53.63% BlackCrown / Chapter 59: BlackCrown: The First Year (III) Pt. 8

Chapter 59: BlackCrown: The First Year (III) Pt. 8

Besides training his body after he got home from eating, Nick read a few books before he finally headed off to bed.

When Isabel asked him if he was free on friday he wanted to know why she suddenly asked. Turns out her mother invited her out to a gathering which Isabel could take someone with her. Isabel did not want to show up alone and all the males she could contact were not in the state at the moment. That or she was not close to them.

The gathering was one where a person usually brought someone of the opposite sex. Isabel could not invite her female friends or else it may look weird.

She was grateful she met Nick at the time she did. Although they are not exactly close she knew that he had little interest in her.

Nick told her to give him some time to think it over.

Just like that the night passed and a new day arrived.

When Nick woke up, it dawned on him that he had to take Celia to the mall today.

The mall was not a place Nick visit's often. He would go once a year if that. Most of the time he orders off the web.

Nick hopped out of bed and grabbed a set of clothes to wear. With them in hand, he headed to the lower floor to shower only to find Charles standing at the door.

Since Charles was standing guard Nick figured that Celia was inside. He wondered how she would wash herself if he was not with her.

Nick turned around and was about to leave but the door opened up. Celia walked out with a white towel wrapped around her hair. Another white towel clung around her body. Steam came out from the bathroom making the scene a bit more intense. It was something out of anime.

Nick was not a fan of anime, but he has seen a few shows. Anime was not as big as it used to be and was slowly dying.

Celia placed her hand out and Charles grabbed it as he led her away.

Now that the bathroom was empty Nick went inside. Twenty minutes passed by quickly and Nick came out wearing a fresh set of clothes.

He was wearing dark grey ripped jeans with a tight fitted white shirt.

Nick went into the living room and saw his mother watching the news.

"The police has discovered multiple bodies spread across the city. All the victims have been killed in the same fashion."

A news reporter started talking about what was occurring before an image flashed across the screen.

Nick noticed the body's markings and took a mental note. It looked like the same markings on the body he found the other day.

The screen changed to a different channel.

"Who could do such a thing?"

Olivia said softly.

She looked at Nick who looked at her.

"Don't be out too late, who knows what will happen."

Olivia told him.

She could not stop him from being out late but she would surely tell him not to. Olivia did not want anything happening to her son.

"You don't have to worry, I'll be fine."

Nick told her.

She gave him 'that' look, letting him know she was serious.

"Alright, I'll be back in before dark. Happy?"


She said with a smile across her face.

"Are you set to leave sir?"

Charles asked Nick.

"Yeah, I'm ready to go."

Nick replied to Charles as he turned his head.

He saw Celia wearing a grey one-piece dress. It stopped a few inches above her knee, so it showed off her long slender legs.

Compared to what she wore when she arrived, this was much better. Nick thought to himself.

The one piece did not cling too tightly to Celia's body, but it was tight enough to where you could make out her curves. Nick had to admit her figure was well perfect.

"You look beautiful."

Nick said to Celia.

He was not just playing around with words here as he truly meant it.

Celia bowed her head down a bit.

"Thank you. You have a good sense of taste as well."

Celia replied to Nick.

Olivia shooed them away. She did not know how long they would be out for but she hoped not too long.

The three of them left out of the house and entered into a sleek black car. Both Celia and Nick got into the backseat while Charles hopped into the driver's seat. He turned his head and saw Nick help Celia fasten her seatbelt.

"Where are we going?"

Charles asked as he started the car up.

"To the new mall that just opened up. It should be on twelfth street."

Nick answered Charles.

As the car pulled off, Olivia who was inside the house sighed. She turned her wheelchair around as she reached for a book and opened it. Inside was not pages, it instead held a phone.

It was an older model, but it held various contacts that she has not interacted with in ages.

She turned the phone on and noticed she had five missed calls. Olivia looked at the names of the people who called her and ignored them. She went directly to her contact list and called one of the people on the list.

Placing the phone to her ear, she heard it ring a few times before someone finally picked up.



Before she could finish the person's name on the other line, the call was cut short.

Olivia sighed as she called the number again.

After a few tries, the person on the other end finally picked up.

"Lauren liste-"

"No, you listen! Why are you contacting me, we have not spoken in ten years! You wanted nothing to do with us remember? Cutting all ties to the family means not contacting us. Ever!"

The woman on the other line yelled.

"I remember very well. You used my son, of course, I would cut off all contact with you. He was heartbroken just because of your plan. I believe that I deserve an answer or two for all the trouble you have caused him."

Olivia told Lauren.


Lauren asked.

"I just told you why!"

"No, I mean why now? It has been ten years. You've had time to ask all the questions in the world but you didn't. Only now you contact your one and only sister? Something is up."

Lauren explained.

"That is because I had no reason to then, but now my son is engaged."

Lauren gave a fake laugh over the phone.

"Tell the little bastard I said congratulations."

"You don't understand! I can barely remember the last few days, I have no recollection of ever agreeing to an engagement!"

Olivia clenched her fist tight.

"On top of that, I have to pretend I know what is going on when I don't. Not to mention that his fiancee looks exactly like Alex who 'died'. Do you understand me?"

There was a long pause before Lauren finally said something.

"Fine. Give me thirty minutes. You still stay in that low-end house?"

Hearing Laurens words made Olivia's eye twitch. What did she mean low-end? This house was not cheap!



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  • Arigami


    Anime will die when everyone who ( would ) watch it have powers

  • n_ireland3


    Anime will never die. Neither will video games apparently.

  • SirVic


    Thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work

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