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Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
(Unfortunate author here, why is listed below Stats.)
Website : qidian china
Views : 53.49million
Rating : 9.2(1629)
Chapters : 563
Status : ongoing
Rank : 4
Word count : 1.79million
author level : platinum
No of works : 6
Disscussion : 24871
Year started : 2018
Chinese title : 诡秘之主

At last it's here. Damn I've waiting far too long for this novel because of three reasons :
1. It's the book by my favorite author.
2. It's the best work from my favorite author.
3. It's really so fucking popular right now in China. (just look at the rank and views with only 563 chapters)

But he really is an unfortunate author in this site. Reasons listed below.
Three of his works are translated here.
1. Martial arts master : one of the best books with romance and action. This is actually my favorite romance novel. And martial arts fights are really sooo awesome in this book. But the reason for this not to be in rankings or popular bcoz one translation is ****, two no updates since atleast 2 months. Even with **** translation it was in rankings sometimes.

2. Throne of magical arcana : This is really one of the best webnovels with western magic elements with elements of science in it. It's basically epic magic, science and church novel. Translation too is really good for this novel but translator updates only 3 to 4 days a week which is also the reason it's not in rankings imo.

3. The sage who transcended the samsara : I wanted to try this. I really really wanted to try this. But it's said to have a very ****ty translation. People say it's a very unique and good novel, they also say translation is **** and end up dropping it.

Now I'm really really happy because not only is this epic getting translated, it's getting translated by cktalon one the best translators out there.

I only request one thing with you. Please keep the releases stable and I really thank you for taking up the translation for this novel. 🙏 View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
This is a story that the author spent months researching. Set in the Victorian era, the author strives to make it an epic masterpiece. Actual factual tidbits from the real world are weaved into this steampunk world.

There is rich world building with characters and their personalities fleshed out perfectly. However... Maybe it's best not to get too tied to the characters...

The development of the mystical elements are very well planned, with 220 classes. Imagine the richness that will bring!

Many things are foreshadowed in this story, so look out for that!

As translator, I will try to make sure the release rates are high. View More
Reading Status: C12 1 year ago
Probably one of the 2 best CN novels of 2018-2019. My House of Horrors and Lord of the Mysteries. Nothing much to add, the high ratings speak for themselves. View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
Claimed by Exp secttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt View More
Reading Status: C24 1 year ago

Personally, this is one of the best CN novel that i've ever read. I'm quite happy that this novel will be translated bcs all this time i mtl it myself, but at the same time not really happy bcs i caught up to raw and it's a long way from the current tl, i can't wait for too long...

But anyway!! These things are the reason why this novel is so amazing:

When i first read this novel, i thought it was like typical transmigration novel. You know.. fantasy world with magic and stuff. Well i'm not really wrong but the world background in this novel is very realistic. I think it's similar to post industrial revolution era in England, 1800s. Also it's a steampunk novel, so there are lots of historical machine and stuff. And the magic here isn't as omnipotent as i imagined it would be. Being an "extraordinary person" is not that powerful, there are serious danger and side effects, so people there aren't as OP as other novel. What i really love about this world background is how the author beautifully combined fantasy world and real life historical era in England. Like how people live and dress and adress each other at that time. The social class was very distinct and thoroughly explained. And how the other transmigrator before MC introduced the machinery to the world so it would start the steam and machinery era in that world.

I LOVE TAROT! And i like how the author used 22 major arcana in tarot as identity at MC's "Tarot Club". And i realized the Tarot identity is closely or somehow related to the characters. Like MC's "The Fool", represent 'the beginning' in Tarot, and the first member of tarot club. And later in the story MC made fake identity "The World", represent 'the end' in Tarot, so that MC can trade for things openly in Tarot club without breaking The Fool's God like image. So in a sense, MC is 'the beginning and the end' in the story. And Audrey's "Justice" identity, represent fairness, is closely related to her sequence as "Audience" and how she should see things objectively. Because hey, Justice is a double-edge sword right?
OK!! Maybe my description is a bit confusing, so i suggest to just read...

I love how MC is smart, cautious, quite shameless, witty, and not OP! He has clear main goal, which is to go back to his world, but things stay tuned~ And the other side characters aren't just cannon fodder for MC, they have real and unique personalities, goals and ambitions. For me it's really great because i'm sick of reading novel that centered heavily around MC. And how other people has no means in the novel.
AND I LOVE HOW THE VILLAINS AREN'T TOO STUPID! Tbh idk if i should be happy or worried with this lol. But yeah, some villains are really hard to predict. So this novel's characters always give me surprises. For old readers, you might get confused by the character's names here, some names might changed, like Emperor Roselle, in the old translation and mtl, we read it as "Russell". But it's not really a big deal.

I think this story is a slow paced one. And the story gets deeper and more complicated late in the novel. MC is not suddenly become OP nor has a great knowledge to use his goldfinger. MC can barely use and understand 'the world above the fog' at first. He learned things bit by bit. And the plot is always a surprise, Especially in Volume 1 (1ch until 200+ch i forgot) i cannot really tell who's the friend and the foe. Leveling up in this novel is very long, so don't expect MC to level up in just dozens of chapter bcs i read more than 500+ chapters but he's still a....
Ok i'm not gonna spoil you now hehe..

Overall, for those fantasy, mystery and thriller lover, this is a perfect choice for you. Don't be discourage bcs of the Steampunk theme bcs it's not the main point in this story. This novel is full of adventure and mystery, it's like "Sherlock Holmes fantasy style" novel. View More
Reading Status: C203 1 year ago
我特地用中文来写,某些从贴吧起点过来的小伙伴们,请你们不要剧透!不要剧透!不要剧透!不要剧透啦,可不可以哦。第一卷马上要到最精彩最高潮部分啦,你们提前给人家剧透了多没有意思。而且你们的深渊(或者说恶魔)魔药不想消化了吗?就让我们静静等待那一天的到来吧。话说起点国际版怎么这么难注册呀,费了半天功夫才搞定,上来支持一下乌贼。 View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
I've read up to chapter 23. Is one of the Cuttlefish Who Loves Diving Deep's newest series. He is the creator of Throne of Magical Arcana, Martial Arts Master, and The Sage Who Transcended Samsara, all of which are currently on this website. Out of the other series he has written, this one is most like Throne of Magical Arcana. The genres for this series are horror, suspense, mystery, steampunk in a Victorian setting, and supernatural/fantasy.

This thrilling supernatural steampunk mystery starts a bit slow in order to fully-develop the world, but then it dives deeply into mystery and supernatural elements. Even though everything is still quite a mystery at this point, the suspense is enough to put me on the edge of my seat and keep me there. I am looking forward to the cases the MC will be investigating, and I am absolutely delighted Webnovel finally picked up this treat of a series. View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago

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Reading Status: C107 1 year ago
22 sequence 9 potion and a brief introduction. It had been released by the author even before the release of the book. It was originally posted on the official account on Webchat. As some people told me that they didn't want to be spoiled, I put a spoiler warning.
If you are one of those, just stop here.

1. ‘Corpse collector’: The corresponding beyonders are often mistaken for the same kind by the unintelligible undead and free from their attack. They can gain resistance to the cold, decay and corrosiveness of cadaveric auras. They can directly see some evil spirits and understand the characteristics and weaknesses of many undead creatures.

2. ‘Mystery Prayer’: With a high spiritual sense, the corresponding beyonders can detect the existence of some mysterious horrible existence. They master certain ritual knowledge and a small amount of ritual magic. They often become an unspeakable believer to avoid the breakdown of the spirit.

3. ‘Spectator’: The correspond beyonders have a keen observation. Just like watching operas and dramatic performances on the seats, they look at the mortal beings in the form of a bystander, snooping their true thoughts from their expressions, their manners, their oral habbits and their unknown actions. However, wherever it is in an extravagant banquet or in a lively street, the audience is always just an audience.

4. ‘sleepless’: also known as Cultivators, mistake, crossed out. [1] The corresponding beyonders are favored by the night. Even if there is no light, they could have excellent vision. Three to four hours a day of sleeping would be enough for them. The deeper into the night, they get more energetic. Meanwhile, the strength, the agility and the thinking, the spiritual sense, will gradually surpass those of ordinary people. They will keenly see through the unknown danger hidden in the dark.

5. ‘Prisoner’: The heart is a prisoner of the body, the body is the prisoner of the world. Madness shackled, lust constrained. The ‘prisoners’ are strong and perceptive, often with a silent appearance and a crazy heart. They master many criminal techniques, such as unlocking with wire, digging tunnels with soup spoons and killing with seemingly harmless items.

6. ‘Criminal’: Unlike prisoners, ‘criminals’ do not suppress himself. He does not feel constrained, body and heart being under the rule of evil desires. Of course, his conscience has not been completely annihilated and his hear not cold enough. "Criminals" also have a strong body, keen perception and a variety of criminal abilities. Regardless of the knight sword, dagger, longbow, pistol, rifle and six-barrel machine gun, they can fit in well with all the weapons.

7. ‘Sailor’: In ancient times, it was also known as the ‘sea favorer’. With excellent balance ability, even in the deck of the storm, the corresponding beyonders can walk freely as in the earth. The most outstanding ‘warrior’, the wisest ‘apprentices’ must avoid fighting with “sailors” in the ocean or rivers. It is because the latter side is not only powerful in strength, but also more flexible under water than on shore. They can even dive for more than ten minutes without any equipment.

8. ‘Mystery pryer‘: The corresponding beyonders have a comprehensive but preliminary understanding and grasp of magic, witchcraft, astrology, card cartomance and other mystical knowledge. Towards these extraordinary things and the hidden existence behind them, they hold in awe and veneration. So in the group of ’Mystery Pryers’, there is an unwritten rule, which is, trying to avoid hurting others with mysterious knowledge or affecting nature to a large extent. ‘Do whatever you want, but don't hurt’ is their motto.

9. ‘Seer’: Compared to ‘mystery pryers’, ‘Seers’ are more sophisticated. They lack direct skills confronting rivals. But in the field of divination realm, they are more professional, more knowledgeable. They master all kinds of divination methods, including astrology, cartomancy, spiritual pendulums, spiritual numbers, scrying and palmistry [2]. The subsequent promotion is completely different from the ‘mystery pryer’.

10. ‘ Apprentice‘: The initial class belonging to another mage sect. The corresponding beyonders pursue the footsteps of *******. Whether it is the wall or the gate, their passage couldn’t be stopped. It is reported that in their group, the legend ‘Planeswalker’ is circulated.

11. ‘Burglar’: We are not thieves, we are burglars [3], fraudsters. Our dream is to steal people’s heart, steal spells, defraud rules, swindle fate. And all this, starts from stealing what other people carry with them.

12. ‘Singer’: Let us praise the sun! With singing, let us bring courage and strength, bring piety and obedience!

13. ‘Warrior’: They have strength and agility beyond ordinary people. There are no weapons that they cannot use and there is no fighting genre that they cannot master.

14. ‘Readers’: Compared to other class, enhancement of memory and reading comprehension is probably nothing but our road ahead is so attractive. Step up the layers until the depths of the stars. Omniscient, it means omnipotence!

15. ‘Farmer’[4]: Do not underestimate the farmer, especially those who can distinguish among different seed and good at forecasting the weather. ‘Farmers’ has a high strength.

16. ‘pharmacists’: Herbal expert with distinct characteristics of folk.

17. ‘Arbitrator’: The corresponding beyonders have a convincing charm. In general, authority equals to the power. However, if an accident occurs, the fist is a good means of persuasion (by the principle of physics).

18. ‘Lawyer’: We disguise as a lawyer and our true identity is the ‘Lawyer’. We are good at finding loopholes in the rules and weakness of opponents. Also, we are good at taking advantage of the power of order.

19. ‘Assassins’: What a good assassin should possess, we all have. In addition, darkness and shadow is our shelter. Owl-like vision and feather-like agility absolutely don’t belong to the normal.

20. ‘Hunter’: Excellent tracker, outstanding expert trap master, excellent hunters. Maybe we should consider raising a few hounds. After all, some guys hidden deep in the forest and at the end of the shadow are afraid of dogs, perhaps. [5]

21. ‘Savant’: On the occult, we are not an expert. But knowledge equals to the power, like aqua regia, like nitroglycerin, like complicated gear equipment.

22. ‘Monster’: You often whisper words that others can't understand. Occasionally you can even see the adversity that has not yet arrived. In the eyes of others, you are a monster.

[1] Translator note: The author uses a Chinese Internet idiom here. Those who stayed up late are referred to as cultivators. Maybe it is because cultivators doesn’t need to sleep or because people who stay up late have a greater chance to fly up to heaven (die). ‘Mistake, crossed out’ is another popular idiom in the Chinese Internet. It is used to state that you are joking in this sentence so that others would mistake it as some serious text.
[2] Translator note: palmistry is a Chinese divination method. Quite strange that it appears on a Western Fantasy book. As far as I remember, it doesn’t appear so far actually anyway.
[3] Translator note: here the author uses another Chinese word for the same thing. I couldn’t distinguish the difference between even as a Chinese myself. Maybe the earlier is more oral.
[4] Translator note: a better translation might be cultivator, the one who cultivate the land. Then it might be mistaken as another kind of cultivator especially in Webnovel. By the way, the one who cultivate the land and the cultivator is Daoism are completely two different terms in Chinese.
[5] Translator note: There might be some references here but I have no idea what it is. View More
Reading Status: C33 1 year ago
I was interested in this novel when I read the reviews. To be honest, I made several attempts to start reading this novel. But I assure you, if you overcome this, you will look forward to every chapter. At the moment I rate it as 5/5.
The author has created an interesting world and characters. I advise you to get acquainted with this work. View More
Reading Status: C163 1 year ago
Vote this book EVERYDAY okay?I'm crying and hoping a higher ranking, Lord of the mysteries deserves more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
Qidian should just make it so that you cannot review if you have not read anything. 1st thing you always gotta do on this site, Sift through all the reviews to find the ones who have actually read some chapters. View More
Reading Status: C26 1 year ago
Highest quality translation I've ever seen on a novel, and as a bonus this novel rocks. Also one of the best, and every other novel listed by thestatsguy are awesome, so that proves that the author is very talented.

Please, QI don't **** this up, make this premium whenever you want, but please give me 14ch/week at the very least.

I'm so torn between reading this here or mtling it. On one hand, it has superb translation quality for now, on the other hand my patience is limited =( View More
Reading Status: C506 5 months ago
This novel is an absolute KINO work. I'm not fond of writing about what isn't in a work, but rather, what is in a work; however, it should first be established that LoTM is devoid of most of the commonplace tropes you find in CN novels. Of course, if you examine it closely, you'll find that it does indeed adhere to some frustrating qualities. Namely, the constant "SASUGA FOOL" and the mental gymnastics Alger especially will go through in order to achieve the requirements for a certain plot point to occur. Nevertheless, these problems are, for the most part, unrealistic at worst, but still within the scope of being believable.

All of the major characters in LoTM have well-established traits and personalities, along with motivations. Derrick has his naive-and-steadfast character, focused on freeing his home-city from its foggy jail; Alger has his mature and experienced, sometimes overthinking personality; and of course, Klein with his constant lampooning. Also Klein's stepping counterclockwise four times. And also his tapping his glabella twice. An especially noticeable trait about LoTM's major characters, in comparison to most CN novels, is that they all progress. Not just in terms of their "cultivation" (named Sequences in this novel), but also their personalities. A fault I do have to give, however, is that the development is extremely slow for many of these characters. Of course, that's a given, given the length of the novel. Still, it is somewhat irksome.

In regards to the story development, LoTM excels in this regard. There is never a moment where you feel that one scene or event is out-of-place, and you receive a sense of gratification when Klein, or any of the characters, really, manage to piece one event with another using in-world knowledge that was previously already provided. For the most part, the story has either action sequences, or sequences with Klein/others planning/thinking/conjecturing/lampooning about matters. When you have the odd occasion where it's a sort of "filler" chapter, you don't really feel that it's out of place for the most part, as most of the "filler" chapters are there to relieve the reader out of the constant action - and when not doing that, to develop a character some more. And I use "filler" in quotations because, later on, almost all of these chapters will 100% not be filler, as they will have some meaning later on. This is a writing technique used by the author I've never seen before in any other webnovel, in which he uses even "fluff" chapters to insert meaningful information that will tie in together. It's amazing.

As for the world building, this novel has one of the best I've seen in my entire life - whether that be in regards to web novels, light novels, or even well-acclaimed stories from the West. It's hard to summarize without an entire novel to write, but in essence, LoTM's lore really does make you feel as though you're reading about the story of a person who is actually real, in a real other world. All the sects/churches/gods and their supernatural backgrounds and lore tie in very neatly, and if you check out the wiki, you'll find that there is boundless amounts of information about the world that was very obviously all planned out by the author from the start.

Another incredible detail about LoTM is the amount of settings in which it contains. The story takes place in many different locations, from your "atypical" victorian-era city which is actually full of secret supernatural gangs, churches, and pirates, all the way to the City of Silver, which is separated from the rest of the world and at the technological level of a medieval age. This is in most part due to the varying amount of main cast members in the story, as well as another major point about the MC which I won't talk about because spoilers.

And just in case you're worried, none of these locations are forgotten about. In LoTM, there is no "other region" full of more advanced versions of previous characters like in CN novels. Characters of all varying power levels, straight from the middling novice Sequence 9 to a Sequence 4 (already beginning to enter Godhood) can be placed in the same city. This means that the main characters in LoTM will regularly go between new places and old places in its world.

Lastly, I should talk about the thematic elements in this story. That's right, thematic elements! Unlike many other online web novels (I know I've said this many times), LoTM contains actual themes and ideas around its narrative. The first volume, "Clown", details the idea of laughing at fate - smiling at circumstances that you cannot resist, smiling at that which is greater than you. The second volume, "Faceless", contains the author's depictions of the lives of normal citizens amidst the ocean of the supernatural. How do they, who are mortal and powerless against the mysterious, the monsters and the corrupt Beyonders, exist beyond the frame of the story of the "protagonists"? These are the type of ideas that the author of LoTM have integrated into his story, and they work very well.

For all of these reasons I've stated, LoTM is a wonderful work, and
definitely my favourite WN I'm currently reading. And also, the favourite one I've ever read in my entire life, period. View More
Reading Status: C53 1 year ago
This is one of the best CN I have read. I am reading the MTL because it was just too interesting for me, don't worry no super spoilers here. But I would compare this CN with Game of thrones, many sub-plots are told but in the end everything comes together in a awesome, tragic, epic way.
In the beginning it might feel like the typical reincarnation trope, but the thing that make this one stand out is aside from the way its told (GoT style) the amazing World Building by the auhtor. I have read throne of magical arcana but this one here is soooo much better (bigger world) and the author can handle it really well as to when to put which kind of information, and to the reader it feels like gradually uncovering a treasure, or putting pieces of a puzzle to make it whole. Very enjoyable.
Small spoiler, also very interesting that he hasn't been the first person to arrive in this world. Imagine someone (other kind of MC) to have already arrived some time (hundreds of years ago) in this world and that person went the kingdom-building road, becoming stronger, building a faction and becoming an emperor and shaping the world into the modern way (steam technology, industrial revolution).
Lol, but our MC is clearly going another way (solving, discovering mystery) but still gets help from the past in an unexpected way :)
There are about 200 classes( 22 paths to godhood, and each paths has 9 levels/sequences requiring certain potions/materials/ceremonies) and it's always interesting to learn more about this power system as the author is feeding the readers with bits and pieces of new information.
There have been 5 epochs in the creation mythology, the current era is in the 5th epoch. In the first epoch the creator was 'created', in the second and following the creator got split into the 7 new gods who created the humans and established their churches (each have their own special sequence paths). But there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the 'true history' that will be solved along the way (there are also evil churches, organsisation worshipping other deities).
MC has the unique power/access to a different dimension. Origin is a mysterie, this dimension gives him certain powers that he uncovers along the way. But the most important thing is that he can pull other 'random' people into this dimension and he gradually established his own hidden organisation where evry member picks the name of a tarot card to maintain secrecy. MC is the 'fool' and the joke is that the other members believe he is a sort of god and fear or revere him. He can control the space and can hide his body/face.
In the real world MC is also trying hard to become more powerful so that he can get back into his real world. There is no 'real' cultivation, only the sequences via potions. But people need power/money/whatever to get those but even then these powers aren't without risk ...
I love the characters, author's ability to write emotionaly is superb ( and I am only reading the mtl version so that means something). Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster *snif snif*.
What I would critizise is that as of me writing this (mid volume 2), author isn't putting enough emphasis on each member of MC's hidden organisation equally. One specific member gets a lot of background story, another a bit less and then another very little. But that's the only thing for now. View More
Reading Status: C163 1 year ago
There's no spoiler here.
First, i've read the raw and kept up with the newest chapter in China, so I can honestly tell you my feelings about it.
This novel is the best i've ever read on Qidian since the day my friend recommend the site(to help me learn Chinese). It's nothing similar to those trash out there which only include some boring stereotypes about the MC keeping "zhuangbi" and facesmacking. This novel really builds a world, you can easily see this, as you keep reading and moving forward with our MC, the world unfolding itself before your eyes. Steampunk, Cthulhu, Victorian era style, SCP...These tags are just tags, they can't describe the true spirit of the novel. The author creates this world based upon these ideas, but there's definitely not only these ideas. It has more. As to what it holds, it awaits you to find out.
Due to this author's excellent character portrait, you as a reader will get a feeling as if these characters were real: they really live in that world. It's not fake; at least the author won't let you feel so. I found what I felt when I was still a boy reading the hobbit and the lord of ring. I mean I'm not comparing this novel to J.R.R.Tolkien's great masterpiece. It's just that me as a stupid reader who didn't like reading before at all got this stupid feeling, never mind it if you don't like my words. I won't eat them anyway. View More


Lv 5
Reading Status: C33 1 year ago
I abolutely love this novel. Entertaining, fun and has infinite potential. No plotholes whatsoever, no annoying inconsistency. Original ideas(as much as it's possible) and loveable characters with actual personality. The collegues, family members are not just props but feel geniune humans. I give this novel my full aproval and spirit stones from now on View More
Reading Status: C51 1 year ago
This story of amazing. In fact it's so good, I'm seriously worried the author won't be able to maintain the quality for long, and these web novels all need several hundred chapters to really show their writers flaws.

Good amounts of steampunk, lovecraft horror, and humor. The pacing is great. The mysticism scenes are obscure enough to keep the element of mystery and uncertainty, but still concrete enough to feel like there's something there.

One of my favorite parts of the story so far is that humans wielding supernatural power causes them to start hearing voices and increasingly likely to go insane. I think it's an excellent balance to typical cultivation novels, where the conflict basically revolves around ruthless greed.

The other favorite part is probably the little sister. The author better not let anything bad happen to her. Wait, does that make me a vicarious siscon!? No it's not like that I swear! View More
Reading Status: C138 1 year ago
Perhaps one of the best novels which are now on going. Even though the background is in stem punk kind of world with lot of fantasy involved, the novel satisfies majority of readers who are into slice of life, comedy, dark themed, rank promotion etc.
World background is full of mysteries which keep unravelling as you move along the story.
Slice of life: Klen's family setting, later down the story the characters around him were written in manner by author that you can actually feel their life vividly.
Comedy: Klen himself does alot. Major contribution is definitely Russell's pages and other parts.
Dark themed: Author I believe did a lot research on how industrialisation effected the people under the poverty line. He describes their stories in a heart touching manner.
Action: Definitely a good amount. He presents perfect amount of action, not too much or not too less.
Horror and Gore: This I believe there is no need to mention.
Rank promotion: The sequences. These are definitely a novel and very imaginative idea by author.
There are still more if you can dig. These are the only things I can think of for now. The author will definitely make anticipate for more of the story.
As far as I have read I can assure you that this novel will never bore you. View More
Reading Status: C213 1 year ago
This is the absolute best translated novel I have ever read. I've been on sites like Webnovel, WuxiaWorld, Gravity Tales, Fanmily, RoyalRoad etc for a couple years now. Webnovels are a tough market, and with monsters like Teng Jia, IET, Er Gen, Cuttlefish who authored this book can easily be ranked right up there with him. As a heavy reader of all fantasy Novels, the only book this can compare to, to me is The Name of the Wind, a massively successful western novel. These are as of now my two favorite contemporary books, and I am excited and ecstatic to see the rest of this book. The Lord of Mysteries lacks absolutely nothing. Character development is insanely good and each character will rip your heart out. World background and development are right up there with Tolkien. The plot is unforced and extremely intricate with many relationships subtle but obvious once they're revealed to the reader. All in all the best read in a long time. My one and only complaint about the novel is that I feel the aspects of his transmigration are a little unsuitable with the flavor of the novel as it drags on. Humor turns dark very, VERY, fast. View More
Reading Status: C87 1 year ago
Slow at first, but with an interesting hook at the start. The more you read, the more you want to know what the next chapter brings. I last wrote a review on this novel but just over 40 chapters in. I'll say it again, this is just something you have to sit down and read. Especially if you enjoy a world with some realistic standards on mysticism, at least it doesn't portray anything magic related to be unbelievably op. Technology is at a steampunk Victorian era/setting with interesting tid-bits of knowledge on a number of daily expectations towards the living standards of the actual Victorian era. Now moving towards 90+ chapters I've fallen in love with this novel. Seeing as the released amount of chapters is increasing, at least for the moment. I'm always stoked, coming back for more every single day; only to feel disappointing when I've read through the one to two chapters that I get.

Sit down, read it, enjoy it; if it's not up your alley, I invite you to come back and read it another time. The interesting twists of mystery, magic, steampunk and the tid-bits of horror and suspense make this story great if you're willing to sit down and really bite down into this fantastic bit of fiction. View More
Reading Status: C827 6 months ago
I always find it hard to make an actual review for LOM since the novel is just overwhelming for me and I don't think I'll do this story a justice no matter how good review I write.

Since most review at the top already describe most of it. I'll just point out how I love cuttlefish's action scenes. As an idiot when in comes to visualizing fight scenes, the straightforward way cuttlefish writes really helps me a lot. I know which hand he used to punch, the posture of his legs or how the enemy get there, etc etc and most of all NOT DRAGGING!!!!! Fights will finish in just 1 or 2 chapter and although quick, the fight will still leave you satisfied and full.

When I discovered LOM I'm still used to most xuan fights where last boss takes 10 chapters or a whole arc to defeat when he barely breathing... so you all can imagine how thankful I am to the point of crying when reading LOM fight scenes. That's all for today, thanks.

Praise the Fool~! Praise the Lady~! View More
Reading Status: C901 6 months ago
Here is the complete fan art of Pathway Emblems by Chinese fan _Delaro. Absolutely impressive. I encourage everyone to take a look.
(spoiler free. cropped verison. only emblems+ names)
(minor spoilers. Original Picture. Group & Pathway Themes)
(Spoiler free as long as you don't understand Chinese. Album for those who just wanted to scroll the pictures without those annoying text. Cropped version of Pathway groups + emblems)

If some pictures turned out blurry, just open them. Definitely high resolution. Original Post Link is inside the Album if you wanted to read OP's thoughts ;) View More
Reading Status: C209 1 year ago
Dunn is one of my favorate character.

Do you remember the first offically introduction: "Reintroduction my self, Nighthawk, Dunn Smith" The voice of the past sounded still around in my ears.

He knows everything: Klein has the secret, he knows. When Klein want to apply seq 8, he want to protect him away from the foucs from high orders, but he didn't say;
He knows Klein has his own power, so he feel relieved ondoing the work of control, leave the attack to Klein.
He knows that Leonard has the secret too, he didn't say anything. He only protect all of member in behind.
He knows Old Neil too.. but he didn't say anyhing

Dunn didn't have his own family.. Nighthawk is his family.

Long life in the fighting with dark is the lucky for Dunn, He dedicated all his life to fight with evil. We are proud of his honor.

"We saved Tinggen", yes! He is forever young, he will always be the captain in Nighthawks' dream

Captain! We miss you too... View More
Reading Status: C864 5 months ago
After 8 chapters, Others MC is killing chickens outside novice village.

Our MC just finished his put on airs to pretend as an ancient god

And after 800 chapters, Others MC is fighting the gods among gods and every punch he does can shatter suns and rend the void in the heavens.

What about us?

Our MC is... using a mushroom to threaten his glove... and getting in a staring contest with a dog....

That’s why I love the novel View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
It is indeed the best novel of my favorite author on Qidian. The Chinese version is now 575 chapters, into Part 3 and the author says the whole novel may include 6 to 8 parts. We are not even half way through the journey yet. I hope the translation will soon catch up with the original and i can assure you the thrilling part is yet to come, as Klein here is only starting to step into the beyonders' world, and from Sequence 4 onwards, they become semi god. I am wondering whether the "Fool" can become a really god in the end View More
Reading Status: C0 1 year ago
Great book so far on quidin and I am glad to see it here finally. I hope this book doesn't get dropped like many of my other fingers crossed. Lots of support for the translator, love his work, very dedicated and to him, we the readers appreciate you View More
Reading Status: C211 3 months ago
For anyone wondering what happened to the ending, I've got some news from CN friends:
In a word, something happened to which influenced many, many writers on it in a really bad way, including this book.
To be more specific:
Tencent took over and sent a new management team. All the contracts between the website and writers will be updated to a very different version...and in a bad way. (example: ALL the copyrights and the derivatives of the books belong to Tencent .)
That made many writers panic and wondering what they should do and where they should go.
Cuttlefish also got influenced and had to finish this book quick. View More
Reading Status: C216 1 year ago
A masterpiece!
I could end my review like that, because this word represents Lord of the Mysteries perfectly.
Let's start with the translation quality and the stability of updates. They are both great, in terms of quality and speed, although 2 chapters a day is definitely not enough for most of us.
Moving to the story development, I can only tell that every action has its meaning and every detail is important. The story is planned meticulously, the schemes are deep and unpredictable.
The characters all seem real, every single one is important a there is a substantial development for them. However, it’s for your mental health to not grow overattached to them.
The most impressive aspect in Lord of the Mysteries is the world background. You can see how hard the author has worked to put together a fantasy world in a very consistent and logical way. He has mixed the steampunk Victorian era with mythical beings, magic and all sort of supernatural phenomena.
We’ve just finished the first Volume of the novel, at chapter 213, and this has legitimately become my favourite novel.
If you like webnovels, no matter what genre, you should give it a try. This novel excels in each and every aspect a superb webnovel needs to have in order to be a masterpiece. View More
Reading Status: C210 1 year ago
I don't understand how this incredible novel isn't atleast in the top 3 of this website.
I can only say that if you have not read it, start now! View More
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