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His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Author: Purple-Red Beauty

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Chapter 1: A Delirious Surprise

Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

Shi Guang woke up in a daze. Her head hurt so badly that it felt like it was about to split open. Moving her body slightly, she found herself aching all over. It was as though she had been torn apart and pieced back together.

The light of the morning sun seeped in through those faint gray satin curtains. With it landing on her bed ever so conveniently, she could barely open her eyes from how blinding it was.

In the gathering during the previous night, she had a sip too much after being caught up in the happiness of the moment. In the end, she was sent off by Lu Yanchen.

Sitting up, the thin silk blanket slid off Shi Guang, revealing a shade of redness on the white bedsheets below. Her soft, white body was filled with love bites from head to toe.

A single glance was enough to tell that this was the result of a night's indulgence in pleasure.

Last night, she and Lu Yanchen had…

She felt her heart skipping faster. When she thought of the scenes of them being inseparable last night, Shi Guang's face started blushing involuntarily as she felt her body heating up and her legs going weak…

"I love you."

It was as though his sweet nothings from those passionate moments were still lingering around her ears.

Shi Guang's cheeks blossomed with love as her eyes bore shyness in them. She turned her head around the entire place.

Where was Lu Yanchen?

Had he gone out to buy breakfast?

Removing the blanket, Shi Guang came down from the bed. When her feet made contact with the ground, they wobbled for a moment and nearly caused her to fall over.

Resting her arm on the walls for support, she slowly limped over to the bathroom, one step at a time…

By the time she came out, Lu Yanchen had returned as well. He walked into the living room calmly. That tall and robust figure of his exerted a strong yet repressing aura over the place.

Shi Guang lifted her eyes as they met with a pair of deep gazing pupils. It was a gaze so calm and silent, ever so similar to a lake with an imperceptible depth.

After all, this was the first time they had engaged in this most intimate act. For some unknown reason, Shi Guang had a sense of embarrassment and lowered her eyes, not daring to look at him.

In those moments of passion and deliriousness, she had vaguely recalled him saying that he was going to give her a surprise.

Was he going to propose?

But, would that seem a little too rushed?

Shi Guang was caught at a loss for a moment as her heart palpitated quickly.


She had barely spoken when Lu Yanchen cut her speech with a grim tone, "Break up!"

Shock exploded from the depths of her heart like a volcano as Shi Guang held her breath and stared at him with wide-opened eyes, "…"

What did he just say? Break up?

This was the surprise he was going to give her? A breakup?

Was he just teasing her and joking around, or was he for real with the breakup?

A scream of extreme pain was choked in her throat, unable to pass through at all. It was only after a good long time that Shi Guang managed to recover her voice.

Ever so gentle, it was so soft that it was nearly lost in the dust nearby, "Break up? R-Right after we engaged in…that? Lu Yanchen! What's the meaning of this?"

Lu Yanchen's cold expression did not change for the slightest bit. "Who was the one who had called me over to fetch her last night? Also, who was the one who had hugged me tightly, begging me not to stop? You had your fair share of pleasure last night as well."

Shi Guang felt as though she had just been struck by a thunderbolt!

She was flabbergasted right now as she glared at this man who was entirely different from the one in her memories. Unable to control her shivering body right now, she could only struggle to ask him a single word, "W-Why?"


After he was done with his reply, Lu Yanchen turned around to face the window with a faint smile on his face.

In the eyes of Shi Guang, that smile was nothing more than mockery.

This man had just said that he loved her the night before…! How could he? HOW COULD HE…!

Shi Guang's face was frightfully pale like snow right now as a sharp throbbing pain surged forth from her heart, pressing down her nerves and spreading throughout her entire body. A darkness similar to a fainting spell struck her; the only reason why she had not fainted over was because she was digging her nails deep into her palm.

All of a sudden, the surrounding air seemed to have become dark and chilling, freezing one up into shivers. This suffocating atmosphere was something that no one could endure for even a single minute.

Shi Guang was gone.

As the reverberating sound of the slamming door reached his ears, Lu Yanchen gripped his fist tightly. Enduring everything within him, his gaze lingered at the direction where she had left for a long, long time.

Lam_ Lam_

Hi guys, Lam, your translator here!

First up, let me translate the author’s notes for this chapter.

Author’s Notes: “I’ve got to emphasize that the male character is not a scum. Not even in the slightest bit! He’s actually really doting of the female character! Both of them were virgins before one another and are people with really pure souls.”

So, there you have it. I guess she had to put that disclaimer just in case the chapter already gets people wanting to kill the guy. HAHA.

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  • kasturi007


    A Ye Fei Ye style novel, bring it on!

  • Antigony


    I was about to grab a pitchfork too!

  • ruthspty


    My thoughts exactly

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