52.72% BlackCrown / Chapter 58: BlackCrown: The First Year (III) Pt. 7

Chapter 58: BlackCrown: The First Year (III) Pt. 7

Nick had a lot on his mind. His father's plan that he may have, a fiancee that was not in his plans, the case with Shadow, and Alex.

Nick put the thought of his father at the back of his head for now. Whatever he was up to, Nick would eventually figure it out. Something was telling Nick that whatever Klyde had in store, he would not see it until much later.

For now, he had to deal with his fiancee. She was not bad looking and her temperament seemed fine. Nick did not have a problem getting to know her. That might also be because she looks like Alex, and those two were very close to each other.

His break only lasted so long, so he wanted to learn more about Celia. If not for romantic purposes, it can be used for information. He also wanted to ask her a few questions.

On his way back home, Nick decided to stop by a fast food restaurant. Usually, these places would have five or ten people waiting in line, but for some reason, Nick only saw two people in line. Since the line was so short he might as well grab something to eat.

It would be a change of pace from the food he's been eating on campus. It might not compare to the food on campus, but fast food always tastes good when it is fresh.

Nick walked into the building and stood behind a young woman with silver hair curled at the end. The end tips were dyed purple.

Nick thought she looked familiar so he moved his body a bit to catch a glance of her face.

She must have noticed Nick as she turned around.

Yeah, it was her.

"I didn't know you stayed around here."

Nick told her.

She was wearing a black shirt with a purple heart in the middle. A small silver necklace that complemented her black eyes. She was still wearing a pair of black stockings that stopped right before it got to her upper thigh. Instead of a skirt, she wore jean shorts that were a bit tight.

The last time these two spoke was a week ago when Nick was collecting information on the class before their break started.

"Hey Nick. Funny seeing you by yourself considering you are always with those two. Three if you count the other one."

At her reply Nick only gave her a light smile.

It was true, he was always with Freya and Matthew. The only time they were not together was when they had club activities going on.

Just thinking about it, Nick almost forgot about Freya. She had a competition coming up when they return to school. Freya asked him to come watch.

There's been so much going on that he nearly forgot about it. Nick made a mental note to himself that he should write it down.

She would probably try to kill him if she knew he forgot about it. Nick would not be able to recover his mother's legs if he was dead, so he couldn't let that happen.

"Well yeah, not everyone stays in New York. It would probably be more fun if they did though."

Nick saw the person in front of Isabel leave after ordering their food. He motioned for her to go forward, since she was turned around.

Isabel ordered her food and Nick followed right behind her. He was not that hungry so he only ordered a salad with a lemonade.

Once the two of them got their meals, they sat down at a small table.

"You're eating pretty light. Aren't guys supposed to eat more?"

Nick glanced down at his salad and looked over at her two chicken wraps.

"Guess we are in the opposite roles here."

Nick told her as he started to eat his salad. Isabel rolled her eyes and dug into her chicken wrap.

She enjoyed this type of meal the most. This was her favorite restaurant because they always cooked up their food fresh. Some fast food joints claimed they served it fresh but everyone knew it was a few hours old. They only reheated it to make it hot again.

Sure the wait on the food was a bit long, but it was worth it.

As for eating two chicken wraps, that was another story. She just had a craving for it that she could not stop.

Both Nick and Isabel ate their food while they did a little light talking. Isabel started to eat her second chicken wrap but stopped halfway.

She puffed her cheeks and sighed.

"I can't eat anymore."

She whined.

Nick reached over and grabbed the wrap off her plate. He took a bite out of it.

"This is not half bad, maybe I should have gotten this instead."

Isabel glared at Nick. She did not expect him to start eating her food when she claimed she was full. She was angry at first, but then she realized that she already bit off of the wrap. Nick was also eating that same wrap.

She tried not to think about it, but the more she tried to restrain her thoughts the more her cheeks turned red.

"You ok?"

Nick asked her as he reached over to feel her forehead. It was a bit hot but nothing too serious.

"I'm fine. Why did you eat my wrap? Did you not have enough salad?"

Isabel questioned him.

"Well it would be a waste to let your money go down the drain. Instead of throwing it away, someone might as well eat it. Since you can't, I'll do you the favor of finishing it off. No need for thanks."

Isabel couldn't help but roll her eyes at his answer. Nick was lucky she did not carry her revolver around with her or else she would have shot him.

As Nick ate the wrap, Isabel received a message on her phone. She glanced it over and let out a sigh.

Nick glanced at her but did not ask anything. He would not pry into her business. They were just classmates, that was all.

Nick finished the wrap up and scooted his seat back getting ready to get up.

Isabel did the same.

"Oh right, are you busy friday?"

Isabel asked Nick right before he was getting ready to leave.

Nick stopped and thought about it for a moment.

"What's going on friday?"

FishThatsBlue FishThatsBlue

Sorry for the absence, I was a bit occupied and didn't have much time to do anything.

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