Chapter 19: Returning

This has been 15 minutes since Trevon was disappeared. Jack was waiting outside.

Jerry was running with a middle-aged person. He was Kleigh McArthur, one of McArthur family guardian elders in Redwood. He was a Primary Rank 3 warrior who was called from his previous mission. The potential of Iron Horned Rhinoceros variation made the family recalled him from his mission.

He just arrived at the pavilion, when Charles ordered him to save Trevon. This was fine since the group was not ready yet.

"Where is Trevon?" He asked Jack who was waiting outside.

"Elder Kleigh!" Jack sent his respect by hand and fist greet. "Young master Trevon disappeared." Jack answered.

"Disappeared?" Kleigh was an old man. He didn't start to panic.

"I have locked young master Trevon's aura using my spiritual energy. Suddenly he disappeared after giving out a little spiritual energy. Right at that moment, I have entered the premise. I didn't find any signs of battle, talisman usage, or anything. The only sign was a small spiritual energy usage from young master Trevon. I believe Elder Alvaro had given Trevon special treasure to save himself and young master Trevon had used it. I was waiting here in case Young Master Trevon reappeared."

"Hm... I will look inside." Kleigh jumped into the room. He didn't forget to use his aura to lock the attacker. It was the power of Rank 3 warrior.

"DO NOT MOVE!!! Or he dies!" The attacker was surprised. He had lost one hostage strangely. He was afraid a powerful warrior appeared.

"Please don't move!" The unlucky man was very afraid. He had pissed in his pants. His graceful image was gone.

"Who are you?" Kleigh asked. He didn't care about the young master. Being a Rank 3 warrior, he didn't even care about everyone inside the room. Redwood was not a city under their family protection. Unless Redwood family paid the McArthur enough money, he wouldn't help and look for unnecessary trouble.

"What happened to the young man who disappeared?" Kleigh asked the people inside. While it has been some time since Trevon disappeared, he could still feel the spiritual energy trace in the air.

The hostage didn't answer, they are afraid of the attacker.

"You! You! You! Answer me! I will save you from here if I get a good answer." He picked 3 people who were close to the energy trace. One of the was the sexy receptionist. The 3 people were feeling happy.

"He... He... was suddenly disappeared. He was sitting in front of me when he suddenly disappeared." She answered.

"Yes, I was looking at him. He was gone in a blink." The other person answered.

"I didn't see anything, but he was really gone." The last person didn't see what happen, but he wants to be saved, so he told what he knew.

"Fine. I will take you three. Come here!" Kleigh released his aura from those three. Other than him, nobody else could move.

"Save me!"

"Help me!"

"Save my girl, Please!"

"Shut up! This is Redwood city of Redwood family. I couldn't meddle in their business. I can only help people from McArthur family." He said. Kleigh didn't care about other people, but he needed to help those from McArthur. "Is there any of you who were family members of McArthur personnel? Do not try to fake your identity, we are a great family."

"Me!" One of the female customers answered. "My husband was a guard for Elder Brann."

"Follow me then!" Kleigh said. He released the pressure from the female customer.

The attacker was frustrated. He was only a Peak Rank 1 warrior, he couldn't fight against a Rank 3 warrior. The gap in their power was too big. He even had got an intelligence that the only available Rank 3 warrior from Redwood family was outside in the mission. [Why would McArthur family Rank 3 warrior here? Rank 3 warrior is not easy to find.] He thought. [Don't tell me!] He looked into the young man that he kept as his main hostage. [Perhaps He came from McArthur? He had 2 cultivators as bodyguards.]

"Elder, I am sorry, this... this... I didn't know he came from McArthur Family." The attacker apologized. There was nothing else he could do. He was there like a sitting duck, being pressed by an aura from a Rank 3 warrior.

"I don't know him." Kleigh answered. He had got the information he knew. "Just don't blast this area!" He created a pillar using earth material, his element, he marked a McArthur clan insignia.

"Yes, Lord." The attacker answered. [Perhaps the servant who disappeared was taking lots of money on McArthur errands.] He thought. He felt relieved he didn't take a McArthur young master as a hostage. That was a good enough reason for a Rank 3 elder to intervene.

Kleigh took the people he saved outside the building. Some Redwood family's guards already arrived. They prepared a barricade the location.

"Who are you?" The captain asked.

"He is Elder Kleigh from McArthur Family." Jerry answered for Kleigh. Someone at a city defender caption didn't have the right to question someone at Kleigh status.

"Hmph..." Kleigh just snorted, and the barricade was destroyed by his aura. He opened the path himself.

"Tell the Redwood I didn't intervene! I just took these 4 people." Kleigh said. "Do not attack the McArthur insignia, we might consider it as an attack on McArthur family." Kleigh put this insignia because it was the symbol of a family. Destroying an insignia was equal to disrespecting a family.

"Yes, Sir!" The captain answered. Being a captain, he knew there were some matters, where one family couldn't intervene. If Kleigh saved all hostages, that would be equal declaring Redwood family was useless. This was Redwood city. Redwood family was the one responsible for the city security. He really wished he could use Kleigh's help. Yet he knew, the family must offer some big reward to request help from such powerful warrior. And most likely Redwood Elders wouldn't agree to save their family face.

"Jack and Jerry! Do not go home until Trevon was found! This happened during your guarding duty." Kleigh said. No matter what happened, there should be someone taking responsibility.

"I will meet Alvaro soon. I will ask him whether he had given a lifesaving treasure to Trevon. I will tell Charles to send some family guards to look for Trevon in nearby locations." He returned after saying this. "Jack you are to guard here waiting for Trevon. I believe in 30% chance, he will reappear here. Jerry, you lead the guards to check for Trevon."

There were 2 most frequent types of lifesaving treasure which could make a person disappear. The first one moved a person into a certain distance, this was the most common one. The second one took someone to the void before returning the person to the same location. The last treasure was rarer, but more useless since they enemy could waiting for them in that location.

Jack was waiting for Trevon while Jerry ordered some low-level guards to search for Trevon around. The hostage situation was still unresolvable. The Redwood family didn't want to send their young master to the danger, while the attacker didn't want to negotiate.

The scandal behind the attack also started to spread around. Perhaps, the attacker had some people helping him. Lots of smaller families would love to see Redwood prestige to reduce a bit. This might make some light-path warriors didn't want to have connections with Redwood family. It would be a long-time damage to the Redwood family power.

The reason behind the attack was exactly because of Jacob Redwood. He took a girl yesterday. The girl and the attacker were former love birds. Jacob with Redwood Family power had forced the girl's family to marry her to him in the past 3 months. Finding it was impossible for their love without the blessing from the girl family, both decided to break up a month ago. So far this was fine since both parties decided that was the best for both of them.

However, something happened after their supposed marriage. This morning the girl was found dead. It was rumored that she decided to kill herself after Jacob played with her. She wasn't married to be a concubine. No. She didn't even become a legal concubine. Jacob used her as a plaything with his friends. Since most big family would clean the mess, that was the big reason the girl found dead.

What would happen if the girl was pregnant after those young masters' game? Would one of the people included in the game marry the girl to their own family? The easy way for Redwood family was to silence her. She didn't have any decent background anyway. Yet they forget the girl's former boyfriend, he was a decent cultivator and a talisman maker.

Perhaps the attacker wanted to destroy Redwood family prestige. Unfortunately for the Redwood family, their Rank 3 elder was occupied. One was on the important meteorite mission, if he returned here there would be lesser benefits for Redwood family. The other elders were also on some missions or on a closed-door cultivation. Unlike McArthur, they didn't have as many high ranked warriors. They had tried to send a Peak Rank 2 Elder, but it was futile. The attacker had more powerful talismans.

Even the attacker has killed 5 random hostages in revenge for the Peak Rank 2 attack.

Jack was still waiting outside. This was in case young master Trevon returned. He would brave the danger and take their young master to safety. Both parties would give some face to McArthur Family.

Time kept moving. 2 hours later, Redwood family attacked again by sending a Peak Rank 2 elder and another Middle Rank 2 elder. Unfortunately, the Middle Rank 2 elder was killed by a powerful talisman. The attacker and the Peak Rank 2 elder was injured during the following chaos. 12 hostages were hurt.

This created more bad reputations for the Redwood family. It would be a low chance, but if this keeps going on people would question Redwood family's prestige and capability to defend Redwood city in the future.

Worst come worst, some families would request to transfer some of Redwood's shares in the nearby cities around the region. Perhaps even McArthur family would be included in those waiting Hyenas.

At the same time, Jerry was searching in 10.000 meters radius of the location. He had searched 1.000 meters radius and there was no trace of their young master. There were 1.000 low guards of McArthur family joining the search process. They were usually just for the number, all of them were not cultivators but they were all powerful people. Few are Rank 0 warrior, the very basic cultivator. Each of them carried a picture of Trevon. They turned him into Redwood celebrity in a few hours.

"Not in this place!" Jerry even started to check in some unruly women's houses. While there was no pleasure house in Redwood, there are some women and men did things in private. They told themselves as temporary girlfriends and boyfriends. This was not covered by the agreements. Therefore, the families took a blind eye to this practice. This was the field where gangs flourished.

Jerry decided to check just in case their young master used this chance to get some happy time. It was very hard for him to do things too badly under the constant monitoring of multiple spiritual sense in Bluestar.

Close at night, Redwood family finally called their Rank 3 elder who was in seclusion. The person was a Peak Rank 3, the most powerful person in the Redwood family. Unlike McArthur, most guardian and hidden elder of the Redwood family were not that strong. This event would reduce the probability of his cultivation breakthrough. The elder might even need to redo some of his cultivation again. This could be said as the end of the Redwood family's chance to increase their power. If the elder succeeded to increase his rank, turned into the legendary Rank 4 warrior, Redwood clan could turn from a Lion into a Dragon overnight.

After the sun was sleeping and the moon was shining, the final battle happened.

"Surrender Now! This is your last chance!" A redwood captain ordered the attacker to surrender. This was a very rare event. in the last 100 years, nobody dared to do something like this in the city.

"Tell that to Jacob! If he surrenders his life, I will surrender myself." The attacker started to realize Jacob would never appear, especially after the attack.

"If you surrender now, we can reduce your punishment. As long as you want to repay the damage, you may even able to keep your life!" The last negotiation was conducted. The Redwood family tried to milk this youngster's talisman making ability.

The Rank 3 elder was informed about the condition inside based on the last attack. There had been too many damaged to the Redwood family's prestige and powers. Rank 2 was an important person for them. One of them was killed during the previous attack.

"I will never work for a family like Redwood! I have prepared to die! Look! What happened today was because of Jacob! Because of the Redwood family! They didn't care for a small person like me or like you! Tomorrow it may be your turn to have your loved one, your wife, or your daughter to be a plaything of those Redwood family's young master!" The attacker exclaimed. He wanted to leave an everlasting damage to Redwood's guards' morale. This would reduce their loyalty even while they kept working for Redwood family.

"Enough of this!" The Peak Rank 3 Elder of Redwood family started to move. He was Viero Redwood, a former patriarch of Redwood family. He jumped into the building. The speed of a Peak Rank 3 was even higher than Kleigh. He used his aura to press the attacker to totally immobilize the attacker. Unfortunately, after what was happening with Kleigh, the attacker was more prepared against a Rank 3 warrior. He was already prepared a timer formation with those explosive talismans.

"Hahaha! See you in the hell!"

"RUN!!!" The elder quickly attacked the attacker while jumping outside the building.

"DHUAAAAAAAARRR!!!" A big explosive happened. While the elder managed to neutralize some of the talismans. The attacker managed to explode the rest. The coin exchange building was totally destroyed. From the ruin of the building, some survivors were found.

Only the insignia of McArthur family was left behind. Perhaps the attacker put some protective talisman around the insignia. Perhaps it was a form of some thanks for Kleigh not disturbing his plan or perhaps because he was afraid to face repercussion. Even death wouldn't allow one to escape from Great Family. This was the big gap between the McArthur family and the Redwood family.

The Peak Rank 3 elder obtained some injuries. It will turn even worse for his future cultivation. This would also indirectly kill Jacob. An important person injured because of some spoiled young master. The elder assembly would give a severe punishment. Perhaps equal to death for the spoiled young master like Jacob.

Jack was helping with the rescue team. He was focused to clear the debris around the earth wall created by Kleigh.

He was then waiting for his young master.

Jerry came a few hours later.

"Have you found the young master?" Jack asked Jerry.

"Not Yet, I have checked everywhere, but so far we hadn't found him. I am about to increase the search area to 20.000 meters. D*mn! What did our young master use? I believe you and I know he didn't have any treasures on his storage ring."

"I don't know. Do you want to change? I will search the area and you wait here!" Jack offered.

"No. I couldn't stand to stay during this kind of crisis. Perhaps there would be more danger in this location." Jerry knew he was weaker than Jack.

"Fine." Jack returned to waiting. Jerry also ordered to increase the search region.

This was the annoying part of being a bodyguard. Even when their own young master disappeared using his own treasure, his bodyguards became the victims.

Jack was sleepy, a Rank 1 warrior still need night sleep. When suddenly he sensed a strange movement in spiritual energy.

"Hey! What is this earth wall?"

Jack was surprised, he heard his young master voice. [Where are he?]

"Hey! Is there any person here? Jack? Jerry?"

[It is the young master.] "I am here young master! Wait! I will destroy the earth wall." Jack slapped the earth wall. The wall was only cracked, it clearly showed the difference between Jack and Kleigh.

"Be careful Jack!" Trevon was happy to be back. "Hahaha. There is no annoying Rabbink here."

"Yes, I agree those little rabbinks are annoying. But do not forget to give them food!" A voice was heard next to Trevon.

"WAAAAA!" Trevon screamed.

"What happen young master?" Jack was surprised. [Is there something worse?] He tore the wall more aggressively.

"Hey! Be careful! I am OK. I am OK." Trevon screamed. He almost got hit by the earth wall.

"OK, Young Master!" Jack was very happy. He reduced his clearing speed.

A few minutes later Jack found their young master! He was very healthy and clean except for some small bruises.

"Are you fine, Young Master?" Jack asked. Jack tried to check Trevon. [He is fine] Jack thought after checking using his spiritual sense. "What happened, Young Master? You suddenly disappeared."

"Wait! You don't see anything?" Trevon asked. [There is this big smiling Rabbink next to me. You don't find this strange? He even moving around you. He even materialized multiple clapping-hands.]

At the same time, Master Rabbink was flying around. "Gwahahaha, Master Rabbink is back! Wait, stupid bandits! This time I won't lose my pupil. I am back!" It screamed. Then it materialized multiple clapping hands.

"Are you sure you don't see, hear, or smell anything?" Trevon asked. [Do I see things?]

"No." Jack answered. [You smell a bit like rabbink's smell, but it was very light. I can't say that, right?]

"Fine. Let's go home. I am tired." Trevon was frustrated. He hadn't removed the annoying things.

Jack and Trevon then returned to the family pavilion. Charles wanted to interrogate Trevon, but Trevon pretended to lost his consciousness right before entering the pavilion.

[There might be something forgotten. Is this about Trevon or the mission?] Charles thought. [Ah, it is nothing. I should go back to the elder assembly.]

At the same time, in the middle of Redwood City. "Have you found the young master?" Jerry was still looking for Trevon. Somebody forgot to tell him!

MasterRabbink MasterRabbink

Chapter for 12/07/2018. This was another different view when Trevon disappeared.

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