47.95% Rise of the Three Gods / Chapter 46: Pet trials: " Bastard God beast "

Chapter 46: Pet trials: " Bastard God beast "

Heaven piercer grew thicker. After this period of time, Eric finally killed 49999 beasts, as to why he managed to do so in a shorter time than required was there was an advantage from killing these beasts, was that he gets a small amount of essence that gets converted into inner force upon entering his body. He now was 5-star peak archer! But it was not easy, it took tens of thousands of beasts for him to reach his current cultivation.

Even so he had to hunt with much difficulty, usually, all 5-star beasts were in packs while the lone ones were at least 6 stars. Now he was looking for the final beast. He was sure it would be a transcendent beast, and he was right!

The last beast was a Griffin, but a different one, its wings and beak were metallic, its feathers were extremely hard and durable. He was at a full disadvantage when facing this beast. It could run on four on the ground and fly in comfort in the sky. How was he supposed to deal with this beast!

At first, he observed the beast for 10 days straight, his eyesight getting better as he grew stronger. The beast did not eat as in this forest was a limited number of beasts, exactly 50000! But it did build a nest in the thickest and highest tree in the forest! Eric hid inside that tree, he carved in a hole near its nest in the time the Griffin took a stroll in the sky.

This Griffin was the king here, it did not think that a human would stay beside its nest waiting for it to come back. And when it did, it sat inside its nest and did not sleep! Eric waited for 2 days and he knew time was closing in on him but he had no chance if he attacked now it would be his loss!

1 more day passed and This Griffin was starting to get on Eric's nerves! it was at the end of this day that the beast finally yawned and went to sleep. Eric with full vigilance waited for 2 hours and saw that there was no movement, he removed the tree bark and summoned his heaven piercer, and muttered:" This strike decides our life and death! make it worth it!"

He activated Metallic burst adding metal element into the arrow , but this arrow was no ordinary arrow, it was made of Eric's inner force now coated with metal element, he activated poison, the ability he got from eating the transcendent twin headed earth snake king that Vince killed, He activated camouflage strike, the innate talent of his soul bound bow. He muttered :

" still not enough!"

He then felt his eyes pulsate and saw the essence around coming from trees, his golden eyes shined and he slowly loosened his hand on the bow's string and made an act with his hands as he touched the tree and slowly whispered:

" lend me your essence!"

The wooden essence spiralled at his hands and through the arrow and when Eric could hold no more essence he pushed it towards his bow and launched his ultimate strike!

Eric did not see the arrow, it was as if it disappeared into the surroundings! The reason for this was the wooden essence that came from this place so it fits in perfectly!

The moment the strike left the bow, the Griffin opened its eyes, but they were blinded instantly and destroyed, taking away a chunk of its brain with it as well! The Griffin screamed and screamed to the sky, it did not die but got severely injured.

" Puny Human, You dare injure the descendent of a God!"

The Griffin spoke human language, dumbfounding the Eric nearby! He knew that some beasts could talk but that was only in a faraway realm of cultivation, yet this beast at the second realm could, and it was a descendant of a god! What was more even surprising was that in the blink of an eye in which it opened its eyes, it had already caught sight of Eric.

" You mean blind Descendent of a god" provoked Eric, this was not the time to be fascinated by its ability to speak.

" You shall die a miserable death puny human!"

Eric did not waste time and started launching a hail of arrows at its injury, The Griffin felt the fluctuations of the wind and something strange happened, its wings were now on fire! it flapped its wings and two fire slashes came attacking Eric.

He dodged to the right, but unfortunately, he made a mistake, he thought that the slashes would pass by him but what he did not expect was the fact that was no ordinary fire! just its heat when passing by had burnt his entire left arm. his left arm was now barely usable and he could only use it once if he did not want to permanently discard it! but this was a fight to the death! Losing one arm and keeping a life seemed like a good choice.

A good thing happened, the strike he launched earlier had amplified all his abilities, the reason was the same of what happened the day he met Aurora, The one with nature state, he reached it once again and this was the reason he managed to borrow wooden essence. The poison and the wooden essence fused and caused the blood of the Griffin to solidify as flames were slowly calming down.

"Despicable human, Using poison as well! The Gods shall not tolerate this!"

" Fuck those Gods, I AM FORSAKEN!"

Eric roared as he put his burnt arm and blood flowed into the bow which seemed as if it was sucking it and it glowed a red light, Eric could not use poison nor the wooden essence this time! He summoned all his inner force and circulated it with the blood inside his bow.

A humming sound came from the bow as it formed a blood red arrow, and it flew towards the Griffin! The Griffin felt danger and screamed:

" NOOO!"

The arrow penetrated its heart and exploded inside messing up its inside! Eric was not much better, the bones in his left arm were now mashed and the veins ruptured.

" Congratulations To the contestant on clearing the second stage. The reward is the corpse of a mixed-blood god descendent! You can rest for 3 days and heal before the start of the third and final stage."

" Mixed blood?"

" Yes, this was a bastard between the Griffin race and the Phoenix race, he was condemned to this trial to pay for his sins! The only reason you could beat him is because his strength was suppressed according to yours!"

" OH! so it's okay if I eat him?"

"...." The voice was silent, every part of this beast was a treasure, be it for weapons or concocting medicine. Yet this guy wanted to eat him. " Do as you wish!"

Eric then went down and Started eating the dead Griffin, the poison could not affect him as he was its source. He ate like a hungry beggar entering a feast made by the lord. He did not realize that as he ate tattoos of wings formed on his back, they were flame wings!

He felt the heat in his body and fainted after finishing the Griffin. He was woken up by the sound reminding him that only 1 hour remained till the start of the last stage. This meant he slept for 3 days! But it was worth it quite the harvest! He broke through to 6 stars, gained a new ability that he somehow knew he could use once a month, he called it " blood arrow" and A new skill popped up inside his mind, Flame wings, they were a metallic part of his body now! Covered with flames and enabling him to launch heat wave the same strikes as the Griffin did, yet not exactly the same fire! he will have to do something about that later.

he readied himself and calmed down, inspected his new self and then said :

" Commence the last stage!"

ForsakenAsura ForsakenAsura

Next chapter : Pet trials : Aria's breakthrough

Enjoy ^^

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