back flip and landing on the ground on one foot making. A thunderous noise was created causing the ground to split causing a huge crater. Esther didn't pay her amazement any attention so she nodded and did the same but this time she split the gates in two.

They were so busted.

Soon a bunch of guards were chasing them, Regina really regretted following the young dragon to her home.

"Stop in the name of the king! " One guard shouted in obligation with protocol.

"Don't stop! "Esther screamed as she picked up her pace, she didn't break a sweat, dragons just had inhuman stamina.

Regina was panting heavily, there was just no way she could keep up, this body was not used to running around at all. Most likely she grew up without doing any physical activities. Stupid noble girl body! Completely useless!

Solomon - noticing Regina's struggle - lifted her up bridal style and carried on running. Alein who had been tasked with babysitting slightly glared at the lucky bastard who smirked triumphantly. Regina was genuinely happy she didn't have to run like everyone else so she made herself comfortable.

Soon enough Solomon found himself regretting his decision. The guards weren't letting them off and Regina was unnaturally heavy, but he couldn't complain, neither could he drop her due to the fact that he had to keep up his reputation.

E noticed Solomon's dilemma and inwardly smiled waiting patiently in Alein's arms for the chase to ware off. Esther wasn't affected at all which made Alein remorseful. Damned dragons and their damned stamina.


The two teenage boys were panting endlessly as the leaned on the wall in the alley way. They had managed to finally outrun the guards.

"That was too much" Esther said annoyed, should she have told the guards it was her? But if she did that they would've taken her back.

"So, where are we?" Solomon asked trying to catch his breath in between the words.

Esther looked down as a bright blush covered her cheeks. "About that... " Esther said nervously chuckling.

Solomon couldn't believe his ears, "Your kidding right? " he asked as his eye twitched.

Her blush deepened, "We're lost... "

Silence took over with an undercurrent of anger.

Regina could only sigh, she really shouldn't pick up strays and follow them home.

Aalis Aalis

I have to make something clear, there is a difference between an emperor and someone named emperor.

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