Chapter 19: Hinata 2.0 status 2


Name: Hinata Hyuga

Rank: Anbu of Konoha/Genin 15 ap each lvl + 15 each 5 lvl

lvl -60 4 576 243 exp to lvl 61

Hp 41000/41000+200 per end point

Ckr 56000/56000+200 ckr for each attribute point added.250+30





Attribute point:272

System point:3 742 962

Official Party:

Kakashi Hatake lvl 64

Naruto Uzumaki lvl 48

Sasuke Uchiha lvl 47

Temporary party:


Chakra affinity:

Futon 100%

Suiton 100%

Hyoton 100%

Raiton 100%

Katon 100%

Scorch 75%

Doton 100%


pack Killer,

beast hunter,

Konoha beast killer,

chakra otaku

skill otaku

master of the hyuga technique,

skill creator

master of fuinjutsu

youngest genius of the Hyuga




perfect accuracy

master of weaponry

good citizen of Konoha

Accomplished medic + 10% to all medic skill

Little Kitsune


Evil Prankster

Teammate +5% to all stat for the team, only work in team of 4 or more.


Konoha exalted max

Uchiha clan exalted max

Anbu max


Fox sandal + 14 agl, soft pant + 15 end

Fox mesh undershirt+13 end

Black Fox mantle+22 end

bonus set +20 chakra point + 12 agl

Lucky pendant + 15 luck

Black scarf of the wind +5 agl - 10% chk to all wind jutsu

Twin blade Yuki no Yume + 15 agility each + 20 strength + 10 chakra +5 end each -10% on all ice jutsu

*Black fox mask + 10 end modification of the user voice indestructible by normal mean- unequip

Piercing of the snow goddess - 25% chakra to all ice jutsus

*Black mantle- unequip

Five elemental arm guard - 20% chakra use for the five main element

Clear mind ring upon, activation 30 minute immunity to all control skill 2 hour cooldown

Kyuketsuki,chakra dagger, can easily be enhanced with chakra of any type. 30 centimeter long but can become twice the length if it absorb the iron in the blood of it's victimes. This short dagger has been created by Hinata Hyuga after reverse engineering the executioner blade. +50% blood lost

**** Bloodline and skills****


Hyuga clan :user naturally possess Byakugan and can learn any skill related just by being taught.

Void Eyes those eyes possess the ability of space itself and completely remove any blind-spot from the Byakugan upon awakening User can learn more easily space time jutsu and see space rift that can be linked together via the use of chakra.

Yuki clan bloodline technique can be learn at a low cost from there on or user can create new one.

Uchiha clan, Sharingan 2 tomoe can unlock more when proficiency reach max lvl of each step

Skill set:

soft palm tai lvl 10 max + 15% atk

substitution nin lvl 10 max

clone gen lvl 10 max

body flicker tai lvl 10

transformation gen lvl 10 max

Chakra master passive neu lvl 10 max -50% chakra usage

shadow clone nin lvl 10 max

mass shadow clone lvl 10 max

perfect shadow lvl 10 max (create clone that can generate their own chakra without burdening the original can live forever if not killed or negated.)

Tree climbing lvl 10 max

Byakugan blood lvl 10 max

Void Eyes blood lvl 10 max

strong fist tai lvl 10 max + 10% atk

analyze none lvl 10 max

hell vision lvl 10 max range 30 m

hand seal level 10 max

High grade item box 500 space

water walking lvl 10 max

rasengan lvl 10 max

futon rasenshuriken lvl 10 max

futon chakra blade lvl 10 max

talisman creation lvl 10 max

assembling lvl 10 max

master blacksmith lvl 10 max

futon cannonball lvl 10 max

futon hand blade lvl 10 max

space time travel fuinjutsu seal lvl 10

sneak 10 max

healing palm lvl 10 max 100 hp recovery per 10 seconds close superficial wound

total detox palm lvl 10 max

chakra scalpel lvl 10 max

Life regeneration lvl 10 max recover 180% hp and close any wound on the body

Divine turn lvl 10 max

soft fist 64 strike lvl 10 max render opponent chakra useless for half an hour at less

soft fist dragon bite lvl 10 unique

Invocation lvl 10 max

master cook lvl 10 max

weapon master lvl 10 max

throwing master lvl 10 max

Ten gate lvl 8 29% can open up to the deadly eight gate

pain immunity lvl 10 max

poison resistance lvl 10

Rebirth regeneration lvl 10 max can bring back from the death a person that had been afflicted with a deadly wound and can regenerate lost limbs( chakra cost 65% of total user chakra can only be used 3 time a day no chakra reduction is possible with this skill)

Suiton water clone lvl 10 max

Suiton water shot lvl 10 max

Suiton water wall lvl 10 max + 575% to defense

Suiton water weapon lvl 10 max + 275% dmg can create a weapon out of water( the hardness of the weapon is totally dependent on the user control)

Piercing punch lvl 10 max

Hyoton Ice Killer Needle lvl 10 max

Hyoton Blizzard breath lvl 10 max

Hyoton Ice wall lvl 10 max +725% def

Hyoton Ice weapon lvl 10 max + 425% dmg the hardness is dependent on the chakra used

Hyoton Dream of snow hell lvl 10 max special technique each drop of snow are copied over a hundred time with a genjutsu and each real snowdrop can immediately freeze any part of one body it land on but the worst part is the technique still is in effect even when it drop to the ground produce 1000 real snowdrop of extremely condensed Hyoton chakra

Raiton shock palm lvl 10 max :99% chance to restart the heart of a person that has not lost their heart beat for more than 5 minutes.

Sharingan 2 tomoe lvl 8 84%

Yin Yang seal of the spiritless beast no lvl the chakra of the one sealed is divided in two part of Yin and Yang chakra and seal the mind of the one sealed aways under a five layered seal of all the main element of chakra Wind, Fire, Water, Earth and Lightning making for the third strongest seal in the world but this one is more stable than any of them as the mind of the sealed individual can't infert with his chakra.

Tailed chakra control technique lvl 8 29% :create tail of chakra, technique uniquely to be used with the Ten gate release will create tail of chakra numbered to the number of gate opened. The tail can be used as limbs and the chakra inside each of them can be changed and shaped, although it require a great control over one chakra to do it. The number of tail is dependent of the number of gates opened but also of the lvl of the technique.

Raiton railgun shot lvl 10 max

Raiton hyperstimulation lvl 10 max

Katon dragon breath lvl 10 max

Katon spiral of fire lvl 9 55%

Katon fire senbon lvl 10 max

Scorch Heavenly fire breath 10 max

Scorch white fireblade lvl 8 22% + 475% dmg

Scorch Rasenshuriken lvl 5 27%

Doton barrier of earth lvl 7 63% +450% def

Doton earth spear lvl 7 91%

Doton earth clone lvl 3 12%

Intermediary Pharmacist lvl 6 46% User can brew potion and create pills using a furnace only potion know of basic and under can be used higher potion study will give proficiency to the user.

Intermediary Herbalism lvl 9 72% Using the Byakugan the user can see all herbs he know about in the color red.

Flying Thunder God lvl 10 max can produce the markers and jump to them to an infinite range as long as user has chakra for it cost twice the chakra from over 1000 km

Suiton water dragon lvl 5 20%

Suiton the great waterfall lvl 6 62%

Hyoton Ice trap lvl 9 14%

Demonic seal of the Uzumaki no lvl can imprisoned any evil chakra inside a living container. Posses 9 layer of seal that each restrain a portion of evil entity chakra. This is the strongest seal known to mankind.

Healing seal no lvl once made into a tag the seal can automatically transform anyone chakra channelled through it into Iryojutsu chakra to heal wound.

Impure resurrection perfected version lvl 8 10% this technique require the body part of the one resurrected but the receptacle is a perfect shadow. It is also possible to change the physiognomy from the time of death of the one resurrected with this skill it's used on, either maximizing his strength or on the contrary making him or her be in a weaker version of himself.

MrKag MrKag

Yeah i kind of forgot it might be nice to put the status a bit sooner well there you go it for now

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  • RiftarWannaSmash


    Thanks for the status i guess.

  • MrKag


    kind of forgot the status for a bit i am not writing Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi status just their lvls

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