59.09% The Super Saiyan System / Chapter 25: Combat Arena

Chapter 25: Combat Arena

After his Kai Martial arts advanced to the peak, he gained a new technique, The Spirit Bomb. This took all the Qi in the surrounding and formed a huge bomb with it, this bomb only exploded when the user wished for it to. This was extremely strong depending on the surroundings and it had a range to it but as he grew stronger he could increase the range along with it.

He wanted to test out the technique but it would draw too much attention from everyone, but he suddenly remembered about the combat arena the system told him about. He asked L, "Hey L how do I access the combat arena??"

[The combat arena can be accessed by just thinking about entering it and if you want to enter with another person you need to think about it after which a key would be produced and the person needs to hold it while entering]

"Wait, so I can bring others into the combat arena??"

[Yes but it is advised to ensure that the person who is going to enter trusted as this is a special space and would be targeted by countless practitioners]

"Well for now I think I'll only let Sylphie enter and later on maybe I'll let the others enter as I cannot explain how I got this as of yet" saying so he thought about entering the arena after which he saw his surroundings change and he was standing in an open area which was covered by grass, the system projected a screen where he could do what he wanted within this space. He selected solo practice and unarmed combat as his type for now after which a prompt came to him.

[Solo unarmed combat selected generating enemy . . . .]

[If the player dies in the arena he cannot access it for 24 hours after death]

[Ready for combat?]

"Yes" After saying so a person suddenly appeared in front of him he was a middle-aged man and had short brown hair. He took a standard pose on seeing Shade, Shade was also on guard against this man, and he decided to attack first and threw a fist at him. According to that, the man put his palm against the fist and deflected it, and counterattacked by sending a punch to his stomach. Shade used his legs to deflect it, but as if predicting the kick the man also used his leg to block that, after his attack landed Shade realized that this man's strength was actually higher than him, though only by a little he realized this arena was actually a pretty good place to train. No wonder L said it would be coveted by a lot of people thinking so he stood up and started to fight.

He started to increase his speed and just like copying him the middle-aged man also steadily increased his speed, right now both of them were fighting at a terrifying speed, after a few attacks and counterattacks Shade was breathing heavily, he realised his stamina was wearing out while the middle-aged man was still fine he decided to go all out attack and end it, but he failed to kill the man and ended up getting killed instead.

He was back to reality and asked L "For how long was I out??"

[You were in the arena for 1hr 36min 25sec]

"What happens to my body when I'm in the arena??"

[Your body would be seen to be just standing still while closing your eyes, it would be assumed to be in a mental sparring where you create an enemy in your mind and fighting him with your techniques]

"What happens if I'm attacked ??"

[The system will notify you if anyone with hostility or killing intent is within 100m of your age]

"That's reassuring, well let me think about the fight for now" saying so he closed his eyes and thought about the fight, when he should have attacked, when he should have not attacked, how he could have dodged or blocked attacks he was learning from the opponent's attacks too after a while he opened his eyes and started to train his body again.

After he was done with his training he started to cultivate, right now he was in the 4th level of the Golden Core stage, It had a total of 9 stages where each stage was doubling the Qi in the previous stage, for Shade who had nearly nine times the amount of a normal persons Qi at the end of this stage he would be nearly ten times of another person, this was a huge amount no matter how one considered it, he had been inserting his Qi for nearly four days right now and each passing day he needed to give twice of the previous day's Qi before being satisfied. This was also one of the reasons he was progressing so fast as he was using all his Qi to constantly feed the even his foundations were good due to this reason.

Today after cultivating he broke through to the fifth stage, this speed of cultivation was not normal it was mainly due to his infinite level spirit roots, god-demon body and also due to his mysterious cultivation technique which increases the speed of recovering his Qi. Also since the first day after he woke up he was also feeding it mental energy, this was caused when he tried inspecting it with his mental energy on the first day he found that it started to feed on mental energy too but unlike his Qi it ate the same amount of mental energy which relieved him and since then he kept on feeding it daily, after feeding his mental energy he couldn't rush it and he had to naturally wait for it to be refilled.

After filling it up with his entire Qi and mental energy he was exhausted, and there were no signs of the egg hatching just yet. After that he practiced his refining, now he started to make small tools and armours this was a time taking process so he still couldn't rush it after he was done he started his alchemy and clarifies the doubts with the royal alchemist and visited the medical hall and went to the infirmary where he started to treat a few patients and progress his medical skills. This was how his daily life went, and on the ninth day egg finally hatched...

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  • Silent_Moon


    Its a monkey or something right?😐😐😐

  • 4cedia


    Its 9-Headed Hydra!!!!!! Each head will have one element.

  • DaoistFreddieG


    This novel is retarted. No one is supposed to have access to the mc’s system. It don’t work like that. Imbalance in the novel if he makes an army of people just like him

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