9.43% His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light / Chapter 75: Who Would Be This Vicious!

Chapter 75: Who Would Be This Vicious!

Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"Doping is something that can kill someone! If one were to use it in excess, it would create negative effects on their bodies which are often irreversible at times! This is especially the case for women. Why should Shi Guan…"

Lu Yanchen cut into Chu Mubei's words. "She wouldn't!"

'You're THAT certain!' Chu Mubei wanted to rebut immediately.

However, stealing a glance at that steely cold expression of Lu Yanchen, he saw a rare sight of rage.

"That's right as well. If women were to dope often, that would cause a rise in their male hormones, causing them to grow beards and sound like men. A single look is enough to tell that Little Sister Shi Guang is not like that. She's such a dainty young maiden, with a voice as clear as a skylark."

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Giving it a quick scan, he saw that the comments were cleanly all scolding Shi Guang—some of the comments were rather extreme as well.

Suddenly, Chu Mubei opened his eyes wide in shock. To think that for the sake of Little Sister Shi Guang, Lu Yanchen had… gone to… reply the netizens!

All this while, Lu Yanchen's character was always cold and aloof. He wouldn't even take a single look at such comments, let alone replying these netizens. Seemed like this Little Sister Shi Guang did have quite a significant role in his heart.

But, it was a pity that those netizens who did not know the truth were all fully believing the contents of the post. That reply Lu Yanchen had typed out was quickly drowned away.

An explanation on the web wasn't something that could have any effect at all.

Following the contents of the post, someone had managed to find out who the champion of the 200m freestyle category was.

Just like that, Shi Guang's picture on the day of the competition was thrown up onto the web.

There were some that said that Shi Guang looked rather decent, unlike someone who would use dopes.

To this, someone else immediately replied that Shi Guang was nothing but a social butterfly who went around seducing guys with her beautiful looks and leading a messy personal life. God knew how many men she had slept with…

Those comments were so dirty that one could not even bear reading them anymore. Clearly, someone was purposely inciting the masses and adding oil to the flames.


Shi Guang wasn't someone who would surf the web or Weibo often. The next day, she went to the club as per usual.

After entering, she discovered that everyone was looking at her strangely.

Behind her, it seemed as though they were discussing something in hushed whispers. As she looked at them from time to time, they would even return looks of disdain and contempt, filled with coldness.

"That's really a crafty b*tch. To think that she would have used dopes."

"Without some tricks up her sleeves, how do you think she could have gotten the champion's place?"

"A champion who goes on drugs? Hur hur! Now that she's exposed, that champion's title is definitely going to be taken back."

'What in the world happened?' Shi Guang was filled with bewilderment when she received a phone call from Li Fangfei. "Too much! How dare these people malign you as such on the web!"

'Malign her?' After ending her phone call with Li Fangfei, Shi Guang surfed the web on her phone. That post had long gone viral as the top few searches of Weibo were all related to her—she had turned into an internet superstar.

Shi Guang flipped through a few pages of the comments. At the start, they were just talking about her using dopes. But at the back, there were people exposing about how she wasn't a good student, and was arrogant and evil while leading a messy personal life.

Not only was she using those forbidden drugs, she was even used to sleeping around.

And that wasn't the worst just yet—it was even further back.

Someone had used her name to create a Weibo account, posting a post on it.

<Shi Guang: All of you dumbf*cks! Who hasn't been young and wild before? Is it my fault that I swim fast? Is it my fault that I'm born so beautiful that all these guys shamelessly want to chase after me? Come and show some evidence if you guys have proof!>

Those words were way too arrogant! Not only that, they were super unreasonable and brazen! Every single comment below that was scolding her.

For example: 'Not only is she so evil, she's so cheap! If killing weren't a crime, I'd want to send her for a reincarnation myself!'

Another example: 'Suddenly coming out to refute everything? I'm beginning to suspect that everything is just a publicity stunt. She has gone mad thinking about how to get popular, hasn't she?'

Yet another example: 'There are all sorts of people these days. The things that people would do just to get famous...Disgusting!'

Shi Guang was stunned as her heart sank.

She was framed! She did not use any dopes at all! Because she was afraid that something might go wrong with the tests, she did not even dare to take any flu medicine when she was under the weather those few days!

This was way too scary!

Who! Who in the world would be this vicious?

If she did not take anything out to prove her innocence, she would have to take on this blame.

Banned from competitions, fired… A scandal as such was something that would accompany her for life!

Lam_ Lam_


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