42.1% Endless Universes - Young Master Path - The 1368th / Chapter 54: Grand Elder Issabella

Chapter 54: Grand Elder Issabella

Trevon continued to repeat the table mission until 17.00. Berger had returned. The kid reported that he and his team had posted the posters in various places.

Trevon decided to visit fruit merchant. While Jonathan paid the kids first before he would meet with Trevon in the fruit merchant area. It wasn't hard to find Trevon in the fruit merchant area. He would gather numerous passersby. Nobody was crazy to ask so many fruits from a fruit merchant like Trevon. Since he came every day, he had become the attraction in the fruit market.

His name even appeared in the newest Redwood travel booklet as one of the wonders in the Redwood Fruit Market Area. Of course, Trevon didn't know this. He had an older version before he came to Redwood.

Trevon painted some painting with Aya as his model after the dinner. He had told Aya to come to Grand Master Vale's house every day.

He completed the day after feeding the little rabbinks, selling Uncle Bow's boxes, and pressing the usual troublemeter. He got a small earthquake for his trouble. Luckily it only made him feel a bit afraid.

At the same time, he didn't know another earthquake was ready in Redwood.

Five hooded people entered the city. They kept a low profile and entered the city as some bodyguards for a merchant caravan. The caravan quietly passed the gate through one of the thousand smaller gates.

However, behind those hoods were the faces whose names were enough to move the fate of million people. They were the famous Grand Elders of McArthur family.

Elder Josephine was waiting in one of the city gates. She had received a report that the family leader group moved faster because of the widespread mutations news.

She had disguised as a young lady with several bodyguards. Josephine wore a common merchant family robe. The robe was gold-colored with several images of local Redwood flowers. She also wore a veil to avoid attracting people attraction.

Today she had changed many decorations inside the temporary house. Even the mission was a secret one, some grand elders had their own preferences as the most powerful people on the continent.

Josephine finally spotted the group of five. The merchant caravan was a fake small caravan prepared by her to wait outside. She slowly walked from the gate without looking back and went to several crowded streets. Even her bodyguards didn't manage to follow her and slowly separated. Each moved in different directions.

After around fifteen minutes of moving around the city, she finally entered a common rich merchant house. It was a high walled house with a large garden, a fake lake, and a fake mountain as the decorations.

She only waited for five minutes before five silhouettes appeared.

"There are three groups of people who followed you." One of the hooded people said.

Josephine was surprised. She had tried her best not to attract attention. She quickly kneeled. "Josephine feels sorry to trouble Grand Elders."

"It is no problem dear. Your uncle just needed to use some secret arts to make those people walked into a different target." The spoiled woman laughed before supported Josephine. She raised her from the kneeling position.

"Aih! My daughter has already grown." The woman happily hugged Josephine to the embarrassment of the female elder.

"Grand Elder Issabella, we are still in an official business. Your mother and daughter talk could wait later." The leader of the hooded people said.

"Fine. Fine. We should enter the house first before we talked about some official business. Hehehe." Grand Elder Issabella laughed. "I need to take my beauty care after one week on the road." She quickly hooked her arm with Josephine and went inside the house.

"Grand Elder Issabella is correct. Let's us enter the house first." The other female grand elder in the group said.

All of them quickly entered the house and activated several privacy formations. They went to a secret room under the house.

Josephine prepared some tea and snacks for the Grand Elders. No maid was in the house to keep the secrecy. Only an old couple lived in the house to act as the owner of the house to the public. However, they stayed in the big house in front while the hidden room was located in the back.

"Sorry for the inconvenience, Grand Elders. This is the best secret house we have in Redwood." Josephine started with an apologize.

"It is fine. We are more interested in the information." The leader said.

"Yes, Family Leader." Josephine took some documents from her storage ring. The people seated around the table in the middle of the room.

"This is the report from the exploration group." She shared the documents with the five people.

The group used a special decoder to open the documents' seals. After that, they read the report.

"So, we have two big matters in the city." Family Leader concluded the report.

"The first one is the meteorite." He looked to Grand Elder Issabella. "The second one is about the mysterious expert."

Josephine nodded. "Yes."

"Are there any other families who know about the mysterious expert?" The family Leader asked Josephine.

"Based on our spies in other families. Nobody knew. Trevon is a famous spoiled young master in Bluestar. Therefore, most people thought that those were just some troubles caused by him."

"Then, we should focus on the first problem first." The leader declared. "What is your opinion? Let's start with Grand Elder Owen."

"They are connected based on the report. However, I agree that we need to get the meteorite first." One of the black hooded people was Grand Master Owen. He was the one who teased Isabella about her husband previously.

"I agree with Grand Elder Owen." The other man in the group said. He still said in the serious tone.

"I also agree with Grand Elder Owen. The meteorite is the most important thing." The other woman in the group said.

"What about you Grand Elder Issabella?" The leader asked.

"Well, I just tagged along. So, you guys could do your own mission. This is the mission for the four of you in the first place. I will visit my grandson and wait for my son to back from the forest." She didn't care about the mission.

The family leader already knew the habit of Grand Elder Issabella. He just said for giving a face to her.

"Fine. We will do as the plan." He decided. "Remember?"

"Yes. I am a grand elder after all." Issabella lazily agreed.

"Family Leader, about the mysterious expert?" Josephine asked.

"We will keep our current relationship. We should not move until we reach a better understanding of the expert. However, Trevon should maintain friendly relations with the expert." He looked into Issabella. The female grand elder had taken some cleansing makeup from her storage ring.

Josephine only nodded.

"Do not worry! I am listening." Issabella said.

"We will take the decision on the meteorite. Grand Elder Owen and Grand Elder Vivian will check the meteorite site tomorrow. I and Grand Elder Spencer will check the beast king."

"Yes. The disguise identities had been prepared. We will have a hunter team go to the forest tomorrow. They will go with Family Elder and Grand Elder Spencer." Josephine said. "All of them will wait for you before they return to the city."

"Grand Elder Vivian will disguise as one of the beast tamers. While Grand Elder Owen will disguise as one the miners. We have several teams already in the forest, people wouldn't notice that." Josephine took four packages and gave it to the four grand elders.

"This is beast cages." She took four small cages. Inside a pair of purple birds was sleeping. "If Grand Elders wants us to do something, these Lightning Pigeon had been trained to send the message directly to the pavilion. Only an elder could read their message."

Each grand elder took the cage.

Then we will take the time to rest. "May the family ancestors bless us!" The family leader said.

"May the family ancestors bless us!" The rest said.

The next day came and Trevon woke earlier. He practiced the usual '1.000 Holy Flashes' Earth level, but he didn't make some progress. [Oh... God! Why it is so hard!] He complained.

"You should buy instant learning from this Rabbink." Master Rabbink said.

"I am not stupid to use Instant Learning for a martial art." Trevon said. He knew it was better to use those instant learning for life skills, especially the professions.

Aya had started to sense the spiritual energy, but she hadn't managed to become a cultivator yet. Trevon told her to focus more of her physical training. He was afraid his future Rank 4 warrior needed to participate in the beast waves.

The one who increased her power was Nana. She almost managed to reach Beginner Rank 1 demon beast. Trevon carefully cleaned the mouse's fur. After one level up, one would expel some impurities on one's body. This was the main reason why Trevon was told go to his room when he ranked up in front of Alvaro.

The impurities were stinky and it came from the pills, spiritual treasures, and foods eaten by the cultivator.

Trevon scouted the cleaned mouse again.

[Name: Nana]

[Age: 1 months]

[Sex: Female]

[Species: Snow Mouse]

[Potential: 5/96]

[Determination: 88]

[Cultivation Speed: 91]

[Loyalty: 70]

[Talent: Eating, Burrowing, Breeding, Jumping]

[Ability: Mouse Bite]

The important point was Trevon gave her only spiritual foods. This would increase her cultivation speed. No wild demon beast could enjoy a full diet of spiritual foods.

Sometimes Trevon envied the demon beasts. They only needed to eat or live around a spiritual treasure and they would grow stronger.

Trevon took a bath before he pressed the troublemeter and he felt relieved when he didn't hear Aya's voice.

[No Raina for today.] He was feeling happy until he received a free bird poo in the end.

Trevon took a bath again and went to the family pavilion for breakfast. He also needed to report that he had posted the poster yesterday.

Trevon had just exited his house when he saw someone who should not be here.

The woman had a long black hair, a phoenix pin decorated the beautiful hair. Her feminine chin was sharp and dainty. The long and delicate fingers hold on a huge black umbrella to cover her white jade-like skin. A pair of arrogant but clear eyes looked into Trevon's direction. While a smile blossomed in her pink colored small and thin lips. The white and pink colored robes couldn't hide her beautiful curve and the large pair of female pride on her chest.

[Potential: 69/73]

[Whoa!] He was surprised. He had used his Scout skill automatically this day when he saw a beautiful lady.

[Lv 1 Job Mission: Find a person with talents at least 66.]

[Job Mission completed.]

[User got 100 very low chances to increase your job level.]

He didn't get the level up.

"Trevon!" The beautiful woman called Trevon. She closed her umbrella and put it in her storage ring.

"Grandma?" Trevon said in disbelieve. He didn't believe he would meet his grandmother in Redwood. She often cultivated in the family village. The young master had only met her a few times but each time was a few weeks.

He quickly scouted again to ensure he didn't dream.

[Name: Issabella McArthur]

[Age: 886 Years]

[Sex: Female]

[Species: Human]

[Potential: 69/73]

[Determination: 72]

[Cultivation Speed: 91]

[Loyalty: 44]

[Talent: Dancing, Playing Music, Makeup, Fighting – Fan, Fighting – Sword, Cooking.]

He didn't check her abilities since an elder character would often just flooded him with a too long panel. Master Rabbink was unhappy with it. Trevon removed its chance to get free word counts for its novel.

"Well, my grandson had already grown!" She felt satisfied with Trevon. From all her grandsons, Trevon looked very similar to her. This gene is the reason why Trevon was a beautifully handsome young man. She quickly hooked her hand with Trevon.

"You will act as my younger brother today. Hehehe." She laughed.

"Why is grandma here?" Trevon asked.

"What else? I heard your father is forcing you to Redwood."

Trevon really cried. He hugged his grandmother like an innocent kid who was falsely punished.

"Grandma, you need to help me. I will also study hard in Bluestar." Trevon declared.

When people saw Trevon, most people would think that he was a seventeen or eighteen years old man because of his height. However, inside, he was only a young fifteen-year-old boy. Added with the duration he spent in the cultivation, his mental age was even younger. Therefore, he always acted like a young kid.

"Oh, my dear Trevon, you looked ugly this way." His grandmother removed the tear from Trevon eyes.

"Do not worry! I will teach that ice cold son of mine." She smiled.

Trevon acted like he was an innocent kid who just got a license to punch his friend. [Mission completed. Hehehe.]

"Grandma is the best."

"Which is better your grandma or grandpa?" She asked.

"Of course, Grandma!" Trevon knew which feet, he needed to lick at this time. He would say grandpa in front of his grandfather.

"Let's go eat!" Issabella quickly took Trevon. "You have to show me the best food in the city."

Trevon's plan for today needed to be changed. He couldn't report to the office. Therefore, he told Jonathan to report on his place about the recruitment. At least, he had done the job.

He didn't care about the kids. The kids would gather in the gallery whether he came or not. In the worst case, he would send Jonathan to pay their wages.

Trevon also said that Jonathan could find him in the Redwood Kitchen, one of the famous restaurants in Redwood.

Redwood Kitchen was a famous restaurant owned by the Redwood Family. Only Redwood Family could use the name Redwood in a store in the city. However, some merchant paid some money to the family every year to be able to use the name in their store.

The specialty of Redwood Kitchen was its dumpling. It was the best in Redwood. Although it was based on Raina's word when she took her around the Central Marketway. The restaurant offered cute steamed and fried dumplings. This was also the first time Trevon visited the place.

They took twenty minutes slow walk to the place. Trevon saw a three-story building with a common Heavenly Phoenix style. Two big red pillars in front of the main door to hold the balcony above. The building had several eaves with several phoenixes statues on top of those eaves. A big wooden signboard hung above the open door with the word 'Redwood Kitchen' on it.

"Finally, I found a dim sum in your place." Master Rabbink felt happy. It quickly floated to the bar who had those dumplings. The Rabbink started to look around the bar.

[You can't eat in front of my grandmother.] Trevon declared. He didn't want her to see missing dumplings on the table.

"What? You choose a beautiful woman over your mighty master?" Master Rabbink felt hurt.

[Who is your student? I haven't given you the kowtow. You can eat behind her.] Trevon said. He knew this Rabbink thought food as the most important thing.

"Fine." Master Rabbink quickly moved through the steamed dumpling. Trevon could see some dumplings was disappeared.

[I will just give them extra tips.] He thought in his heart. As a young master, he would feel embarrassed if he was found out couldn't pay for his and his companion's foods.

Trevon and his grandmother sat at one table, while Jerry, Jack, Kevin, and Lance sat at another table not far from them. Trevon wanted to go to a VIP room, however, his grandmother wanted to eat near the steaming bar. There was no way he didn't follow her demands.

[Who is she?] Lance asked Jerry and Jack. He had never seen a woman so beautiful. The young bodyguard had heard she called Trevon by his name and Trevon called her his grandma. However, she was young and looked like Trevon. [Is she Young Master's older cousin?] He asked using spiritual sense.

[You should forget everything today. You see nothing. You comment nothing.] Jack said. He rarely spoke unless it was important.

[She is our young master's elder sister. Do not answer other than that!] Jerry was also fast. As Alvaro's bodyguard, he had heard about their master's mother. She could be considered as a famous celebrity in the top cultivator's circle. However, she often made difficulties for others.

Jerry had heard that Trevon inherited her unreasonable trait. Whatever she wanted, she would get it or she would make some troubles. Since she had asked Trevon to be her brother, then all bodyguards would have to act as she was Trevon's elder sister.

Kevin and Lance nodded.

[Whatever she said, we have to do it.] Jerry said through his spiritual sense to Jonathan, Kevin, and Lance.

The pair of grandmother and grandson quickly took many dumplings. The place really sold delicious foods. Master Rabbink took even more dumplings from the kitchen.

Issabella didn't eat a lot. She preferred to enjoy the unique shape of the dumpling.

Trevon didn't forget to feed Nana. He put her on the table and took some spiritual foods from the storage ring. Nana looked a few times into the dumplings. However, Trevon would never feed her with common foods.

"Is this mouse your contracted demon beast?" Issabella asked Trevon. She had seen the mouse from the beginning but didn't talk about it.

"Yes. She is the best mouse in the world." Trevon didn't believe it would be easy to find another mouse with potential as high as Nana. She was the biggest reward for coming to Redwood.

"I could give you a better pet." Issabella thought the mouse didn't suit Trevon. Her grandson should have either a tiger type, a dog type, or a bird type demon beast.

"No. Thank you, Grandma." Trevon didn't want Nana to be angry. The mouse had stopped eating. It was a rare action. "I wouldn't even give her to Grandma or Grandpa."

"Oh, you like her so much?" Issabella didn't know Trevon like the mouse. She took a dumpling and place it near Nana. The mouse quickly ate those. Trevon didn't comment on this, he didn't give the foods to Nana, so it was fine. Nana could easily forgive matter as long as she got delicious foods.

"Of course!" Trevon started to pick some dumplings to his plate.

"You could not eat that!" She stopped Trevon chopsticks with her. "I want that." She acted like she was really Trevon's elder sister. With her face, most people would believe that she was only twenty-two or twenty-five years old.

The pair of grandmother and grandson talked about various things about Trevon in Bluestar.

Of course, a happy food in a beautiful restaurant would not complete with an annoying fly.

A young master suddenly sat in front of Trevon next to Issabella.

"May I offer to treat the beautiful lady?" A handsome young master said.

Issabella acted as the young master didn't exist. Even the Heavenly Phoenix princes had tried to get her hand in marriage when she was young. Even the crown prince almost traded his king inheritance for her hand. However, she didn't want to quit her family. Therefore, this little baby didn't deserve her attention.

[Name: Jaxon Punmel]

[Age: 32 Years]

[Potential: 11/16]

Trevon only looked for this information when he checked another young master.

[Another useless young master.] Trevon thought.

He almost cried when he looked at this situation. The young master had become a fan of webnovel and had read many novels lately. This was the classic situation in those novels. However, it should happen to a child of God. He is a young master. Therefore, this situation was strange.

[I wore an expensive robe, right?] Trevon didn't know why this young man didn't care about his status. Most hero in the novel was too low profiler so they were being picked. [Should I become more arrogant?] He thought.

The young master kept pestering Issabella.

[There is a code, Bro!] Trevon wanted to complain. He had never taken another man's partner because he knew this code from his brothers in Bluestar.

As long as he didn't see a man, Trevon actually had done the same things. In Bluestar, whenever he saw a beautiful lady with only female friends, he would quickly go to the lady's table and offered her some tea or to treat her.

Trevon had a beautiful face and a tall and chocolate cultivator abs. Of course, it wouldn't be hard for him to make the girls received his offer. Added to his confidence and his wealth, most common girls couldn't resist his advance. However, he always failed after he introduced his name or on the first date if the girl hadn't heard his name.

He looked angrily at Master Rabbink's direction in the kitchen.

"This is not because of me." Master Rabbink quickly returned to the room. "I didn't change any destiny."

More than food, seeing Trevon's fight would increase its novel view. The Rabbink couldn't wait for the fight to start. Master Rabbink only needed to build some tension. It started to mend a little destiny. Gwahahaha.

[I want you to make his parents could not recognize him.] Issabella sent a spiritual sense message to her grandson. She didn't like her enjoyment destroyed by this baby. This was the final gong to start the fight.

[Glup...] Trevon didn't want to fight. He and the young master were at the same level.

[This is dangerous.] He thought. However, at this time he knew the feeling of those main characters in the novel when a young master suddenly come to grab his companion. He had to fight for his pride. He was the number one young master in the end.

[Doesn't he see my face or robes?] Trevon felt the young master was disrespectful to him. He looked to the smiling fly.

[Finally, a spoiled young master versus spoiled young master.] Master Rabbink thought.

MasterRabbink MasterRabbink

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